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  1. Here's how I did it. As I wasn't cutting close to the can motor, I was a little casual about any protection for the bearings. A 1mm shaft, as on the Association's can motor and many others, won't take long to cut through or make a lot of swarf. An open frame 1.5mm shaft motor will need some more protection. I have been successful in pressing the shaft through the motor on open frame Tenshodo (Hanazono) motors, converting a double ended motor into a long shaft single ender. You can't do that on a Mashima.
  2. I'm just setting off for the 2mm AGM. I don't expect the traffic to be too bad once I get past the lounge. I may have to step over one or other of the dogs. See you later everyone.
  3. That's looking very good Julia. I've definitely seen similar formations with timbering like that.
  4. Courtesy of Phil Copleston, who sent me the link.
  5. At 07:51 in this video, there's a good view of a standard/2ft gauge crossing which might offer some ideas.
  6. I wonder if they have any Hungarian customers?
  7. It's the best way to build them! mark
  8. 2mmMark

    MRJ 279

    I don't think Chee Tor was dismissed lightly, the Copenhagen Fields team are very good friends with the Chee Tor team and there have been occasions where the two have been exhibited in the same venue. Having helped move Chee Tor, it was very heavy, due to the weight of the carved plaster scenery. I believe it didn't really have the crating and portability that Copenhagen Fields has been forced to adopt. Maybe that took its toll on the enthusiasm and motivation to exhibit? I believe it now has a permanent home in Canada. Both Chee Tor and Chiltern Green & Luton Hoo reached a point where further development gave diminishing returns. I feel this is a characteristic of, for want of a better term, countryside layouts. Even now, after nearly 40 years, Copenhagen Fields can still absorb just about any detail that's worthwhile incorporating. Earlier this year, I made a couple of vehicles (pre-war Reliant and Austin 7 vans) which are admittedly both tiny. On the layout, they will become quite insignificant little items. Before that, I produced some advertising hoardings which seemed quite large on the workbench but simply became part of the overall scene. Perhaps this is why the layout has been able to sustain the team's interest for such a long time. Mark
  9. 2mmMark

    MRJ 279

    I leave that for those more inquisitive than me. I have an MRJ to read.
  10. 2mmMark

    MRJ 279

    Doing a spot of web development recently, I idly enquired about a couple of rather obvious domains while renewing the ones I was working on. Registered it seems.
  11. 2mmMark

    MRJ 279

    It was also bought by a young and focussed clientele... Like the Copenhagen Fields team, who were all in our twenties, maybe early thirties. Now we're pensioners. Scary! Sadly & most unfairly, Bob's no longer with us.
  12. Pleased to hear that you've been successful, Valentin. Cork should work well, I'm going to try it myself. It needs to be a material that gives just enough friction to pull against. Cork should also clean the rail as well.
  13. You could try a resistor to calm it down a bit. I've tried a few and found that 600 or 900 ohm work well, depending on what sort of top speed you want.
  14. There were a number of comedy films in the 1950s & 60s where the crooks used a model railway to plan their caper. "Rotten To The Core" is certainly one of them. There are others but I can't recall them right now.
  15. Weeds, you say? Well... 2mm scale, 6.5mm gauge, so unfortunately not eligible as not standard gauge. Strange rules.
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