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  1. I can see wires up. They are just not up on both tracks. Do both tracks have to have wires above them or could the high speed line be bi-directional? Maybe the nearside track is the existing line for the Iberian gauge services between Murcia and Alicante?
  2. Hi Neal. I passed by on Friday. That is actually the new Elche High Speed station although it is closer to Crevillente. The maintenance vehicle is parked on a short headshunt at the end of one of the platform loops. The wires are live and I´ve seen video of test trains running through to Beniel where the wires stop.
  3. Its not the correct font but is that any help?
  4. Nice looking layout Stephane. The buildings certainly position the layout in the Mediterráneo... I´m liking your era 5 locos in taxi livery. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  5. A couple of high speed services on the low speed section within the region of Murcia. This is what is called an Alvia. A series 730 with electric power cars powered by a gen set tucked in between coaches and power car. They go through the gauge changer at Albacete to get on to the high speed line to Madrid. From Albacete to Cartagena is all 1668mm Iberian gauge. Seen near la Venta del Olivo, just north of Cieza. Alvia Venta del Olivo. by McGomez441, on Flickr Passing through the station of Blanca/Abaran. Blanca Abaran Alvia by McGomez441, on Flickr
  6. Hi Neal. The line to Orihuela is now live (as in 25kv live) and a high speed service starting and finishing at Orihuela is due to commence this year. Not sure when it is scheduled to commence. The section onwards to Murcia is complete to within a couple of km of Murcia Station where a couple of platforms for the high speed services were constructed but there has been a long running problem involving the level crossings situated just before the station throat that caused congestion on one of the arteries into the city and the locals have been campaigning for years for a solutio
  7. On a couple of my old Heljan 47s I´ve pulled the chemically blackened crud collector brass wheels off of their axles and replaced them with the 36-033 Bachmann OO gauge turned coach wheels. Cheaper than the Heljan replacements that come complete with the gears and axles. I´m still not sure if they are the correct diameter for either a 47 or class 26 but they cured the running characteristics.
  8. I had a trip up to the north of Spain last summer on one of these. Chamartín Aves by McGomez441, on Flickr And whilst waiting at La Coruña around 8:30h for the train back south the sleeper arrived, hauled by 333.406. La Coruña tren hotel by McGomez441, on Flickr
  9. An Alicante-Madrid AVE service passing Monforte materials base. Monforte AVE by McGomez441, on Flickr
  10. Had a trip over to Alicante this afternoon and dropped past the materials base. 58024, 015, 043, 030 were at the western end whilst 58029 and 047 were at the eastern end. Imagine trying to jot down this number as you were going past Toton on a railtour.... and the other 100+ locos that were usually present......... My lottery numbers.... by McGomez441, on Flickr A class 252 on a Cartagena-Barcelona Talgo run past 58047 and 029 . Monforte 2 Inglesas y 1 Español by McGomez441, on Flickr 58024 at Km post 432,2. Km 432,4 by McGomez441, on Fli
  11. Just cobbled together some Grid action on a rake of PGAs.
  12. No one seems to know for sure but there are test trains running as can be seen on this guys Flickr stream. https://www.flickr.com/photos/lagunadani/ Hope that helps.
  13. I´ve not been too active on the photography front lately. Here are a couple of photos from Friday afternoon. The line from Murcia to Albacete closed to traffic after the last arrival on Friday 1st March to allow for the commisioning of the "Camarillas bypass" the cuts 16km off the journey and a saving of 20 minutes. I managed to get a couple of shots of the penultimate northbound Altaria service just north of Cieza where the new line will join the existing route. 334.022 was doing the honours. Desvio Camarillas 1 by McGomez441, on Flickr Desvio Camarillas 2 by M
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