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  1. Have you seen this one Gilbert? One to reproduce? I looked at it and thought 'I've seen that before somewhere...' https://www.flickr.com/photos/rgadsdon/6788951320/in/album-72157624322947536/ Just shows how accurate your layout is!
  2. Wirral is where I grew up - my family comes from Hoylake, hence why I'm lurking around in the darkest corners of Rod's excellent forum thread. Being ex-Wirral, I am a member of a few Facebook sites which are nostalgic Wirral, and I shamelessly grabbed that picture as 'being useful one day'. I do love a good 'might-have-been', especially in an area I grew up in. The Post was dated 15 April 2018, and was found in the FB Group "Wirral in Old Photographs" A follow up response in that thread quoted the source as Hoylake Advertiser - any more than that wasn't mentioned, although one fellow posted this response after looking at the original post: Other responses of interest are: 'Here' turned out to be his home, so I'm non-the-wiser there. Also this: That's all I've got, but it's all food for thought and might be worth pursuing further?
  3. I guess you've probably seen this, but this was the proposal for WK (1944 artist impression):
  4. I don't know if this is what you wanted, but here's a few of Rock Ferry I have to hand. I know not where I found most of them - if anyone objects to them being posted here, I'll remove. The first two were taken by a friend of mine in 1966/67. I have his permission to use them as I want, but I'll refrain from plastering his name all over the web, as he didn't give me permission for that!
  5. Bit late I know, but here you go, Gilbert - embrace the gloom!
  6. Crewe Works - 1977... ...and 1979...
  7. I know a fair bit about the action Jason, I've researched it quite a bit - and you're right, this particular aircraft was a big deal, as it had a new type of bomb sight that the RAF were extremely keen to get their hands on. Thanks for the thought.
  8. Thanks for the reply - you may have something there - could it be a hastily knocked up platform to take the aircraft away on? - the ground there was reclaimed from the River Mersey and wasn't too stable for heavy loads to get to. This is the area in question (circle where the aircraft ended up - Mersey to the top): Although a crane did get to the site - maybe just for recovery to the wagon? Hmm, thinking about it - a bit of a long shot, that.
  9. In October 1940, my father witnessed the shooting down of a German Junkers Ju88 at Bromborough Dock on the Wirral by 3 Hurricanes from 312 squadron, Speke. It was supposedly 'the fastest kill' of the Battle of Britain. This photograph is an enlargement of an image taken at the time.. In the background is a most peculiar wagon - it looks like a 3-plank or similar, but has a flat platform over the top, and for the life of me, I can't come up with an explanation of what it is and what is it for. Was it a wartime thing? Just wondering if any of the wagon experts can tell me - no reason really, just for interest, as one of those lads standing on it could have been my Dad (he was 13 at the time). If it helps, that wagon is stood on sidings that were part of the internal railway of Lever Brothers, and my Dad once told me that those sidings were used for tipping waste (He's no longer with us, so unfortunately I can't confirm that). Any ideas appreciated.
  10. As I suspected, my note taking is screwed up again then - thanks for clearing that up for me!
  11. Just stumbled on this one - interesting to see how this photo compares with the same loco I took at Crewe. I noticed it as this locos 'Arrow of Indecision' seems more indecisive than usual! I have the Crewe date down as 22/09/79 where the arrows look worn, but ba14eagle has his dated in 1986 where the arrows look much fresher. Did they actually repaint them in this condition? Same loco, same location, same date.
  12. Another great set Dave - and just to show I'm paying attention, it's surely a 503?
  13. Reading through this topic, a thought occurred to me - why didn't BR paint mainline coaching stock in all over blue ('a-la-VoR' - and even the roofs in that case!)? After all, the LMR had had all over maroon (albeit mainly lined), and the SR all over green, so why not all over blue? DMUs got all over blue, as did EMUs, some suburban stock, and NPCS, but for the mainline coaches, it seems they went straight to the blue/grey with the showing of the XP64, and no other experimental liveries were tried (...or were they?). Given that policy at BR of the time was to paint everything corporate blue, I find it strange that someone overseeing the image policies must have had a vestige of aesthetic appreciation and included the grey: Did even they think all blue for coaches a step too far? Mind you, If they had been painted thus, things would have been very drab indeed! Just wondering...
  14. Great set today Dave - really enjoyed them! - and thanks for taking the time to put them up for us. Couldn't resist a 'then and then' comparison of DAS000647 with what things looked like just about 10 years previously... Hope you don't mind! Quick question - will we be seeing any of the interior of Rock Ferry box in due course?
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