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  1. Hi folks, Modelling time has been at a real premium recently. Two teenage daughters, an elderly mother and self-employment (not to mention a Labrador) are not conducive to spare time. However, I have had a major breakthrough in my long-standing quest to get my rake of BOC tankers running derailment-free. If you've been following this thread, you'll know that, some time ago, I filed down the triangular shaped pieces of plastic on the frames of the wagons around the close coupling mechanism. This significantly improved the running of the wagons, but derailments still occurred, especially after the rake had been laid up for a while, giving the lubricant I had applied time to seize up a little. Anyway, closer examination of the coupling mechanism revealed that the swivelling coupling unit was interlocking with some strengthening lugs on the underside of the wagon frames. Shaving a couple of mm's off these lugs appears to have made a huge difference to the running of the wagons, with the result that I can now run the rake pretty much wherever I like around the layout (fingers crossed of course). Phew. At Last. It really shouldn't be that difficult. Don't manufacturers ever test their coupling mechanisms?? I've also been snatching some time here and there on my latest batch of 47s, which includes LNER Green 47522 (Doncaster Enterprise), Large Logo (blue roof) 47550 University of Dundee and a couple of 47/7s (numbers yet to be decided, although they will probably be 47708 and 47716). They are all now pretty much at the transfer stage. Here is a quick video showing the BOC rake negotiating the layout, 97201 on the tribometer train plus various 47s, including GW Green 47500 on a cross-country service and 47563 on a TPO service. Apologies for the slightly ropey quality. I'm getting used to some new video editing software following a computer crash in the summer and I'm still discovering settings on my phone which aren't right after that crashed a couple of weeks ago too! Isn't technology wonderful??!! Hope to be back soon with another update. Happy Modelling! Cheers for now, Dave
  2. I find that the tension lock coupling moves around quite happily with all the buffer beam gubbins still in place, except for the coupling chain itself. I think it's because the plastic used for the pipes is quite flexible. Not sure whether that's intentional or not, but if it is, it's a clever idea.
  3. Hi folks, A new arrival for the layout arrived this morning. Being a bit special, it jumped to the front of the weathering queue - another SLW 24 in the guide of RTC 97201. This has now had the WW treatment, albeit a very quick job as I was keen to get the loco onto the layout. Here are a few pics of the first operating session with it, pulling the Tribometer train. As you can see, the weathering was pretty light, as I just wanted a "slightly worn-in but still mostly ex-works look". A driver and secondman have also been fitted. Cheers for now, Dave
  4. As regards rolling stock, I've had the issue on my Heljan Cargowaggon bogie wagons and on the BOC tankers. As regards locos, only the Hornby 56 has so far caused me problems. Hornby 31 doesn't seem to be quite so bad (although it's a long way from being perfect). I have a couple of Hornby 60s which I'm expecting the problem with once I get round to running them on the layout. I find that removing the coupling hook helps to some extent, although with any kind of load, the coupling mechanism just extends fully, completely defeating the purpose of the spring. Dave
  5. Continuing the Scottish theme, 97201 runs through Princes St. Gardens and enters The Mound Tunnels...
  6. Most of the time, I take an eternity to get round to weathering a model. Just occasionally though, a model is so good that is jumps right to the front of the queue and gets done straight away. After it arrived this morning, I finished doing mine with an hour or two of finishing work today. Not quite finished, but it just had to go onto the layout for a spin...
  7. Congratulations, Alain. You should be happy! Your videos are always entertaining and I always enjoy catching up on your latest developments. Dave
  8. Cheers Tom. Nice to hear from you again. It is disappointing about the BOC rake. By contrast, my Bachmann Mk 2 and Freightliner rakes run like a dream. The derailments almost always seem to be caused by the coupling not returning to centre after a curve. Lubrication can help a lot here, but it isn't a complete cure. What is strange is that they take some simple and reverse curves without any problems, but object to others. I really like the wagons and the look of the full rake, so it's a really frustrating problem. And then there's the price tag too, as you mention. I'm going to dismantle one of them and see what can be done. Watch this space, but don't hold your breath! Cheers Dave
  9. I do like your videos, Alain. They're much more entertaining than my boring efforts. What video editing software do you use? Dave
  10. Hi folks, A couple of videos for your delectation and delight (hopefully) from a couple of recent operating sessions... This one is from a nighttime operating session. The nights are drawing in now, you know! In other news, 47444 is now just awaiting a sound chip. 47546 and 47644 basically just need snowploughs and a sound chip fitting. 47550 University of Dundee is to be renumbered 47470 University of Edinburgh (complete with red buffer beam), and my Heljan version of the latter is now up for sale. I quite fancy doing 47550 in Large Logo livery with its blue roof now though. One day, I really will get to the end of my 47 revamp! Duffs have always been a big part of WW, but Charlie's latest sound chip has really sparked my interest recently. Both the 47/0 and 47/4 / 47/7 versions really do capture the sound of a duff, for me anyway, and the thrash in particular, which has never truly been captured by any sound chip I've heard before, really does take me back. After a few weeks' storage, my BOC tanker rake is now playing up again and regularly derailing, so two of the wagons are now sat on my desk while I try to come up with a permanent solution. Lubricating the coupling motion again will probably help, but I'm thinking that getting rid of the close-coupling mechanism altogether would probably be the best approach. CCMs really are the bane of my life on WW, although to be fair, Bachmann's versions on its coaching stock don't cause many problems, even in push mode. Hope to be back soon with an update on my latest 47 developments. Happy modelling! Cheers for now, Dave
  11. No, I haven't attempted anything like that. All my Mk 1s are Bachmann ones.
  12. It will indeed, Meanach. I reckon it will be ready just about the time I finish my Heljan mk 1/Bachman revamp!
  13. Strathclyde Orange and Black for me, please, Charlie.
  14. Hi folks, Not much news to report except that Bachmann 47644 and 47444 are now ready for reassembly. 47546 has been delayed slightly, as I've decided to respray the roof and start again, as I wasn't happy with the weathering. It actually looked like a typical dirty-roofed Inverness 47, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. I've also put Heljan 47546 and 47644 up for sale on ebay (if anyone's interested), as part of my reluctant Heljan 47 clearout. I can't justify keeping them really, unfortunately. Here are a few piccies from a nighttime running session over the weekend... 47636 prepares to depart on an evening service for Inverness... A 107 passes through The Mound Tunnels. Looks like someone forgot to change the destination blind. 47209 passes through Waverley on a Freightliner service.... The nighttime view overlooking Waverley from the roof of the National Gallery... Hope to be back soon with another update. In the meantime, happy modelling folks! Cheers for now, Dave
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