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  1. Thanks for sharing SLG, as nice find!
  2. The design work for our Bardon Hill PHA/JGA bogie stone wagon is edging ever closer. Look at for a full update at the end of the month with details on price and how to preorder. Thanks to everyone who continues to support our forthcoming projects.
  3. I came across this clip earlier of 56010 taken at Bridgend in 1996 with steel slabs on BBAs and coils on BLAs.
  4. Thanks for sharing the photo Slg, the PFBs will look nice behind a BR blue 47 as in your photo.
  5. Good evening Ian, I think you will like them!! Yes the colour looks spot on. Not yet I haven't, unfortunately I do not have any of the Warwells so will try and source one to compare the colours.
  6. Good evening Paul, Thanks, the colour looks spot on in the flesh. They are going to be lovely models.
  7. We are delighted to showcase the first EP sample of our forthcoming KFA/PFB Warflat wagon in conjunction with Trains4U. We are really pleased with how they’ve come out, albeit the first samples out of the mould so there are some minor tweaks to be made. We requested the sample to be painted into the correct green for the wagon, in order for us to assess the colours to be used on the final production models. We cannot wait to see the fully painted samples in the coming months! Pre-orders are being taken at http://www.trains4u.com/ The wagons are expected to arrive later this year and are priced at £35 each
  8. 37896 by Redhill Bull, on Flickr 37278 by Redhill Bull, on Flickr 37902 by Redhill Bull, on Flickr 60096 by Redhill Bull, on Flickr
  9. Sorry Cav. 60040 by Graham Lowther, on Flickr Powering Up by Andrew Gallon, on Flickr Walking Pace by Andrew Gallon, on Flickr 60040 07,10,2013 by Marc Watson, on Flickr
  10. Good afternoon John, Production is well underway and progressing nicely. We are hoping that production will be completed within the next month or so. Once production has been completed we will then have a better idea of when the models will arrive in the UK. We will of course keep everyone updated with further progress.
  11. You are correct the wagons in the video at Plymouth are a different version to the ones that we are looking to produce. These were the first batch built between 1986 and 1988 by WH Davis and have the continuous solebar with the weight-reducing cutouts. 17104 Kettering 110815 by Dan Adkins, on Flickr The version that we are modelling were also built by W H Davis and delivered in 1990, a slightly different design with plain solebars, the hopper actuators in a more prominent position and cast Y25 bogies. The original batch had fabricated Y25 bogies. 17138 Kettering 110815 by Dan Adkins, on Flickr The two versions have run together. Hope that helps.
  12. Good evening Shoey, Many thanks, we are very pleased with how the design is coming along. We have not finalised the liveries, running numbers, packs, or the price as yet. However, we hope to provide more information soon when we provide the next update once the design stage of the process has been completed. Hope that helps.
  13. Good evening Jools1959, Unfortunately the order book is now closed for the first run due to the wagons entering production, but they will be available through our retailers; Rails Of Sheffield, Trains4U, John Dutfield Model Railways, KMS Railtech and C&M models of Carlisle. Hope that helps.
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