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  1. Photo courtesy Ian Marr Thursday afternoon PHA/JGA Prototype inspiration in the form of 60088 'Buachaille Etive More' with a rake of Bardon hoppers from Thorney Mill passing West Drayton. Preorder the Cavalex PHA/JGA hopper wagons here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecf69ZSMRXizZwL2pJAOYW1fLlqg_CUrJ8QeK8702BH8Jjag/viewform
  2. Since announcing our HAA family of wagons they’ve proven to be one of our most popular wagons to date. We’ve included two further unseen variants in the image above as well! Preorder details will follow in due course for these further variants. If you want to preorder the Cavalex HAA, HFA and CDA variants please follow the links below: www.kmsrailtech.co.uk / Pre order the Cavalex HAA, and KMS exclusive HAAs here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdBrmkLW5ZPk2KV2hm3DaL3dnGr0xuPw9z9szbY86GaxS5fA/viewform www.trains4u.com / Pre order the Cavalex HAA
  3. Grimleygrid

    N gauge BBA

    Good afternoon JP, We can confirm that N gauge is very much on our radar for the future. From day one our plan has always been to release our OO gauge products in N gauge subject to there being the demand and support for the project. As far as we are concerned, nothing has changed on that front! Over the past year our focus has very much been on developing our OO gauge range in order to grow the Cavalex brand and get more exposure to the wider model railway community. We hope to have some N gauge news soon. Hope that helps. I know someone at
  4. CDA UPDATE - OPEN FOR PRE-ORDERS We are pleased to announce that pre-orders are now open for our CDA china clay wagon. The CDA will be available in both English China Clays Ltd and DB liveries with individual running numbers and can now be pre-ordered directly from KMS Railtech and Trains4U. These models are exclusive to Trains4U and KMS Railtech and cannot be ordered through any other retailer. www.kmsrailtech.co.uk / Pre order the Cavalex HAA, and KMS exclusive HAAs and CDAs here www.trains4u.c
  5. We are delighted to announce that we have been granted permission from Deutsche Bahn AG to produce our CDA wagon in the DB livery. Look out for pre-order details with Trains4U and KMS Railtech this weekend.
  6. Good evening, We are excited to open pre-orders for our PHA/JGA bogie hopper. Photo courtesy Peter Moss Please fill in the form below to pre-order now: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecf69ZSMRXizZwL2pJAOYW1fLlqg_CUrJ8QeK8702BH8Jjag/viewform?usp=sf_link Thanks as always for your continued support with our projects. Please let us know should you have any questions.
  7. Today is the final day of voting in the Hornby Magazine 2020 awards. Our BBA/BLA wagons are included in the rolling stock of the year category . Please show your support by voting at the link below. Thanks to everyone that has voted for Cavalex so far! https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/Hornby-magazine-model-railway-awards-voting-2020
  8. Good morning Craig, we are awaiting updated samples from the factory which will include the KBA. We will provide an update when we have more information.
  9. Following the renders of our original bodied HAA from earlier in the week we can’t wait to see scenes like the below recreated in 4mm. Photo courtesy Douglas Johnson Photo courtesy The Ivan Stewart Collection https://www.cavalexmodels.com/blog
  10. Good evening Tony, yes EWS will be coming in the second run.
  11. DJP76, the second production run will include bauxite and EWS. Hope that helps.
  12. We’re excited to show off 3D renders of our original body HAA, or HOP32AB as it was originally classified. The HOP32AB, has a number of different features compared with its re-bodied counterpart. These differences will be faithfully replicated on our model when it is released.
  13. Photo courtesy Bruce Galloway. We are looking forward to seeing steel trains such as this recreated by modellers on their layouts next year when our BBA wagons are released in bauxite livery.
  14. PHA/JGA Update Photo courtesy Robert Catterson We are excited to show off livery renders of our forthcoming Bardon PHA/JGA bogie hopper wagon. In the first batch we will be producing the original Green and Yellow Bardon livery in the as delivered condition. For more modern modellers we will be producing the updated Aggregate Industries Blue and White livery. A big thanks to Aggregate Industries for all of their help with both liveries. Preorder details will be announced soon.
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