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  1. Right - 3D printer question. I know there's an RMWeb section specifically for this subject but I'm asking in a 2mm context. What is the popular printer for our particular scale? Looking at the prices, they're now looking pretty affordable with quite excellent results, so now seems like a good time to get to grips with the technology. Mark
  2. Would a medium be able to help with that?
  3. That's the beauty of kits, the huge time saving... :-) Looking very good indeed, Julia.
  4. Tamiya do some photo-etch scissors which make cutting delicate items off the fret an absolute doddle. As do Xuron. What they both fail to offer is a tool to find them in the carpet afterwards. Mark
  5. The wheel cleaning technique I mentioned above seems to be working well on locos and I see no reason why it shouldn't work on metal rolling stock wheels. As for plastic wheels, the type of plastic seems to be the critical factor. Some years back, Denys Brownlee moulded some wagon wheels in white Acetal (a.k.a Delrin) which was fitted to a wagon in a train on Copenhagen Fields. It ran for the entire duration of Imrex - 6 days - and at the end of the show there was signs of use on the tread but no crud buildup.
  6. Having watched the video in question, I tried some WD40 Contact Cleaner on my 6.5mm narrrow gauge test track which uses Marklin setrack and the results are very acceptable. Some cleaner was applied to loco wheels by dropping some on with a small brush and letting capillary action take it round the rim. The cleaner was applied to the rails using a cotton bud. No other rail cleaning was done. While it's not conclusive, it does indicate there's gains to be made over simple physical cleaning. The proof of the pudding will be under exhibition conditions so that'll be some while yet.
  7. Quite a few live in a vacuum, apparently. Should help prevent tarnishing.
  8. My subscription copy arrived this morning with troubling advice for anyone with younger offspring.
  9. Looks at various Nn3 & N metre gauge models under construction and thinks "RTR N is niche?!"
  10. Crowsnest Tramway eh? If anyone's interested in this layout and it's gestation over the years, here's a good way to spend a tenner. https://narrowgaugeandindustrial.co.uk/products/crowsnest-chronicles Mark
  11. They do need a bit of working up. Leaving the wheel centres empty is rather clever. What's needed is some suggestion of an axle and brake drum. The address on the packet is 101 Enville Road, Kinver, South Staffs DY7 6BU. I got mine on ebay but they don't seem to available there now. Here's a couple I've done. The Reliant is OK but the Austin van (and also the saloon) need to be a bit busier around the front axle, I feel.
  12. I like this a lot. It reminds me of Allan Sibley & Brian Dorman's Allied Marine layout from the 1970s. Mark
  13. And just underneath them were the Loftwuffe.
  14. They were obviously up against an utterly roofless enemy.
  15. Re the ZAG Unimat lathe discussion, I found this for sale http://www.lathes.co.uk/advertphoto/201126-unimat/ The electrics need sorting but it would be a good buy for anyone starting lathe work
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