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  1. doctor quinn

    Looking for a little information, please

    McKean did a kit for a 63' centre beam
  2. doctor quinn

    Nottingham Model Railway Society Spring Show 2019

    Some shots of Nick Palette's "Heath Green"
  3. doctor quinn

    Uk or USA to buy a Broadway import challenger steam loco

    I did it a couple of times about 6 years ago, I completed the CN41 Customs Declaration with the description "faulty item for warranty repair" following the advice of our local post office. The companies used the description "Item returned after warranty repair" and the goods were received without payment of import VAT or duties. As an aside, when Badger and NCE say "lifetime warranty"; they mean it! Nick
  4. doctor quinn

    Doncaster 2019 - catering costs

    Gryttvikken MRS sound like a great bunch of lads and lasses, when is their show?
  5. doctor quinn

    Canadian Pacific 1970s

    Hi James, There's a couple of threads here on unloading grain boxcars. The pdf at the start of the first link takes a are to open on my tablet. https://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/node/28945?page=1 http://cs.trains.com/mrr/f/88/t/209594.aspx Nick
  6. doctor quinn

    Canadian Pacific 1970s

    Hi James, I've found a part-used set of 87-221 that you can have if you pm me an address. I have used Tamiya X7 for Action Red, it's perhaps a little dark but nobody's commented on it, this is my MLW C424. Nick Palette has used VW Mars Red touch up in an aerosol which may look a little closer. I think Andrew is right about your white boxcar being generic but it looks to be nearly as long as the Thrall door car which would make it a 50 footer, Id suggest taking a look through one of the Canadian Phot websites and eyeballing a close match for your first repaint. http://rr-fallenflags.org/cp/cp-frt.html http://canadianfreightcargallery.ca/cgi-bin/displayrailway.pl?o=cprail All the best Nick
  7. doctor quinn

    Athearn spline

    I've got some spare NWSL shafts, if 7/8 is the length in inches this one should do Pm me a street address if it will do Hope you've recovers from the seizure OK All the best Nick
  8. doctor quinn

    Nottingham Model Railway Society Spring Show 2019

    Hi Everyone and a Happy New Year, here are the full details for the Nottingham Spring Show Nottingham MRS Spring Show Diary Details Saturday & Sunday 16 & 17 March 2019 Organiser: Nottingham MRS Venue: Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham NG11 9DG. Open: Sat 10:00 – 17:00 Sun 10:00 – 16:00 Admission: adults £4, children £1 Venue amenities: refreshments, level access throughout, How to get there Public transport - Nottingham Express Tram (NET) to Holy Trinity tram stop By Car – M1 Jct. 24, use A453 to Clifton. There is some on-street parking or use the free parking at Clifton NET Park and Ride which signed from the A453 (Satnav NG11 8BF). NET offers a £1 Clifton Shopper ticket for the tram from here to the venue tram stop. Features: 6 layouts including debut of club Trent Lane Junction layout, trade stands, hands on demonstration. Layouts Trent Lane Junction - Nottingham MRS– 00 Scale - Based on the complex of lines to the east of Nottingham in the 1960’s where the GNR line to Grantham and the MR line to Lincoln criss-crossed each other and is on two levels. We will be running it with steam and green diesels. Springfield – Nottingham MRS – HO – Our “Anytown USA” urban switching layout males a return featuring 1980’s and 1990’s CP Rail and Maine Central trains. Kozel Cement – Dave Paylor – HO Scale. Featuring Czech freight operations in the 1990’s on a freight-only branch to a cement works [CM March 2013] https://www.facebook.com/kozelpart2/ Heath Green – Nick Palette - 00 Scale – Depicting a third-rail electrified branch line on the Southern Region of BR in the 1960’s Elmfield – Dave Westwood – N scale – Early 1960’s BR in the Black Country Mount Woodville Works - Robert Milliken – P4. Features industrial railway operations at a salt glazed sanitary ware works in the mid-twentieth century by Rob Milliken https://robmilliken.co.uk/mount-woodville-works/ Demonstrations “Getting Started on Scenery” – the Trent lane Junction team show how they recreated part of Nottingham in miniature Modelling in P4 society/demo Creating Model Buildings and the Miniature Landscape” – David Wright from Dovedale Models will be showing his techniques for modelling the natural and built environment using readily available materials https://www.dovedalemodels.co.uk/ Trade stands Anoraks Anonymous https://anoraksanonymous.weebly.com/ TTC diecast https://www.ttcdiecast.com/ Booklaw https://www.booklaw.co.uk/shop/index.php A1 Models https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/a1models-doncaster?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 Sherwood Models http://www.sherwoodmodels.co.uk/prestashop/ Model Power Depot Further information: www.nottingham-modelrailway.org.uk or find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/NottinghamMRS All the best Nick
  9. doctor quinn

    Canadian Pacific 1970s

    Hi James, If you mean locos, CP was short of motive power in the 70s and leased locos from US roads and GO Transit. I've put a few links below, the sites themselves are a goldmine of information and inspiration. https://waterlooregionmodelrailwayclub.ca/2016/05/that-70s-rent-a-wreck-fleet/ (comprehensive list of the types of locos leased and when) http://tracksidetreasure.blogspot.com There were also US operated lines in Canada in your period, the Canada Southern springs to mind, it was originally owned by New York Central, passed to Penn Central in 1968 then Conrail in 1976 http://www.canadasouthern.com/caso/home.htm It used Canadian build GP7s & 9s, on its trains, I dont think they would have worked in CP consists http://www.canadasouthern.com/caso/diesel-geeps.htm All the best Nick
  10. doctor quinn

    Weinert replacement wheels for the Roco DB BR V60

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, I've been considering doing the same to my rebuilt DSB MH which uses a Roco V60 chassis https://www.flickr.com/photos/nicks_trainstuff/23826713016/in/album-72157600214346579/
  11. doctor quinn

    HO Monon inspired layout

    How about linguine for strip steel? Nick
  12. doctor quinn

    Lima Bogie Tank Wagons

    Here's one I did a while ago, the tank body splits horizontally and I think mine was held together by two self tapping screws just in board of the bogies https://www.flickr.com/photos/nicks_trainstuff/14621654942/in/album-72157629728078184/
  13. doctor quinn

    Canadian Pacific 1970s

    Hi James, The only Canadian Pacific paint schemes for cabooses ("vans") that I know of are; Red oxide with bright red end on the cupola & body - mostly local service vans http://canadianfreightcargallery.ca/cgi-bin/image.pl?i=cp436995&o=cprail Bright red body with Bright yellow end on the cupola & body - pooled vans used for main line run-through trains http://canadianfreightcargallery.ca/cgi-bin/image.pl?i=cp438583&o=cprail Action yellow all over - all vans repainted after about September 1968 http://canadianfreightcargallery.ca/cgi-bin/image.pl?i=cp434016&o=cprail http://canadianfreightcargallery.ca/cgi-bin/image.pl?i=cp434122&o=cprail As to paints I've used in the past Bright Red - Tamiya X7, Humbrol Signal red, Vallejo Model Color 70-909 Vermillion Action Yellow - Taniya TS47 Chrome Yellow Red Oxide - Tamiya Hull Red XF9, Automotive Red Oxide primer, BR freight Stock brown As to which small switcher - for RTR take your pick from Alco/MLW - S1,S2,S3,S4 all modelled by Atlas, Life Like P2K or Bachmann they all run nicely EMD - SW8, SW900 (Single Exhaust), SW9 (Twin Exhaust) Life Like P2K or Athearn (Life-like is the better runner but Athearn isn't too shabby), SW100RS - Rapido (v nice) Baldwin DS-4-4-100 - Bowser or Athearn (as for the EMDs) Take a browse through the CPR Roster here to see what I mean http://www.mountainrailway.com/Diesel%20Roster%20Page.htm This is a kitbash of a Roundhouse wood sided van that I did years ago, I filled in a couple of unwanted windows with scribed plastic sheet, fitted a curved roof to replace the pitched roof* and added brass ladders on the ends. * Roundhouse also do a version with a curved roof - I'd have been better to start with that one! All the best Nick
  14. doctor quinn

    Walthers GP9M - any good?

    Funny you should say that Ray. This is an Athearn drive with a Front Range body Nick
  15. Plans are well advanced for our Spring Show 2019 which replaces the Nottingham East Midlands Exhibition at Harvey Hadden It will take place on Saturday March 16th and Sunday March 17th at Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham. NG11 9DG which is a short walk from the Holy Trinity NET tram stop on Farnborough Road Journey planner - www.thetram.net/route-planner Check back here for more details including a list of layouts and traders Poster 2019 v1.5.pdf

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