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  1. Andreas Nothaft French Ep 3 decals (pre UIC) markings are on this page https://www.modellbahndecals.de/Decals-Gueterwagen/Komplettbeschriftungen/Epoche-3-sonstige-108/Frankreich-219/ there are two tanks listed, 1 for milk and the other wine. They will however customise decals and reply in English.
  2. Andreas Nothaft do various decals for European wagons including tankers for various eras https://www.modellbahndecals.de Here’s one I did earlier
  3. For Denmark there's Jernbanen.dk https://www.jernbanen.dk for modern German freight stock i recommend Dybas http://www.dybas.de
  4. And the local fuel dealer’s truck
  5. Good point, I think the individual gear sets are available
  6. Thomas Klimoski used a more budget friendly approach on his Georgia Northeastern using Lego
  7. I’ve used kadees on Industrivej successfully since it was built and previously on my US layout Wherlock Mill. For European stock I find them an acceptable compromise between functionality and neat appearance. I would add a couple of additional points to the previous posts. Firstly, NEM pocket mounted kadees can sometimes deflect the wrong way when uncoupling, I push them back the right way with a shunter’s pole (barbecue skewer). It appears to be caused by having two joints in the same plane, body mounted couplers are less prone to this issue. For body mounting I use long sh
  8. Hi Neil, Glad it worked out, I’ll bear this thread in mind for future reference
  9. Check how the power bogie picks up- there may be a fixed link from the wheels to the brushes that will need cutting
  10. Hi Neil, from what I’ve read of Maerklin to dc conversion I would think the motor has had a new armature and magnet to convert it to D.C. it should be a case of wiring in a decoder. I would check the chassis and pick ups are isolated from the motor first by disconnecting the motor terminals and using a meter or a 12 v D.C. supply. if it isn’t you’ll need to figure out how to isolate it - a Trix power bogie may the option. I think you’ll need to rewrite the lights onto decoder functions and dispense with the diode bridge at the b ends
  11. Reading Neil’s comment on getting the look of Spanish track (rail less dominant than on std gauge), Another thought occurred to me - OO finescale track such as C&L could give this look. Whichever method you go for, perhaps it would be worth doing a test piece about half a metre long to experiment with techniques.
  12. I seem to recall mention that the early plans for Nottingham’s Victoria Centre shopping mall included retention of two tracks through the lowest basement level. “Minories” meets New Street perhaps?
  13. As Reguarity said it depends on what the hoods are described as on the Customs Declaration. Magazines are listed as Periodicals in the UK combined tariff and are zero-rated (as are books) the import VAT liability on a product is usually the same as for domestic sales. https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/headings/4902?currency=EUR&day=12&month=8&year=2020
  14. Hi Rod, There is no VAT on magazines so you could have appealed the decision. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/notice-143-a-guide-for-international-post-users/notice-143-a-guide-for-international-post-users#postal-packages-imported-arriving-from-countries-outside-the-uk-or-eu
  15. Hi Geraint, The decals look great, there is another Danish decal maker Skilteskoven http://shop.skilteskoven.dk . Jørgen Ron is very helpful, he will do custom numbers on his sheets and will accept PayPal. All the best Nick
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