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  1. I'm lucky enough to work on the LEGO video games, one of the designers here has this... https://www.flickr.com/photos/bricktrix/albums/72157626190876621 Also, as well as designing the LEGO Caterham Set, he has few of these.... Loads more and other stuff on his Flickr.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/bricktrix/albums He's probably on this forum, not sure of his username.
  2. As it happens, I've just completed 2 x 2mm Chivers kits. Transfers are from Railtec (#3701 - Parcel Van Details Tare / XP / Length) though this seems to be omitted from their website in the 2mm Section and there's no 4mm version as you've found. Incidentally, the 7mm Blue Parcels CCT transfer sheet is different from the 2mm sheet I received, the main difference being no Express Parcels on the 2mm version It would be worth contacting them as I'm sure they'll print a 4mm version of either. I also did a custom sheet for PMV / NQV for a couple or Dapol 2mm repaints (below), you're welcome to a copy of the artwork . Paul
  3. Been a while, but I'm still plodding on.. An old Farish Guv. General muck applied then removed with cotton bud and thinners, then a light spray with an airbrush. Next are some more CCT's out of the paint shop. Above are a pair of Chivers CCTs (awaiting buffers). I used a cheap primer that was darker than Halfords and it's left the BR Blue (Railmatch) a bit darker as a result. The transfers are a mixture of RailTec and my own. Above a repainted Dapol CCT (Railmatch Faded Blue with a dusting of Br Blue) and my own custom transfers. Not really that happy with the colour, but it'll add a bit more variation to the parcel's train and shouldn't look too bad when fully weathered. Paul
  4. This is quite inspiring, a couple of Mexican brothers built a vehicle and explored the country's abandoned railways by travelling on them. http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/06/modern-ruins-an-artist-homemade-vehicle-traverses-the-abandoned-railways-of-mexico/ http://www.seft1.net/
  5. There's a breakdown company near me called 'A55 Recovery', not really a pun and but very unintentionally funny.
  6. I bet some of these will get used, if they aren't already... I'll bagsy 'Bonnie Tiler' http://www.buzzfeed.com/robinedds/glorious-shop-puns-youd-only-find-in-britain? So how many more are out there? Paul
  7. Funny, I mailed then a day or so back and got no reply. Paul
  8. Hi Ben, Hoping this does come to fruition, it really would be a real shame if the outcome is that the NGS drop such present day image initiatives. The numbers are disappointing and thanks for letting us know these figures So putting my money where my mouth is, I've mailed the shop about the yellow one for the same reasons in my previous post and the same reason suggested at the end of your post; to support the Society in this agreeable direction and hopefully grow this initiative. Paul
  9. Thread Resurrection! Weathering is Railmatch Frame dirt on the frames, Roof Soot washed into the panels and some rust powders tickled here and there. There's some more work to do on them, probably a light dusting to tone them down when I get my airbrush out but here they are for now. Dapol CCT, repainted faded blue and home made transfers and featuring a droopy coupling. A project started just before Dapol's re-issue. Isn't it always the way? Dapol engineers fish vans, not as garish as the mint version. Farish Vans Dapol Gunpowder Van Paul
  10. Has it been that long? A couple more 16T wagons, missing the coupling hooks. Some 24.5Ts, need to add the door bangers and coupling hooks. And some 21T bodies, I'm just about to start the chassis. This time I used paint for the white stripes instead of decals as per previous advice, and although I may have got one or two a bit thick, I think they look much better as do the trimmed down decals. And just seen I've not painted the brake lever handles white. Paul
  11. 1.6mm is the width, 18-24k is the kerf, and max 5000 rpm
  12. Hi Carl, I think there's a big difference in not wanting and not needing I'm sure we've all bought stuff we didn't need, but wanted Paul
  13. This is a really positive initiative and I would say that Ben and the NGS are to be commended in this venture. From the recent criticism the society has received, this addresses some of these issues in an innovative way and gives members the ability to have an active role in deciding which one from this batch will make it to production. Bravo. I'll take a yellow one and if anyone's interested I don't really have a requirement for one but who said I have to stick to what I model? And another reason I'll buy this is because I'd like this type of member participation to continue to the next project and the project after that where there might be something that really suits me. Isn't this part of what of being a member is about? Anyways, to expand on this concept of choice, as an idea how does an unpainted MK2 or MK1 sound, sold with a paint guide and decals for a particular livery and prototype? This would provide an opportunity to provide more variations and encourage a more hands approach to modelling? The NGS already sells an undecorated Stove R (I have two btw, but no need for them, lol), this would be the same but with decals. Paul
  14. Though not warm white, numerous brands of poundshops do these. I suppose you could paint them cream coloured as they don't get hot, it should be ok.
  15. Recently built a bed with a circular saw and discovered they're fantastic to use with simple jigs. I built one jig for notching and to mitre the scaffold planks I used and it was as good as a compound sliding mitre saw shown here For sheet work, instead of a straight edge from a clamp I made a simple jig made from scrap sheet as shown here... This gives you perfect alignment and no offset measuring faffing about you'd get from just clamping a straight edge. Paul
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