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  1. So, things may be going somewhere now but I have a question for RMWeb to see if you could help - I am looking into doing a G12 to be 3D printed but the KCR versions are somewhat unique due to their slightly extended frames. Does anyone know of any drawings that exist for these Clyde build oddities that could help?
  2. If you are after 70s motors, it might be worth your while to wait.... I am hoping to have the first "wave" of cars to complement the Granada completed this fortnight, there's plenty more to come to spread the cost of the postage.
  3. They look fantastic already, looks like you have made some great progress!
  4. They also did the TK in pantechnion and airfield control forms, like the rest of the range, they were very well done.
  5. And in other news more test prints arrived for other models - this time the 74, modelled on a Hymek chassis and a 950 bodyshell modelled on a Farish 150 chassis.
  6. By popular request I have finally got the 387 cabs sorted for 00 Gauge to fit the Bachmann 170... they now join the 172 cabs on the shapeways shop. https://www.shapeways.com/product/SHUW5Y3JQ/bombardier-class-172-turbostar-cab-00-gauge-x2 https://www.shapeways.com/product/MDAK258QN/late-model-electrostar-cabs-x2-00-gauge
  7. Thanks for the feedback - it is much appreciated. At present the plan is to knuckle down in the next few weeks and get some laser cutting templates sorted for the Electrostar, 175, 180 and 380 models' windows (the C3000/4000s ribbon glass and the 378s numerous hopper windows makes them slightly more complicated). Shortly I will have the 185 and 444 completed, then the 334 and 700 will be next before I pause on 00 gauge to focus on some of the supporting details such as underframe details for the electrostars and more. In the meantime, there is now a website - https://ww
  8. I really need to get a car project actually properly finished... but thanks for the feedback all, the allegro is back in the virtual Longbridge, having its grill sorted and the steering wheel* switched from the Innocenti Regent side to the correct side (at some stage I might do the VDP version as well). Marina is nearly done, Triumph 2000 is doing my head in as well as an Austin 1800. Focus isn't my friend right now. Given the previus interest here is the latest progress on the Granada/Consul. Complete with Sweeney spot lamps but will also come in non "get your trousers on, you're
  9. Thanks for the order - its all packed good to go tomorrow morning, good luck with the build!
  10. Great to see your progress and I'll keep that 180 replacement tucked up ready for you when you are ready!
  11. Chipping away at the rescale list has seen some more progress - at long last the C3000 has made it into 00 gauge: Available directly for £130 with the underframe detailed. The final request, by popular demend is the class 380.... Seen here in 380/1 flavour but also available in 3 car formation: It works out at £120 for a 3 car and £160 for the 4 car. Meanwhile there is an end in sight for the rescale list, with the 185, 334, 444 and 700 being the next models in line. After that I will take a little break to try and get more of the a
  12. And here's a sneaky preview... the Triumph 2000 is proving to be a bit of a nightmare but the Allegro just needs to be made ready for printing and we are away.
  13. I am working on a number of 70s-90s cars at the moment, closest to completion are Series 1 Allegro 4 door, Triumph 2000 Mk2 and Mk1 Marina (unfortunately... some duplication but it is too far down the road to give up on), next up is the Maxi/Landcrab but the Granada was on the longer term list and if the others are a success I'll give it a crack in Consul and Mk2 form.
  14. Not a translation error, in one of the weirder moments FS swooped in on the firesale during a spurt of expansionism that also saw them pick up C2C in the UK and win the West Coast bid with FirstGroup. One of the most visible impacts is that it has lead to the Greek high speed lines being furnished with refurbished Italian high speed stock.
  15. Thats great to hear, I ended up with a bit of a soft spot for those units after that project!
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