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  1. Thanks David, I am really pleased with how it has turned out. Will look better once painted and in location but hopefully it gives you an idea of what I am hoping to achieve. These two photos hopefully show what I am trying to model, these are taken at March depot but very similar. I am waiting for some bits and bobs to arrive and then hopefully more progress can be made.
  2. Thank you BaxJones1711 for all your posts, photos and the information that you have kindly included. This will prove very helpful for these future releases. We are very much looking forward to producing these versions.
  3. Good evening Jack, Thanks for your message. As Roy kindly posted we will be providing an update next month on how to pre-order. Please do keep an eye on our website and social media pages.
  4. Cavalex Models are excited to announce that we will be contacting customers and issuing invoices within the next week to 10 days, with the aim of starting the tooling stage of the process at the end of March/early April for our 4mm PHA/JGA wagon. Thank you to everyone that has supported this project so far. We are very excited about this project moving to the tooling stage of the process. Back in 2018 we asked for suggestions for future projects following the commencement of production of our PGA wagon and the BBA and PHA/JGA were both high on the list. The number of pre-orde
  5. Photos showing the first completed tests of our weathered TEA/KBA wagons can be found in our February update: https://www.cavalexmodels.com/february-2021-update
  6. Further to the post earlier regarding the second BBA/BLA run, please see below liveries that we are planning to produce: More information can be found in our February update including further variants: https://www.cavalexmodels.com/february-2021-update
  7. We have just posted a few more photos of the EP samples in our February update: https://www.cavalexmodels.com/february-2021-update
  8. Good morning CB Rail, thank you for your post and kind comments about our BBA wagons. We will be providing an update on our projects this weekend which will also include details of the second run of BBA and BLA wagons. Hope that helps. Best Regards Alex
  9. A quick update. Not a great deal of progress has been made over the past few weeks, not visually anyway. Although behind the scenes work is still ongoing which includes work on the Washer Plant Line and the Load Bank road. A big thank you to Jason Johnson for his help with laser cutting the pieces for these two areas of the layout. Fairly early this morning a parcel arrived and like a child on Christmas morning I opened it straight away.....I couldn't wait!! This is what was in the parcel. Washer Plant Line
  10. Good morning Jools1959, apologies for the very late reply. We will certainly add the IHA to our list of potential future projects so thank you for your suggestion. We always appreciate suggestions and ideas. D9502, the BWA and BXA will follow as they are part of the BBA family. Thanks for mentioning these wagons. Craig, thanks for your suggestion. The LWRT is on our radar following the extensive research that Cav carried out previously for his N gauge 3D printed Perch. Thanks again to everyone for their input.
  11. What about this Paul? Not a 58 Paul but this might also be an option albeit with canopies.
  12. We wanted to share a photo showing the first completed tests for our weathered TEA/KBA wagons. We think they look very positive indeed. Of course these are just samples to test the weathering technique that the factory will apply. The final models will be decorated correctly to match the prototype wagons as well as having differing chip and wear patterns to give a level of individuality to an assembled rake.
  13. Hi Paul, I always thought that 58s looked best in the Original Railfreight livery so fully understand your purchase! Some links below to Flickr for some prototype inspiration to rekindle your memories!! I came across these photos the other day whilst browsing Flickr, justification for me purchasing a few HAAs for my layout I think!
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