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  1. I did that, they said they couldn't hold one to wait for another, so I would have to pay postage for each one separately.
  2. It is prototypical if you model the year 2000! I took my dad on a railtour from Worcester behind it for his retirement present that year.
  3. I've received the following from Rebecca at OO Works: the holly Green with Pea green lining was the main mixed traffic livery from around 1905-1923. there is nice pictures of locomotives in the "Locomotive Illustrated book No 111.
  4. Grey, no crest (so lined) version ordered; correct me if I'm wrong, this appears to be the livery it was in for the longest / when actually operational. Based on the GT3 I'm looking forward to this!
  5. OO Works have announced their latest locomotive, a LSWR/SR Adams Jubilee 0-4-2 LSWR Holly Green Lined Nº631 £315.00 + P&P - Now Taking Orders. SR Olive Green Lined Nº598 £315 + P&P - Now Taking Orders. SR/BR Black (Sunshine) Nº629 £298 + P&P - Now Taking Orders. Due Summer 2021 From the OO Works website: https://ooworks.co.uk/ Adams A12 class 0-4-2 ‘Jubilees’. These where mixed traffic locomotives with the first engine completed in May 1887, the 50th year Jubilee of the Queen Victoria’s reign. With a total on ninety being built between 1887 and 1895 at Nine Elms and forty by Nielson & Co Glasgow, making them the largest Adams class of all the British 0-4-2s. These where based at Nine Elms, Guildford, Basingstoke, Yeovil, Exmouth Junction, Strawberry Hill, Salisbury, Wadebridge and Plymouth, they proved successful and popular. The most noticeable change was when Drummond chimney where fitted from 1900 onwards to most of the class, although a few still has their original stove pipe chimney into the 1920s. K10 and L11 4-4-0s took over many of the Jubilees duties but many crews still preferred the Jubilees which were more economical locomotives burning less coal per mile then their successors, they also had a higher yearly mileage. By the 1920s the Jubilees where seen mainly on branch line work, pick-up goods and shunting duties. At the 1923 grouping, all ninety Jubilees where still in service and remained until 1928 when the first six being withdrawn and broken up which continued through the following years and became the last serving 0-4-2s on Britain’s railways. 618, 627, 629 & 636 entered into British Railways stock in 1948 but where not renumbered and kept their Southern lettering with 629 being the last one in general service, ending its days shunting at Eastleigh and was withdrawn in November 1948. There was one other to exist longer in departmental use supplying steam to Eastleigh boiler yard as DS3191 (Ex612) until November 1951. Unfortunately, none of these good-looking Jubilees made it into preservation. From Prestburyjack - No connection other than as a satisfied customer.
  6. Nearly all gone, from the OO Works website: '0330' Class Saddletank. SR Black Lined Nº0334 - Limited Orders Remaining. LSWR Holly Green Nº316 - Sold Out. K&ESR Apple Green Nº4 - Sold Out. EKR Apple Green Nº7 - Sold Out. £279.00 + P&P
  7. Would grey unfitted (MDO) and bauxite vacuum braked (MDV) be in the same train please? Thank you, Gary
  8. Agreed that the AL6 / class 86 was only ever Rail Blue, but Heljan's Facebook page above says: "covering original BR 1960s blue and Rail Blue livery variations across the 1965-80 period." So what do they mean by BR 1960's blue?
  9. Is that the LSWR dark brown as supplied, or have you repainted it?
  10. https://ooworks.co.uk/gallery Three different liveries shown, plus some previous models from OO Works
  11. I've forwarded your post to Roderick Bruce of OO Works.
  12. From the OO Works website (but I don't know where they got the information from): LSWR/SR ‘0330’ Class (Saddletanks) These where built by Beyer Peacock and Co from 1867 for the Swedish, Australian, Belgian, London and South Western Railway and several other railways including British Collieries. A total of 20 been supplied to the LS&WR between 1876 to 1882 for shunting duties at Nine Elms Dorchester, Exeter Guilford, Basingstoke, Northam, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Strawberry Hill, Fratton, Eastleigh, Bournemouth and were also seen on engineer’s train including the construction of the Lyme Regis branch. All entered Southern Railway stock at the grouping and by now some were being re-boilered and only nine received Southern Railway Livery with the last two 0332 and 0334 being withdrawn from Southern in 1933 but ended up remaining derelict at Eastleigh and not being broken up until 1949. In 1925 Colonel Stephens bought Nº127 which left Eastleigh Works painted light green lettered EKR Nº7 and worked until 1945. In 1932 0335 went to the K&ESR and was re-numbered No4 until being laid aside in 1946 and was broken up at Ashford in 1948 having spent 72 years in service. In 1879 an 0-6-0ST was purchased & put to work on the Stratford Upon Avon to Broom Line, it was sold in 1890 to Rothervale Collieries Co in South Yorkshire, (Later NCB.) I believe this was the last example in Britain which was not scrapped until 1959 bearing the number 0.
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