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  1. How about Peco Bibloc track? https://peco-uk.com/products/flexible-track-bibloc-sleeper
  2. I can’t really add much to the debate but here’s an SBB Cargo 421 at Bregenz Strand in 2014
  3. Neil, Spodsbjerg Havn earlier in the thread looks like it does just that in a fairly small space and it appears to be continuous run. As you can imagine, I found it inspirational.
  4. Hi Neil, Andreas Nothaft does some FS decals
  5. For Scandinavia Skilteskoven http://shop.skilteskoven.dk KM Tekst http://www.km-text.dk
  6. I don’t remember the TGOJ V class, any chance of a photo?
  7. Hi Steve, they show up on eBay from time to time usually at a fairly reasonable price, it’s a nice looking wagon.
  8. I’d nominate the Alco C420 that Lima made for MRC, all wheel drive and pick up with a central can motor https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/ho-scale-rivarossi-lima-mrc-alco-c420-206508848
  9. Carplan and Simoniz red primers are deeper and redder which I think works better for BR fitted stock. I prefer Tamiya grey primer for unfitted stock as it’s paler and goes on smoothly. Best thing would be to experiment on scrap plastic or scrap models to see which looks best to you.
  10. Professor Elemental’s weed killing train?
  11. Eastbank MRC Website has an article on the Triang CIWL sleeper http://www.eastbank.org.uk/ciwl.htm Elsewhere in the site they’ve done a matching restaurant car
  12. The centre cab has the look of a 1950s Fowler industrial so I agree that a suitably somber industrial livery would suit - maybe green but not BR green with wasp striped buffer beams?
  13. There are some more GM Export models here as well http://www.hobbytec.com.br/paginas/catalogo.php
  14. Model trains (commodity code 95 00 03 00) remain free of import duty after Jan 2021 https://www.gov.uk/check-tariffs-1-january-2021 They will still be subject to import VAT at the standard rate (20%) but as Ian says your purchase may be relieved of German VAT as an export. Parcel carriers will probably add a handling charge for collecting import VAT.
  15. Quite a bit of progress there, Andy. Operationally it looks well thought out, look forward to seeing progress.
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