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  1. Agreed that the AL6 / class 86 was only ever Rail Blue, but Heljan's Facebook page above says: "covering original BR 1960s blue and Rail Blue livery variations across the 1965-80 period." So what do they mean by BR 1960's blue?
  2. Is that the LSWR dark brown as supplied, or have you repainted it?
  3. https://ooworks.co.uk/gallery Three different liveries shown, plus some previous models from OO Works
  4. I've forwarded your post to Roderick Bruce of OO Works.
  5. From the OO Works website (but I don't know where they got the information from): LSWR/SR ‘0330’ Class (Saddletanks) These where built by Beyer Peacock and Co from 1867 for the Swedish, Australian, Belgian, London and South Western Railway and several other railways including British Collieries. A total of 20 been supplied to the LS&WR between 1876 to 1882 for shunting duties at Nine Elms Dorchester, Exeter Guilford, Basingstoke, Northam, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Strawberry Hill, Fratton, Eastleigh, Bournemouth and were also seen on engineer’s train including th
  6. OO Works have announced their latest model LSWR '0330' Class Saddletank. LSWR Holly Green Nº316 SR Black Lined Nº0334 K&ESR Apple Green Nº4 EKR Apple Green Nº7 Due for release mid 2020. £279.00 + P&P NowTaking Orders.
  7. Just received an invoice for the LSWR Holly Green and SR Sunshine Black versions now ready for dispatch. From the OO Works website: LSWR Holly Green with Pea Green lining, Gold Letters & Numbers Nº342 Sold Out SR Dark Olive Lined with Yellow Lettering and Numbers Nº347 Sold Out SR Black with Bulleid Sunshine Nº389 Sold Out BR Black Nº30382 Sold Out
  8. When would they have been SE&CR brown, before or after SE&CR blue?
  9. I was thinking more of the problem of matching its speed with that if the locomotive hauling the train.
  10. Bearing in mind that they were towed in engineering trains, would it make sense for an unpowered version to be made?
  11. Pictures of Olive Green version now on 00 Works website
  12. Does anyone know when the locomotive-hauled trains are expected to run until? Thank you.
  13. . I've just received an e-mail from Rebecca at OO Works: "LSWR livery is Holly Green, with pea green lining, and the LSWR in Gold."
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