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  1. The latest 00 gauge models have arrived, after a bit of work and following popular demand, the 175, 180 and 378s have been upscaled to 00. I have got the n gauge class 71/74s en route and hope to release them shortly, then it is time to tackle to NIR Class 3000/4000 and electrostar cars to fit the Bachmann 170 bodyshell. Class 175 - x3 car wih underframe sides - £120 Class 180 -x5 car with underframe detail - £200 Class 378 - x4 car - £120
  2. Thanks for the posts - I will definitely see what can be done with casting the models as I would much rather trim my "supply chain" back to the UK only. The latest batch came in white instead of grey. I have received much more interest in the 175s than I was expecting so I will likely be ordering another run before too long - still have a handful of 180s and 378s available though.
  3. Notably I am signed up to a Japanese retailers mailing list which is really good for updates and had the 800 announcement but there's hasnt been a sausage for a long, long time. I suspect that the answer is somewhere on a Japanese forum but good luck finding it! edit to add: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.katomodels.com%2Fhobbycenter%2Fschedule.php here's the Japanese product update page, not a sausage on the immediate schedule about the 800.
  4. I realise we are going a little bit off topic now -but reviewing the traction arrangements for the night riviera is part of the latest DA3 award for GWR - from where I am sitting I can only see three options 1) new build locos (unlikely) 2) 67s 3) (after mods to stock/power cars) - HSTs. I suspect that GBRF already know exactly what they want to deploy the 69s on to to release other traction.
  5. I think it will be a bit of a TBC - the GBRF 73/9s in their 2 different guises/liveries are still unclaimed by anyone. If the 69s all emerge in the same GBRF blue/orange, I suspect that they might not be top of anyone list, especially seeing as the last photos I have seen show significant changes to the front, side grills and the roof is effectively totally new between the cabs. They would be a lot of work for a small fleet.
  6. Here's some 00 gauge trial prints for the next stock. It does appear that the complex curves on the 175 and 180 fronts need a bit more work - although the ridges arent the same from print to print which is a little strange.
  7. Thanks for the kind words, the first 3 have all gone and I have a much bigger batch on order (which I need to chase up) right now. In that batch has a number of trial prints including a 180, 175 and 378... they are the driving ends only, which makes the 175 a full unit but the 180 and 378 will need some centre cars ordered eventually. In an unwelcome twist, shapeways seem to have changed the parameters for printing and rejected a load of N gauge designs recently. I will have a few models which may disappear for a while whilst they get sorted out, particularly the class 87 bodyshells.
  8. Hello all, I thought it would probably be worth putting up a different topic to the my long running thread in the 3D printing section so that that thread can focus on skills and builds, so here it is the formal "introduction" after all this time to my little range. It all started off when I decided I wanted a class 380 in N gauge and then it has snowballed from there to over 20 different prototypes. Whats in the range? Well it all started off to fill some gaps in N gauge so the range is predominantly N gauge British and Swiss 3D printed models with a few models that have made the change into other scales with various Z, TT, 00 and 0 gauge models. The biggest gaps for us modern image modellers are nearly always multiple units so I that's where the focus is but there are also busses, cars, locos and carriages. The models are predominantly available through my Shapeways shop here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/cmacmodels Here's some examples of my SBB ETR610 and RADBe 500 ICN prints that have been built in N gauge. Following popular demand - I have been able to source a limited supply of 00 gauge bodyshells at a lower price than on shapeways. These include the Electrostars below, that will I make available for sale on ebay and elsewhere. For the eagle-eyed 00 gauge modellers who spy a N gauge model not available in 00, some will make it over in good time, others I may not be able to do in 00 but please feel free to message me with any queries. Importantly though, I will be doing limited batch release of 00 gauge models at the moment due to time constraints. Thanks C
  9. Right... 4 months on in this crazy world and I have not been able to make as much progress as I'd like on projects both 3d and on my workbench. However, I was able to use some internet time to do some research and I am now in possession of my initial batch of 4 sets worth of 00 gauge 387 bodyshells. So what does this mean? Well for now, it means I can order another batch and I will be able to sell for a limited time 00 gauge bodyshells of one of the scales missing links! What doesn't it mean - a full scale kit, that still remains too expensive. If people would be interested in buying these shells for £120 plus postage let me know and I will run up another batch. If not, these'll go on ebay and this'll be the end of the experiment! Now the next question I know I will get again is... what about the Aventras, 172, 180, 175, 185, 700, soon to be released 444, 378, 380, 334? Well of those, some need more detail to be worthwhile "upscales", some are big units with lots of intermediate coaches that I would need a steer on what people want before ordering a load and one, the 334, I have sold the model and the rights to print in 00 so it is off the table. Now the important question in my head is where do I see this going? Well, I know this will bring a lot of smiles to modellers faces because so many have asked for these. I also know that this will take a lot of time, which I am short of, and as such I am not about to launch a huge range covering every train under the sun. What is more likely is that I will do limited batches in a manner that I can control and as long as the prices are sensible - it has taken 4 years to get to this point and market forces may make it a brief experiment. Oh ans yes that is a Monty's Humber on the left and yes it is a prototype NR 950 print onto of the tamiya spray can. And what do I keep in the golden syrup tin? Nothing.
  10. The photo looked a little suspect to me - quality of the image, as well as the landrover and dumpers looked too old and there's worker in the background that doesn't have much hi vis on.... Turns out it is one from the Chunnel project: https://www.railway-technology.com/projects/chunnel/
  11. Very good call KMS railtech... I'll be picking up at least 2 twin packs! I'll feel a little naughty removing the first branding on a brand new model but at least I don't have to do the full livery!
  12. What is more baffling for me is no branded or "unbranded" FirstGroup CS. The FirstScotrail livery was long lived and the unbranded ones are suitable for the end of the First/DBC days and the first 4 or so years of GBRF operation including all of the traction used by GBRF such as 67s/86s already in the range.
  13. Those looks like the old PD Marsh models range - theres a Porsche 928, Ford Galaxy, Range Rover, Mk1 Golf I believe.
  14. Whilst the transit division has healthy order books, it is really struggling to deliver - see problems with SBB's Twindexxes continuing and the Aventra issues in the UK. The size of the aventra orders looks great but also present a massively risk of turning into an onerous liability on current form.
  15. Hi Justin, Naturally there is a slight issue with the most recent prints I have as they haven't had time to develop any crystals! However, the most recent prints that I do have are a lot more opaque due to a much more rigorous de-gunkifying process and over the past 2 years the standards have improved significantly. I hope this helps
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