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  1. An update on Tower today to say these are en route. Looking at their livery photos, many of which are fairly side on, it seems to have the same flattish plane across the windscreens as the 47, which may be contributing to the feeling that something is amiss.
  2. is that glass a genuine Ikea?
  3. That's easy. its putting it back together again you need to worry about! The cab slides on and off the bonnet and as far as I recall the rest is screwed to the footplate. The lighting unit is a push fit onto the cab which ive not quick cracked yet!
  4. There are differences between all 3 and between different eras - quick search on Google images will show.
  5. Explained here - most were piped, AA21 did have a cylinder. http://www.gwr.org.uk/nobrakes.html
  6. Bit of a hybrid. No black patches and no W but basically unfitted BR grey. Ironically just about everything else was in bauxite!
  7. Interpreting black and white is a nightmare but in both those photos the buffer stocks/beams, sole bars and running boards all look exactly the same shade as the body. The greasy patch on the buffer heads and the side lamps do contrast significantly though which suggests to me the van is all one colour. Bauxite is logical and looks good but equally if you fancied doing it retaining gwr grey but relettered, it would be hard to argue it was wrong as a one off anyway?
  8. Etched instanter links might be a way to replace the plastic parkside type. Some here for example: http://www.hobbyholidays.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=AMBISCCM1 They need sweating together as they come in two halves but for those who make kits that would be a doddle.
  9. Small footnote: I've been in touch with Slaters to enquire about their 4 rib buffers as supplied with their 12t BR Standard van and they market these as "NE van buffers" and not in fact either of the two RCH types they do. Curious!
  10. https://www.osbornsmodels.com/Dapol-7a-000-011-instanter-couplings--hooks-5pr-46946-p.asp
  11. Just before i hit ignore, thought might be worth pointing out all the speculation people are coming up with on this thread has already been discussed on the Rapido equivalent. It is like being stuck in a three day old time warp! https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/169526-a-statement-on-the-titfield-thunderbolt/page/18/#comment-4709211
  12. I would argue a more commercial decision would be replacing any articles about modelling with pages of speculation about this, repeated every few spreads. Would sell like hot cakes.
  13. I'm not sure i agree there's no point - if you pointed out the state it arrived in you'd probably get your money back if you wanted. I bought a Dapol mineral wagon off Rails where somehow the wheels could slide along the axle. They immediately offered me a full refund or discount for spares. As it happens i already had a spare Dapol set but that's not the point so I got them to refund me £8 for a replacement set I found online somewhere. A while later I saw another one advertised which looked like it had exactly the same problem (bit worried this is a recurring Dapol flaw now!). When I asked them to check they tried to claim it was just an optical illusion which was clearly rubbish, so I didn't buy that one. I am very careful to check things now given both were described as perfect so it appears they are a bit loose with their checking. At least they were prepared to resolve when pulled up on it. Obviously different shop but I suspect they are similar in operation.
  14. https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail?id=1081
  15. Snip in half and use a piece of outer coating from some electrical wire pushed onto the stumps.
  16. The Slaters vans come out very well in comparison, with subtle detailing, which is remarkable given their age I think. Getting a chassis running anything like as well as Dapols takes a bit of work though!
  17. Some quick snaps at Bristol docks today. GWR and long 4 rib type on either end of 17391 (fitted AA20 I think). Take your pick which, if either, are original! Then for comparison the shorter 4 rib verson I thought was standard RCH, on a Mogo. Edit to add the two longer ones are about the same length - the top photo makes them look shorter but it's an illusion.
  18. I agree with what you are saying overall. As a side issue this comment made me think. I've always found it daft that something that really struggles to sell, often (but not always) after being panned, can suddenly be in so much demand a while later. Several Heljan O gauge items have gone through the same massive discount / huge premium cycle. all wagons, Hymek, Class 60 etc. Just today I was on a thread where someone had just bought a loco about 5 years after it came out and raising exactly the same stuff that got discussed at length at the time so had clearly completely missed it. It dawned on me you only need a handful of people wanting one some time later, possibly oblivious to any issues and eBay prices can rocket - but that may give a false impression of the wider demand.
  19. Er, agreed - but I'll be honest, you aren't making this look easy! Does highlight the difference in width now tho. I think I'm going to try and erase this from my memory and then avoid looking at mine for a long time! Edit: I am tempted to try transfers - normally id think its quite hard to get them lined up but in this case can use the Dapol edge as a guide so would be easier.
  20. There is a 10 page thread discussing this following a TV program that showed it being developed (back on Hornby page 3 at the moment). The problem with people constantly starting new threads for everything is the risk a load of people never see it.
  21. I appreciate poor old 4564 was no Usian Bolt, but by the time you allow for our man feeling overcome, having a chat about leaping, a brief tussle, the fireman chipping in "how about lying on the floor", clearing a bit of room and gingerly getting down with knees creaking (or is that just me?) surely they'd have been out for about a minute?!
  22. Totally agree and this is where I got to as well. Having initially planned to have all my locos in 1958 condition, i realised when researching that many of the photos i had formed my impression from were actually taken in the early 60s, locos I thought were stalwarts from my location were only there for a year or two, some classes didn't actually overlap, top feeds came and went and as we are seeing here, just about every combination of livery existed. I've even come across a lined green loco with a black tender! I still try and have a loco right for at least one day in its life but they probably straddle a 5 year period now.
  23. I find it is often worth forking out for a download and then you can really zoom in. it isnt foolproof but has often shown up hidden lining. Edit: there is a foolproof method and that's to decide in advance which you'd prefer. Then it will be the opposite.
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