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  1. I have a DCC FITTED Dapol streamlined railcar 16 when I press function 2 the interior lights stay on when i hold the switch down but as soon as I remove by hand the lights go off . All the other functions work .Does anybody what I am doing wrong many thanks GWR Man
  2. Could anyone please explain why a lot of the UK Model Shops insist on "Signed for Postage" ,as in Australia part for some and I mean some courier service ,t he parcel is left on the doorstep ,and sometime they don't even knock . It seems the Australia Post does not get paid for the service as it is charged and paid for in the UK to the Royal Mail so as far as they are concerned it is just ordinary mail and is treated as such. I therefore wonder why we have to pay for this as the signed for only applies in the UK. Any ideas why then we have to pay for a service that we do not get GWR Man
  3. Must agree I asked them to hold order for 6 weeks as I was out of the country, received email on the agreed date to say it had been posted and a week to the day it arrived in Oz Fantastic service ,I highly recommend them GWR man
  4. Hi Andy I don't know what you have done but the adverts at the top of the Forum page now seem to have disappeared ,if they come back I will email a screen shot . Fingers crossed I hope that it won't be necessary regards GWR Man
  5. Hi Andy I am still getting the adverts that you state as a member of RM I would not get
  6. Having looked longing at the Ever Ready set in a shop window when I was a young and knowing that my parents would not be able to afford to buy it for me. I shall be buying this even though I run Great Western . I will make a special little layout to run on its own Thanks Bachmann
  7. Hi all surely the figure quoted of $20 does not make sense as it would be uneconomic to collect on that amount knowing the cost of employing someone to raise the paperwork and then to enter all the details . I would think it will be more like $100-250 , hopefully as the prices charged here are unbelievable for British Outline.Someone's making a nice profit and I don't think its the Retailers
  8. :laugh:You are all wrong its a motorised EFE Tube Train
  9. Hi Second time I have been told item's cancelled and they were not, last one about Peco 009 Wagons ,found out other supplies had them. Have sent email to Hattons asking why they had told me that "PECO HAD CANCELED THE WAGONS" when plainly they had not. I have always respected Hattons on their policy re stock items but the last two incidences now will make me look twice before I preorder from them in future PS I have not had a reply to my email
  10. aasatill not received my copy despite being told they had change the people that deal with it Australia. Trouble is when you contact Subscriptions ,that email to tell you that a replace copy will be with you 14-28days which never arrives . When you complain they extend your subscription . This only seem to happen with Model Rial . Railway Modeller and Hornby Magazine seem to arriver in about 10 days , its a pity as its a Great Magazine ! . One has to thank Ben Jones for all his help in trying to resolve these ongoing delivery problems GWR Man
  11. Sorry I have offended you Andy but if you had read it properly there were 2 questions and one did not take a pop at retailers .If you had sent me a PM REF I would have reposted not to offend you . I find it hard to see it as a pop at Retailers when only a few take this approach whilst most of them offer either signed or unsigned ,stating that if the amount is more than £46 it the item is lost then one would not be insured .Why is it then ,that a few do not offer this ,this to me is not taking a pop at them just asking a question. If I resubmit the question about where items are delivered in Australia and not signed for would that be acceptable regards GWR Man .
  12. Over the last 4 days I have attempted to post a new topic and on both ocassion shave had the usual message about checking the post before going into the forum . The posts have not been post in the forum,r yet I have had no reason given as to why .Is it because there is still problems with the new server ? GWR Man
  13. Lucky you Chris ,no sign of mine ,Delivery of Model Rail is very poor over here, perhaps hopefully fingers crossed I will get mine about the time the August Issue hits the streets .Everything else that come from the UK letters Cards parcels seem to arrive within 10-14 days but never Model Rail. GWR Man
  14. Must recommend Peter's Spares ,a very helpful set of people ,all my emails (quite a few) were answered prompt and were informative . Site is very good and they only took a week from placing of the order to arrival in Australia ,highly recommended GWR Man
  15. Hi Guys ordered stuff from Peters Spares in Mibblesboro, UK , parcel posted Monday 25th June ,arrived in Blue Mountains N.SW. Monday morning 2nd July ,can't complain at that service. Also they do answer emails which apart from some of the well known shops is a rarity
  16. 7.00pm Sydney 6th June All I get is error messages or the site freezes .Dont try the Old site www.hattons.co.uk as the same thing happens on that one as well
  17. Hi Baggie perhaps it took longer to get to you ,(as the standard time I wait for Hattons is 3-4 weeks), is because you live in the deep south of the country and it takes Australia Post that much longer to worki that out
  18. Hi Mark thanks a lot didn't want to upset customs,so will have to do without ,stange thought the Woodlands Forest Canopy imported from the USA ,contains DrIed flower heads and brush which I assume is some type of coconut fibre type of thing reegtards GWR Man
  19. Hi Baggie That just what I was thinking ,perhaps I will try. Many thanks will let you know how I got on regards GWR Man
  20. Just an update finally got an acknowledgement apparently the Office is closed till 11th June regards GWR Man
  21. The reason why I asked about them was because there change of address ,had used them in the distant past when they were in Wales and got good service,I now have now sent them 3 emails asking about payment of goods and vat and have not had acknowledgement or reply ,Ist email was sent over a week ago. GWR Man
  22. Its a pity some of the other suppliers are not up to the standards that we get from Bromsgrove Models first class in every department Thank you John GWR Man
  23. Hi have looked though this forum and found no comments on International Models. Has anybody used them and if so what's the service like many thanks GWR MAN
  24. I have found that Hattons parcels usually take about 3-4 weeks to come , as I think that they use courier service ,but even when they send by Royal Mail this can take between 2 -5 weeks to arrive. Rails take foverever to arrive .Bromsgrove Models ,dcc Supplies , The new Modellers Shop seem to come within a week ,I think this is because they use 1st Class airmail and whilst it is not Railway based THE BOOK DEPOSITORY( Free postage worldwide) arrive within 4-6 days regards GWR Man
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