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  1. Sorry, late to the party as usual. Just to confirm 47 365 (Crewe Works 1977) with dominos and green:
  2. Great stuff Rod - and congrats on 100 pages too!!
  3. Thanks for the confirmation Simon, I'm a bit of a numpty when it comes to things 3D Print... I agree, the MoldelU figure finish would be a good standard to aim for, wonder what material spec that is? As you say, the likeness of a 503 has been captured well though, and it does look pretty good in the flesh, so to speak. However, I don't think this particular print is worth progressing with - shame - but I might have another go sometime once I gain a bit more knowledge into what is possible. Cheers
  4. Class 503 prints in 4mm in cruel close-up. As stated earlier, the material is not nice to work with, but another selection might prove a lot better? Some layering evident on the print too. Hope it's useful to you Rod.
  5. All 503’s together on one page here: http://www.rue-d-etropal.com/3D-printing/passenger-stock-lms/3d_printed_LMS-cl-503.htm No ‘O’ gauge listed, but they might do ‘specials’? I visited the Coventry ERM when the preserved unit was there, and took a number of detail pictures – I would have no problems letting you have them, (if required! ) Rod. I have one of the rue-d-etropal 503s printed out at 4mm scale (just to see if a whole 3-car would be practical). The shape and accuracy looks very good, but as mentioned by others, the surface finish is proving to
  6. Love the under the canopy shot Rod - it really looks the part - as this prototype shot shows: Great stuff!!
  7. That's a fairly zoomed in post, Simon - I can send you the full picture if you want? Apologies, a bit OT for Rod's thread...
  8. Sorry - forgot to add this, but you may have seen it before. Particulars of "West Kirby Fire Station for sale" PDF which may have some use as it gives some dimensional details... Edit.... Hmmm, adding the pdf as an attachment doesn't seem to work, so here's a link: West Kirby Fire Station
  9. All good stuff Rod! I was going through some aerial photos I have of the Bromborough area, taken in the early 60s and I spotted the Fire Station at Bromborough Pool on one of them (which is probably about 10 miles or so from West Kirby). Immediately thought - 'West Kirby'!!!! So here's a crop - no idea if it's any use to you or not!!:
  10. ...and a view taken from ON the Aire & Calder - Class 56 trundling by (c.1985):
  11. Think this might be more detail of 'The Wall'? Might help anyway. BTW: M28690M is the preserved 503 at Margate.
  12. Hroth: It's Christmas 1972, apparently. Incidentally, I've found another picture (FB) accredited to Reggie Lion, which might be of interest? It's 'sort of' the area in question, anyway. Dated 1982.
  13. If it helps Rod - this is the best I've got of the rear of the cinema - might obscure your lovely signal diagram if modelled?:
  14. Great pictures again Dave. C26297: Is that the viaduct used in the (90s?) TV programme 'The Train now departing' opening credits? See: https://twitter.com/i/status/954767167047823362 Looks like it anyway.
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