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  1. Looking on the interweb for info, some say the box was secondhand, ex Wem.
  2. Nantwich Station, not sure if it's LNWR or LMS, 22 July 1984
  3. Willaston, near Crewe, 22 July 1984. A BR(LMR) design.
  4. More pics of Fossway Road Crossing, in two bites 'cos of size limitations.
  5. If it closed in 1973, I make that 48 years and still standing. Seen on 12 Sept 2021. The vegetation and the fixed fence across the track suggest the line has not been used for a while.
  6. It's a 5ft 6in 2-4-2T. An LNWR train on the Midland. I think that is at Knighton North Junction, so the train will probably be heading for the Nuneaton line from Wigston. A good sized train of at least eight coaches. Any idea of the date?
  7. If you look at the allocations of Jubilees at the time of their building was complete i.e. about 1937ish, you will see that every loco allocated to former Midland Railway territory was fitted with one or other of the short wheelbase 3500 gallon tender types. I have assumed that this was because of turntable size although the situation doesn't seem to have lasted long as 4000 gallon tenders can be seen on Midland allocated Jubilees by 1939. It seems to have been in about the late 1950s and early 1960s that some 8Fs had their Stanier tenders swapped with Fowler tenders off Jubilees. A small number of 8Fs also managed to acquire the 3500 gallon Stanier type as did one rebuilt Royal Scot. The information given in the Irwell book appears to be based Engine Record Cards which are not infallible, one loco is given in the book as keeping a 3500 gallon Stanier tender all its life yet the photograph of the loco shows it with a 4000 gallon type!
  8. The Airfix / Dapol body is far more accurate dimensionally. The ex Mainline (now Bachmann) is, in my opinion, awful. If Mainline did look at a real one, they certainly didn't appear to have measured it correctly or make the model to scale - my personal opinion again of course. I have to disagree with @Steamport Southport about it being "probably amongst the most realistic vehicles available." The Airfix body was much better although the chassis was not so good.
  9. Basford Hall Junction, LNWR (or is it LMS?), 22 July 1984
  10. Same applies for Leicester Midland and Derby Midland. I think Derby also had a box half way along the platforms controlling scissors crossovers between Platforms 1-2 and 3-4. This is where we start getting into the realms of Permissive Working for passenger trains in large stations but I think I will leave that for others, who know more about the subject than I do, to explain
  11. That looks like two different boxes to me. Presumably the one in the first picture was a replacement at some time for the one in the second and thirs pictures.
  12. ISTR some small stations in Scotland which were crossing places on single track lines. Was it between Inverness and Aberdeen? There were small boxes at each end of the passing loop with a single signalman to do all the work, which must have ben fun at times. I think some of them had a bike to go back and forth between the two boxes when trains were passing.
  13. I think these vans may have gone over to Stores use in the early 1960s. Trying to remember what was in use at Derby Loco Works when I started there in 1961 (60 years ago come the end of this month) there were some older 6-wheel Milk/Fruit/Fish vans in faded red livery, either Gulf red or faded Maroon.
  14. Alsager East Jc, well most of it, North Stafford, 22 July 1984
  15. Fossway Road Crossing, somewhere near Lichfield so I presume LNWR, 22 July 1984. Why I got there and only managed to end up with this one picture is lost in the mists of time I'm afraid.
  16. Wrong way round Andy. The train starts from Caverswall Road, where all the sheds and cafe etc. are located, and goes to Dilhorne Park. The colliery is beyond Dilhorne Park.
  17. Blenkinsop, NER Newcastle to Carlisle line, 4 June 1985
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