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  1. I came aross this today. Rather neat, I thought. https://www.balena.io/blog/build-a-raspberry-pi-powered-train-station-oled-sign-for-your-desk/ Mark
  2. That's a very atmospheric little scene. If anyone is as intrigued about the location as I am, here's a link to a 25 inch to the mile OS map. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=18&lat=55.8799&lon=-3.1167&layers=168&b=1
  3. My advice would be to reduce the baseboard length a bit to 1000mm or maybe 1100mm. I've found that 1200mm or 4ft is a little bit unwieldy when trying to load it into a car. It's just that little bit too long to go widthways across the boot or rear seat. The weathered wagons look really good, Justin. Do you know about Trainini magazine? There's some excellent Z scale modelling featured in it and they've been doing an English translation for the past couple of years https://www.trainini.de My limited experience of German railways is that they are not too worried about mixing road and rail, unlike the UK where Network Rail are seemingly determined to close every level crossing as soon as possible. Mark
  4. I thought it was a generally good exhibition. Plenty of variety in the layouts and a good selection of traders. Well done CMRA. Having pre-booked tickets, I stupidly forgot to bring them. The box office was very efficient as I was able to show them the receipt on my phone which enabled them to issue replacements. We also dodged a bullet with the A1 traffic holdup, the accident which closed the road must have happened just a few minutes behind us. It was pretty serious, involving a rider & pillion on a motorcycle and two air ambulances. Hope they recover OK.
  5. I came across this video this morning which is very instructive on the basic principles. Obviously it's from a US presenter and the tools & materials are not whay I would choose for 2mm but the basic principles are well explained.
  6. The answer to the gravity shunt question is that I'm not going there. The physics in 2mm scale don't really permit anything realistic. It's all done by loco haulage. I slipped an extra siding into the plan to make it easy to shuffle the wagons around. It's not a layout with immense operational interest, more a demonstration piece for 2mm finescale.
  7. Look for "d-limonene turpene" or "d-linomene citrus". It's relatively innocuous stuff so is easily posted. Mark
  8. I've just noticed that Pendon are doing a couple of soldering tuition workshops on 21st & 22nd March, led by Mick Simpson. I don't know if it's our 2mm Mick Simpson or not but there's no better way to learn soldering than with some hands-on tuition. https://pendonmuseum.com/events/event.php?s=basic-soldering-for-modellers Many years ago, I was taught PCB assembly soldering during work lunch hours by our maintenance technician (who looked after the electro-mechanical equipment we used to analyse aircraft flight recorders). It was then easy to translate the techniques to PCB trackwork and then to metal assembly soldering. Since then, I've passed on the techniques to others from time to time as the opportunity has arisen. There's a very definite "eureka" moment when it all comes together when the knack of making solder joints is found. Like others, I use 60/40 tin/lead 188 degree solder (still readily available) of the thinnest gauge I can find, a Maplin temperature controlled soldering station with a 2mm chisel tip, phosphoric acid flux and brass "scouring pad" tip cleaner. There is a specific tip cleaner compound which you can use to bring a tip back to good condition. I have other tips which rarely get used but sometimes there's a need to get a lot of heat in, which is where the bigger tips come in handy. In my hands, tips smaller than 2mm don't seem to work as well but others like them. Other weapons in my soldering arsenal are Nealetin lead solder paste/paint, Frys powerflow gel flux and a range of tin/lead solder balls source from eBay. Mark
  9. Two recommendations from me: 1 - try using solder balls as per Keith Armes article in the 2mm magazine. I find they make very neat solder joints on PCB trackwork 2 - use Brian Harrap's method of making crossing vees, which makes the job very easy
  10. I enjoyed both programmes. It was a bold decision of Quest to screen without adverts in the whole two hours and I applaud their decision. Hope it paid off in terms of viewing figures. The Channel 5 programme was also very good, slightly different in style but most watchable. Our Toshiba PVR has an edit function which allowed me to remove the adverts. The 2 hour elapsed broadcast has come down to 1 hour 34 minutes.
  11. For future exhibitions, I've decided that my layout will go via a British Railways container, using their door to door service. I shall follow the Scammel mechanical horse & container on my trusty Raleigh gentleman's safety bicycle.
  12. About this time in 1983, I had almost exactly the same train, except my Class 24 was a Langley body kit on a Mike Bryant chassis and the wagons were Peco conversions.
  13. Thank you for the pompous and patronising lecture, considering you know zilch about how I manage my own transport needs. FYI, I'm in a fortunate position where I have a range of transport options. Others less so and I was trying to provide some information which people may have found helpful. Still, at least you were able to take your hobby horse out for a nice new year's day canter. You're welcome.
  14. There's a proposal to charge for all parking at Ally Pally and the consultation finishes today! Here's the link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ALLYPALLYPARKING Also, from October 2021, Ally Pally will be inside the expanded London ULEZ so visiting using a non-compliant vehicle will result in a fine.
  15. You could give him an extra leg. Then he'd able to run on three foot gauge.
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