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  1. Thanks for the spot - I will go and check, I have been having some issues with the interface when listing items, I will try to sort them out today and report back.
  2. Thanks for that - i was wary of the trap, checked once, checked twice got distracted and it now looks like a suspicious 70s accident repair. I will amend accordingly.
  3. So at long last, the first batch of prints have arrived. These are the 4mm trial prints of the Hillman Hunter Saloon and estate, Granada Mk2, Ital Van, Austin 1800 and Wolseley Six. Overall, I am pretty pleased with them, theres some small tweaks needed to the make the chassis on the 1800 fit without me having to manually file it down for every single model but overall great progress. Please excuse the cruel close ups.
  4. If you do get tempted to lengthen your C4000 just drop me a message and I am sure we can get something sorted. Keep up the good work, that C3000 looks amazing.
  5. Yes! Everything will be avilable in both scales unless it is already modelled and readily available in that scale (I hope that makes sense, if it is a duplication of a rare toy, I will release it but with the Oxford Mk1 granada etc, they will only be released in the scale where there is no competitor).
  6. Probably worth adding to the somewhat conspicuous silence on my range - there's been a little hold up getting the models to print in N gauge. Essentially, I am trying to find a viable alternative to shapeways at present which is the thorn in that particular side, if anyone has any tips they'd be greatly appreciated. I have however been able to get a trial batch of 00 gauge Austin Landcrabs, Mk2 Granadas, Ital vans and Hillman Hunters coming from the printers that do my 00 gauge multiple units so here's a little teaster of what is to come in about a fortnights time: Here's the list of what is modelled at present: Metro and Rover 100 2 door Rover 800 Rover 75/MG ZT Hillman Hunter (various grills including the Humber Sceptre) Morris Marina/Ital - saloon, van and coupe Jaguar S type Ford Cortina Mk5 Ford Granada Mk1 and Mk2 Austin 1800/3 Litre/Wolseley Six Austin Maxi Triumph 2000 Mk2 Austin Allegro and VDP The plan at present is to get approximately another 10 whilst I sort out the printing - including Hillman Avenger, BL Princess, a small collection of 90s cars (Fiesta, Astra, Escort, LDV Convoy etc).
  7. Wow! Darius, that looks absolutely fantastic.
  8. Wow, that really is coming along nicely!
  9. Thats looking great already, I will be watching with interest!
  10. Thats looks very good now - out of interest where did you get the "Spotrail" transfers from?
  11. Thanks - got there in the end! These have been in the works for a fair while so it is a relief to get them released at long last. There are a couple more that will be added in the next few days - Marina Coupe and van versions as well as Allegro and Mk2 Granada. Another month or so of crossing off the last cars on the list and then I will apply the handbrake on the range hopefully after enough gaps have been filled.
  12. So, things may be going somewhere now but I have a question for RMWeb to see if you could help - I am looking into doing a G12 to be 3D printed but the KCR versions are somewhat unique due to their slightly extended frames. Does anyone know of any drawings that exist for these Clyde build oddities that could help?
  13. If you are after 70s motors, it might be worth your while to wait.... I am hoping to have the first "wave" of cars to complement the Granada completed this fortnight, there's plenty more to come to spread the cost of the postage.
  14. They look fantastic already, looks like you have made some great progress!
  15. They also did the TK in pantechnion and airfield control forms, like the rest of the range, they were very well done.
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