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  1. Those looks like the old PD Marsh models range - theres a Porsche 928, Ford Galaxy, Range Rover, Mk1 Golf I believe.
  2. Whilst the transit division has healthy order books, it is really struggling to deliver - see problems with SBB's Twindexxes continuing and the Aventra issues in the UK. The size of the aventra orders looks great but also present a massively risk of turning into an onerous liability on current form.
  3. Hi Justin, Naturally there is a slight issue with the most recent prints I have as they haven't had time to develop any crystals! However, the most recent prints that I do have are a lot more opaque due to a much more rigorous de-gunkifying process and over the past 2 years the standards have improved significantly. I hope this helps
  4. ICN - I am planning on using the power bogie from a farish 150 for mine, I am trying to make a chassis that can use the parts from a tomytec chassis but this is still at a prototype stage. The Stadlers, TBC... They should be able to use a more readily available chassis. A consistent problem with Swiss high speed stock is that they use different bodyshell lengths compared to ICEs etc.
  5. Thanks for the order! In the meantime, I have managed to get the next swiss project through the works...
  6. I had to spend a wee while tracking one down, your best bet is fishing through any ebay listings of 1/160 car joblots to spot a Sierra... edit to add - found one, it is a little pricey though https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wiking-PKW-Set-7-4-teilig-Spur-N-1-160/293202994381?hash=item444442a4cd:g:bPcAAOSwlqtdZPwL
  7. The main differences are to do with the Rheostatic grids on the roof - 802s have larger grids which are quite noticeable from above. Other than that I don't know of any major differences to the bodyshells apart from the differing kitchen sizes, as you've noted the 804s will be effectively a different beast and it remains to be confirmed in the flesh what the Avanti and East Coast open access units will look like.
  8. Given that I don't think any operators who have 9 cars don't have 5 cars, it wouldn't be the end of the world if they only did 5 cars as long as the 800 and 802s are all covered... And the length of 9x 26m is probably more than most of us can accommodate!
  9. Hi John, Wiking did a 1/160 Sierra XR4 as part of a set of 3 80s cars, but I have not found anything else. Ref. the shapeways search, the key is to use as few words as possible, the more you add the more answers you get... Unfortunately, still no sign of a ford sierra though.
  10. Nothing through yet, all of these offers normally work on US time... So we'll probably get something through tomorrow morning.
  11. I received an email yesterday saying that there would be cyber monday deals coming up (and another one inviting me to add it to my calender ).
  12. Apologies for the self promotion but I also have an S-stock in my range. I'll admit the prototype hasn't escaped my workbench yet, I suspect that'll be top of my list for my christmas time builds! https://www.shapeways.com/shops/cmacmodels?section=Bombardier+S+Stock&s=0
  13. I am intrigued about that order and what has happened to it, there's certainly a few freightliner contracts that would benefit from any heavyweight bi-mode haulers with the discontinuous electrification North/South between Manchester and Southampton as well as East West between Felixstowe and Bristol... and if they could do some serious hauling off the wires from Westbury to Newbury for the Mendips contract. As you point out, there's some big decisions hanging over the UK rail network and it seems unlikely that any FOCs will jump in headfirst with such a significant order until there is slightly more certainty.
  14. I decided to take a break from trains and get something slightly more obscure that has been on my to do list for a long time - the Rover 800! I shall be ordering the test prints shortly.
  15. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get quite as much done of late with my workbench still littered with class 90s, 73s and 387s in need of completion. Luckily though, over the last week I have been able to build the first prototype of the SBB ICN which was a lot easier to paint than the ETR610!
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