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  1. At risk of making you feel old, today is Scott & Charlene's 33rd wedding anniversary 

    1. snitchthebudgie


      It's not so much being old - it's the embarrassment of actually remembering it!

    2. Hroth





      E'vrybody hates the Neighbours....."



  2. Coming along very nicely. As a complete newcomer to 2mm and indeed etched kit building, I thought Nick's videos were superb and very useful! Thanks for the tip re the Trespa samples, got some on order.
  3. I found the stuff didn't work properly, as did the late scenic master Allan Downes; Threw the remainder away when we moved earlier this year. I won't be buying it again.
  4. With my football Secretary hat on - our AGM would usually be late June; I had an email today from our Vice Chairman as follows, which I'm sure he won't mind me reproducing here;
  5. I think those slates are as good as any I've seen in any scale and as Don says, the white really helps with the texture - I wonder if a very similar consistency of an olive might give a good impression of moss/lichen in the relevant dark/damp corners?
  6. Thanks all, a lot of useful information there. Unfortunately the hoover now needs replacing, so will have to wait until payday, but I will start to put together a soldering toolkit within the next couple of weeks - and join the Association as well.
  7. Further to my previous question(s), the starter pack has now arrived, and enthusiasm remains high! - was very impressed with the 'Getting Started' book which explains things very well, my compliments to those involved in its creation. One more if I may; Would this - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07Q4T12PH/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2NRY4HOWAHJOF&psc=1 - be a suitable soldering iron/set to get me started? Thanks
  8. Here you go Rich. https://www.shapeways.com/product/ESZG4WRES/ser-lbscr-horse-box-dia-19b-n-scale-1-152?optionId=104265429&li=marketplace
  9. Thanks Ian, very useful to know. I was looking at the Billinton coaches, but it is some way off at present! There is also a rather nice Horsebox I've seen on Shapeways which appeals.
  10. Excellent, thanks Ian; The Etched Pixels coaches require a 15' wheelbase chassis. I couldn't see any of these on the Association shop. Is there a particular one that could be modified, or are any close enough that the difference isn't noticeable?
  11. Many thanks for your comments - as I expected, really! It has been a few years since I tried soldering, so I will get some new equipment and give it a go (Jim, thanks for your kind offer - I will be in touch). Starter park ordered and already on the way.
  12. Having bought our first house in January, I am now at the stage where I can think about a return to modelling, after several stalled projects. It won't be an immediate return - we have a large area of thick jungle to clear in the garden before a shed can be purchased and built, but we are desperate to be in a position to have that done by the end of the summer, pandemic allowing. I have been modelling in 00, and primarily enjoy building over operation, particularly scenery (one of my scratchbuilt buildings ) . Recently I've found myself drawn to this sub forum more and more, thanks
  13. Hi As some of you may be aware, I am secretary of a Non League football club. The following was forwarded to me by our league. Apologies if I'm teaching anyone to suck eggs here, but thought it was worth sharing as it will apply to non-sporting organisations/groups as well;
  14. Looking forward to this. Sounds the sort of place (and era!) that is calling out for a colonial war-type name; Atbara Square, or Sevastopol Road, something like that.
  15. Very nice indeed CK. Is the wall a commercial product, or some very nifty DAS sculpting?
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