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  1. I see Hornby Magazine front page poses the question "Has Hatton's created the ultimate LNER 'A3'?". I didn't read to find out their answer though!
  2. What colour was the plastic of these? The OP's photos look to me like it's been stripped but for some reason the lettering and lining has lingered.
  3. Agreed, they were definitely out of stock for a time. So absolutely no chance of you buying, say, a big red Dutchess then?!
  4. I think the BMC is quite recent so unlikely to be available any cheaper at the moment but you never know. I picked up a J4 on eBay a while back for much less than £25 - not sure why they have shot up. Edit: still available on eBay for £16.50. Often pays to buy a couple as postage is usually still the same and you can then always sell one on, especially when they dont show up on uk only listings!
  5. You can see it in the photo posted on here on August 6th (top of previous page). I presume is something to do with tooling for both types.
  6. I risk being shot down by Darsteads many fans here but something about them just doesnt look quite right to me. I haven't bothered to analyse exactly what as I prefer what I've seen of Dapols. Far more variants available from Darstead if you want a whole rake though. Without meaning to be facetious, if you like the look of something, why worry what anyone else thinks? No model is perfect; surely what matters (aside from price) is whether it captures the key attributes that you remember in something?
  7. Covered at length on the Darstead thread
  8. Not sure you'll thank me for saying this but I think the curve of the saddle tank not matching the cab windows and possibly the smoke box would annoy me!
  9. Should we merge the A3 and A4 threads back together again?
  10. Many thanks! I always read this thread but it moves so fast, sometimes a page slips by!
  11. Sorry if this is repeating old ground but have all your locos had a motor removed?
  12. Steady! I do have a thing about the self contained type I must admit. And by way of a warning, I'm about to add safety loops to several wagons prompted by John's frequent mentions: seems these bugbears are catching!
  13. For me, the buffers fall somewhere between the self-contained type per the casing, and the shank and heads, which are nearer the normal type proportions. The potential spins offs from the underframe are promising tho. Ideally a china clay O13 before I finally get round to making some!
  14. I've found an old thread on them here. Some good photos.
  15. I think rule 1 applies here but an overall observation from my books is mk1s tended to be in rakes on mainline (c1958 more than half c &c, c 1960 clearly much more maroon) whereas absolutely all sorts other than mk1s on secondary routes.
  16. First book I picked up had one behind a king in August '62.
  17. Nice stuff as usual! The heads on those replacement self contained buffers are rather large tho? I need to find a good source of these for a proposed rake of O13 china clay opens.
  18. Thanks, I wasn't sure about the spacing. I had considered replacement sides for the second coach using the rest. I'm sure they will do a BG eventually - has appeal beyond those able to run long rakes and even to complement anyone opting for Heljan Mk2s.
  19. Am I right in thinking you could make a BG (full brake) from two BSKs and the two left over passenger portions, less one toilet, could be used for a 2nd open?
  20. Tower update from Dapol posted after Warley: "The Dapol 48xx / 14xx and 58xx are in production and progressing nicely but with no confirmation as of yet as to whether they will be air freight in or sent via sea freight when they are completed in December."
  21. Not helpful I'm afraid but was in the railway book shop at Waterloo today and had a look at a few books on Llanelli area and couldn't find any pics of B sets at all. Out of curiosity browsed on line with same (lack of) results. Depends what era you are modelling but certainly by BR days I would hazard a guess that the B sets had been transferred elsewhere and replaced by the mix of random stock (some ex LMS) in all the photos. Having said that, I've seen that reference to No.4 and the chances are at least some would have been earlier diagrams, although they could just as easily have been any of the various 4 coach types.
  22. Good to note nothing has slipped in the 23 mins between your two postings You have an unenviable task and I'm sure our appreciation for that!
  23. Q3 2020 according to Heljan Ben.
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