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  1. Is it more audible in cab than externally though?
  2. Admit. That does look well. But at what cost?
  3. Your right. It won’t. Gimmick obsession slowly creeping in. …….and when it all inevitably ceases to work as intended.
  4. No - that's copyright @Sandhills Jon surely?
  5. You'll learn. I still have to
  6. Well as usual. Your the forum know it all. Point me in the right direction. lm listening.
  7. Yes. But the WCML and generally BR were a mess till Branson. Brave to send something tonking down on ageing metals unfortunately and tragically Hatfield was the result no matter how you dress it up.
  8. How can you differentiate between any TOC? Rail fatigue isn’t fussy.
  9. Yes. One or two still do hold up reasonably well.
  10. Good Lord. Reading all this we've come a long long way and should be enough to end the bickering. Anyone remember Lima?
  11. Probably the latter. Lets "crank up" and whizz along a less than proven non production prototype on less than quality nick track in urgent need of a decent upgrade. I'm not saying life was more expendable back then.
  12. Well looking back - doesn't it cross your mind that the APT attempt was bordering on recklessness?
  13. Mr Biro - a new member looking at his posts. Obviously not sure of how things can sometimes work on here but I am sure he is well aware now. I would like to think he was not just expressing disappointment over the Guildex cancellation and more concerned over the general tardiness of all things in the country getting back to some sort of life normality. But we have to come out of the Trench at some point.
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