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  1. Two from 1977: 08 497 in green at Leeds 13th August 1977 (composition could have been better, sorry - Instamatic from moving train) and 47 365 in Crewe Works on the 24th September 1977. Probably lost it's green at this visit I would have thought?
  2. Not a great photo, but this is the one I think...
  3. Incidentally, while I'm here, I thought it might be of interest to show the death of this (rather fine) station in a few pictures taken from almost the exact same spots on the Church Street bridge over the station throat - a "then, then and then" if you like. Of course, the obliteration of the station is even more complete nowadays, with buildings covering the site. First - in use, but towards the end - 1967: Next, the station is closed, deserted, and awaiting its fate. Signal arms removed. Finally, by 1986, all had been swept away...
  4. Thanks Armchair, that's useful proof that there was one. Interestingly it's from platform 2 to the end loading dock road (note the loading gauge), I wonder if that has something to do with anything? I've been doing a bit more digging, and it would seem that that release was indeed the only one, as I've found a shot of the 3 roads between platforms 4 & 5 too - and there are no release crossovers there:
  5. Excellent! Thank you Dave, understood - that ties everything up nicely, and gives me some good pointers. The model I have in my minds eye will only be 'based on' Woodside (cut down width-wise, shortened and reversed) I haven't got enough room for a copy, I'm afraid, but it's good to have a prototype layout to understand things. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for the very quick reply Dave - most appreciated. I didn't think there were any release crossovers, but I've never seen any photographs of the track at the platform end, so thanks for the confirmation. I remember travelling from the station well, but was too young to take any notice of the details. Regarding the platform indicator and the signals I'm on about, I've marked them up on a section of your diagram - marked as 2 and 3 respectively. I couldn't make out the numbers of the signals from the scan, but yes, I think they could be 37 and 45 - I hadn't considered them as dwarf signals, but it makes sense now you've said it. Thanks too for the additional info on the distant.
  7. I know this is resurrecting a very old thread, but a couple of questions (for Beast if he’s looking in?) please? On page 1 of the thread (posted 07/07/2010) there is a diagram of the throat to Woodside. I’m exploring a cut down version, but was wondering: 1. Were there any release crossovers at the platform ends? If so, what form did they take? 2. What form did the platform indicator take? (it’s a bit indistinct on the scan) 3. Whether the signals next to crossover 39A and 39B were actually positioned on the ‘wrong’ side of the line, and where were they (in tunnel?), as the only photo I have near that area is a bit ‘atmospheric’ and just shows a bracket distant, which again, looks ‘wrong’ line (but in the other direction) – is it off the diagram, as I can’t see it there?): I know I could PM Beast, but the answers to any of the above may be of interest to the wider community, so I’ll leave the post here. … If you’re out there Dave?
  8. The LMS unit at Margate is a Class 503 - built 1938.
  9. Sorry, none of the back or L/h side, but some of the interior if it's of any use?
  10. Dave Marks' Flickr page has a few showing Port Sunlight exchange sidings - some great shots elsewhere on the Chester-Birkenhead too, but no yellow stripes. See: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157632202145574
  11. Agreed! Green/SYP when I was growing up, No end doors either. Lovely.
  12. A few of mine, for what they're worth - the instamatic was never a great camera, and even worse in my hands... Typical of their time, I suppose. Crewe works open day 24th September 1977 - HST Prototype 002: And again at the open day on 22nd September 1979: 43102 on set 254 024 - no idea where or when (guess about 1978), but for the life of me, I can't recall where... And an unidentified at Liverpool Lime Street in c1989:
  13. Yes - ex-Coventry ERM - seen here in May 2011:
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