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  1. It is, I like the look of the train crossing flooded tracks. ISTR that he used clear resin poured to sleeper height for the water
  2. Another project I recently completed was a DSB Gods MAN delivery truck, it’s Herpa repainted with Skilteskoven and Microscale decals
  3. Some of those dips look like they might fill with rain https://modelrailroadforums.com/forum/index.php?media/coming-through-the-swamp.2887/
  4. Another catch up from the work bench, first up a pair of Ucs silo wagons, DSB acquired 12 from NS in 1989. Mine are built from old Roco kits and need decals yet: Further progress on the MZ IV, lettered, weathered and with wore handrails fitted. I stripped and cleaned the mechanism and it now runs so well I think a sound chip may be in order. (The original Bachmann board has gone into a B&M GP38-2)
  5. I’ve successfully used British fine scale 10.5mm lowmac wheels in Lima & Jouef. If they are tight I fine that squeezing the axle boxes and turning them helps the pinpoint to bed in. Otherwise Luck Feinmechanik make a comprehensive range.http://www.luck-radsaetze.de
  6. CN crews in western Canada preferred them in the lead in mountain territory as they gave better protection than early Geeps, until the comfort cab was designed.
  7. Try looking for “buffer car” that should give better results http://cs.trains.com/trn/f/111/t/227069.aspx
  8. Looks good, one of my first ever US projects was a Model Power Rock Island 40 footer that scrubbed up quite nicely. I found Styrene tube was a good way to reduce the truck mounting holes and could be tapped 8BA. Would wooden roof walks be an option on a car that age?
  9. I bet you could backdate that NS woodchip car to Norfolk & Western easily enough
  10. AMF certainly shipped to U.K. as of last year although you can’t send paint by post. As an aside their cast white metal wagon buffers are very good.
  11. Hi Grizz, Thanks for the prompt, I spent most of lockdown 1 finishing some U.K. & US projects that had stalled. I managed to find a Bachmann SD40-2 chassis at the Nottingham show which kick-started my long-term MZ IV project. The body is a Tikob Hobbtresin casting that I bought on my first trip to Copenhagen I also progressed a few new wagon projects which I’ll post separately so it’s not too much at once
  12. The gears came from eBay, I searched for the right diameter and number of teeth and the wheels were from Peter’s Spares intended for OO Lima coaches. However they are too big (12mm diameter) and a bit coarse so I’m probably going to change them for 10.5mm wheels from Locos & Stuff. The gears fit on a 2mm axle with some easing with a brooch. I also made cuffs from brass tube to reduce the tendency to waddle.
  13. A1 still sells them by eBay under the seller name a1 models-Doncaster, I’ve included a pic of two of the take I’ve done for Deepcar (the ones in the pic John used for the listing are also by me) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Special-Offer-4MM-SCALE-00-TTA-ROOFWALKS-SINGLE-FOR-THE-Hornby-Bachmann/143222551271?hash=item2158bab2e7:g:2PoAAOSw2QZdEMq0
  14. The FS locos were 65t Whitcomb locos, Wikipedia says they were built for the US Army and the British army for use in the Middle East https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geo_D._Whitcomb_Company I visited the Sierra RR a few years ago, all of their diesels are ex-military, I’ve put a link to my Flickr page below https://www.flickr.com/gp/nicks_trainstuff/q9KEPj
  15. One of the mail order companies had a rail served depot near Manchester (perhaps GUS which owned Kay’s and Grattan?) so would that suit? One point about the building itself, the doors are down to track/ ground level which implies the floor is as well, unloading vans would be difficult, needing a forklift or portable ramp in the warehouse. If you could raise the building on a platform height strip of brick plasticard or plain plasticard painted “concrete” it would look more likely.
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