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  1. And potentially 18 hours of snow forecast for Cumbria - mind you it is something called Winter.
  2. I'm quite sure he is Mick and he's very lucky - but definitely sounds a little bit frustrated too like a lot of others that normal service won't be resumed as soon as. The problem with the Covid as well as being a particularly serious illness - is it's ability to create tensions divide opinions - and from a social aspect really diss everyone off.
  3. Yes - Preston it was too. Should've been Kendal MR this weekend always one to look forward to a quick Avanti blast up on the WCML to Ox. The exhibition then "refreshments" in the Station Inn a short walk up the hill on the Sedbergh road. Then Stafford - then York - then the DEMU and a good bit of Traction mileage days on the ELR in between. We miss days like these - for some of the (even) older generation this hobby is their life and an only means of social contact "every year is getting shorter" obviously sooner the better things return to some sort
  4. Will June 2021 be too early for the showcase - like others assume off until whenever?
  5. ….….fast forward a decade. Still completely nuts?
  6. I think one or two "slightly outs" were mentioned to Ben a while back not heard much off him since..... like I said optionally release it as a kit so everyone can have a go at one - do all their mods to whatever standard they think they should be and post up the resulting efforts on here. Everyone will be happy with their own perceptions and wait for the replies
  7. I have to be careful here and see your point in a family orientated forum such as this but didn't Preiser release something high on the smutometer with x rated office goings on*? (*Not suitable for Era 7 and below)
  8. Maybe Heljan should release one in kit form? and the resulting builds shown on here now that would make interesting reading Manufacturers shouldn't become complacent the Hattons 66 project and pitfalls being a perfect example but sometimes we should be grateful for what we have considering some toy train intricacies are nearing watch making territory.
  9. An easy fix for you Ray as I know you are capable. But really it's not a major issue is it?
  10. All well and good - yes definitely some valid scrutiny by prototypically clued up professional Duff enthusiasts which this is their ""bag" but some really not so - in as much as being that insignificant it borders on obsessive rivetty pettiness. I'm trawling over the same old ground again! and yes if media platforms like this didn't exist and it was good old snail mail and stamps things wouldn't get highlighted and a half decent model wouldn't be produced - but I really wish this thread could be filtered out summarized and passed on to Heljan for the things that really do matter leaving ind
  11. 021 on the yet built Servicing Point. Rail bonded to MDF. Did well to maintain correct spacing.
  12. Slow. The loss of Transport Models closing for good and the backup of no exhibitions for sourcing materials isn’t helping. I have to make do with scraps from the bitsbox. Ironically might have a look at it today with a few changes in mind. Cheers. Ian.
  13. Alex - I was going to give my yearly Boxenby *Bump* a miss for fear of ad nauseam. You beat me to it - no rush and all the best. Ian
  14. I think the list of Music Industry types has softened the perception - we all know who these are but to my missus Jools Holland came as quite a surprise - she likes the You Tube clip of Pete getting stuck in to his layout with his mates round doing a bit of ballasting like an ordinary old bloke - excellent and worth a view. Ian
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