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  1. He did Jack. 5th article down. http://www.carendt.com/scrapbook/page65/index.html
  2. You've got the makings of a good layout there Biggsy. What you've got there is an Inglenook layout that is used as a shunting game. Operationally, it's perfect and it will provide you many hours of shunting enjoyment! Have a look at http://www.wymann.info/ShuntingPuzzles/sw-inglenook.html All the best and good luck! Sam.
  3. How have you worked it out? There is no hope in hell that this layout is only 6' x 20'. Sam.
  4. Why does it "have" to have 5 lines? As before, a "Please" and a "Thank You" may work in your favour along with a more detailed response. James went to the trouble to assist you with some help to support your ideas and I've not noticed a single comment of appreciation. Sam.
  5. I've moved from the railway scene on to aviation, but I still get the odd bits from time to time. Wansford, Nene Valley by Caerus Aviation, on Flickr "Black Fives" by Caerus Aviation, on Flickr Sam.
  6. Interesting thought on the GmP and it's one that I'll think about. Thank you DM. My only thought with the expresses was that Bellinzona is well placed on the Gotthard line to justify such traffic. Maybe modellers licence could come in to play again with the creation of a "new" express service for the route: "The Gotthard Express" or something along those lines. You've raised a valid point with the S-Bahn heading beyond Thusis too. I guess it kind of defeats the object of what it was introduced to do, but I read somewhere that it has been known for S-Bahn stock/services to head down as far as F
  7. I did notice that a few bits are inaccessible and a lot of the images are unavailable on the Polier site. Well, that was my thought process. If they can convert the Arosa line, why not the BM? Short trains can be justified I think. It's strange you should mention the Pendelzug and the Allegra, however. I've been doing a little bit more research and noticed that the S2 Line for the S-Bahn runs from Thusis - Chur. Is it possible to consider this service (or another fictional service) being run from Thusis or Chur to Mesocco with more conventional stock like the Ge4/4 series locomotives and appr
  8. Thank you for the addition Keith. DM: Yes, I thought that may be the case. This leads me on to an idea. There were plans to connect the BM to the rest of the RhB network at Thusis. I've had a look at a map of the region and without looking at any of the original plans, a route that follows the valley to Thusis would seem the logical step, thus the rough route (in my mind) would be: Mesocco - San Bernardino - Hinterhein - Splügen - Sufers - Anderr - Zillis-Reischen - Thusis This then leads me to consider a "modern day" alternative, which would alleviate any need for scratchbuilding histori
  9. Morning guys, Been busy planning a little something that may come to fruition one day. I'll keep it brief.. The traverser type fiddle yard is at baseboard level. Taking the line to the right, we head for the helix which takes us up to the highest point on the layout, the station. Upon departure, we enter a tunnel which signals our decent back to the fiddle yard, gradually losing height through the scenic section above the fiddle yard itself, but a little bit steeper around the non-scenic section at the back of the layout. The inner loop at the station should be able to easily hold a Ge 4/
  10. No worries Paul. Glad you found it interesting. It's certainly a charming stretch of the RhB network, albeit now defunct.
  11. Hi guys, I happened to wander across this glorious website a little earlier on and I'm entranced! The Bellinzona - Mesocco route is one that I hadn't really heard of until I saw "San Vittore" by Christian Gevecke in Continental Modeller and ever since, I've been doing some sporadic research. The attraction for me is the relatively short formations used on the route. The majority of photos on the site show a single railcar with a pair of 4-wheel coaches or a coach and a van. With my limited space, this is very appealing. Cama station has stood out a bit for me. The overall size of the sit
  12. Make that 3 of us! Greetings to the forum from Basildon. Good luck with your intentions and ambitions. All the best, Sam.
  13. There are many threads on RMweb, many websites, many plan books to have a browse through. Planning is the fun bit! Also, a touch of basic, common courtesy might be a bit useful in your endevours too. It's not a dig, but simple things get the best results. I wish you luck, Sam.
  14. I think then, on that basis, the little bit of extra work for the double bolt system would reduce my pitiful attempt at wiring! Thank you.
  15. Hi Guys & Girls, Just thinking out loud here. I've got something in my head and I'm considering sector plates at either end. My thought is for a 36" single line through the scenic section with a pair of 12" 2-road sector plate at either end. If the scenic section is powered and the sector plates use the brass tube method for electrical contact as per Jon Grants' "Sweethome" layout, would I actually need to wire the sector plates or would the method be enough for such a small layout? Thank you in advance for your thoughts and input. All the best, Sam.
  16. I actually overlooked that thought DM, Brusio being an example, of course. Would there be any issues with turnouts on the slope with regards to point motors etc.? Whilst I think about it Paul, which font did you use for the "Rhatia" text on the layouts fascia? It looks like Arial Bold, but I'm not sure. Sam.
  17. I like options for any possible future extensions. Thanks for the ideas as ever Paul. Sam.
  18. That's not a bad idea Paul. Height is never really an issue for me, so it's yet something else to consider! Maybe winding it's way through a tunnel or two? I don't how the topography would work on a plan like this. All the best, Sam.
  19. Following on from the last post, I've also taken out the gradient element for something a bit more simple that may be worth a go. Maybe a slight gradient down in to the fiddle yard, but nothing more.
  20. Hi Paul, Thanks for the input and advice. It's much appreciated. I've tweaked the plan and lost the "upper" siding completely and it just flows a little better. With regards to the gradients, I think I'm looking to stick with nothing more then either a pair of ABe4/4 Railcars and a wagon or a Ge4/4 II with a pair of coaches and a ABt/BDt driving car. That would be the maximum I think. Any issues there? I keep coming back to one plan however, Paul. Your 3' x 3' Concept. I've laid it out again and I keep falling for it. It's a consideration, that's for sure..
  21. Good morning one and all, I've spent the best part of these early hours fueling my desire for all things to do with the Rhätische Bahn. In the quest for a layout to fit in a limited space, I've come up with the plan attached below. Red denotes the visible sections, blue being the hidden sections. The line is quite simply a fiddleyard-to-terminus arrangement which winds it's way up from bottom to top. Gradients have been omitted because I'm a bit rusty at this hour, but I'm sure they could easily be arranged and sorted. With the station being at a higher level and the fiddleyards below
  22. Thanks for your input Eric. "One way working" shouldn't be an issue if the variety is there. Valid point also regarding the varying radius curves, but for the single track theory, it's workable I feel. Only one way to find out I guess..
  23. Hello there guys and girls, I keep bumping into a spare 24" x 24" frame I knocked up for a super detailed diorama based on a crashed Bf109 next to a Southern mainline many years ago. My thoughts keep turning to an 009 tailchaser just to get something up and running. I'd like a bit of variety to my operations rather than just having the same train doing laps all day. It's with this in mind that I ask the question that forms the topic header: Curved cassettes. Are they feasible? Below should be attached an image to better show the idea. The red section marks what would be the cassette i
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