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  1. Good work as an alternative Rob. Peterborough does seem to be quite prolific as good a model as it is but always will be Peterborough. Ian
  2. Looking really good. Are you putting down sleeper weed growth like grass tufts? Ian
  3. Time will tell - as ever. Book me in for some Cake and Fine Wine.
  4. Well - not sure about that one - the curve has flattened - as ever time will tell - my NHS spouse is still on "Covid alert" for the forseeable but as regards cancellations next year I think it's a bit much - yes I am aware of the organisation.
  5. I had to check that yesterdays date wasn't the beginning of April. You've summed it up to be fair - your layout looks really good without starting on any industrial hacking. ..........This would mean decanting the layout off the storage rack (finding somewhere safe to leave them), collapsing the rack, moving the rack to the other side of the door and then re-filling the rack with the layout boards every time.............. Ian
  6. Late to this - something that would keep me going for decades - no - i'd give up good luck on an area well familiar to most on here - not much margin for error. Ian
  7. What a refreshing thread. Makes reading the new Heljan Class 45 thread a little easier
  8. Parent had "R" Registered Allegro 1800 HL (Orange Peel - Vinyl Roof) from a relation. In 1982 I had driving lessons in it Yes 1750cc - Twin SU Carbs - Brake Servos - you only appreciate some things when you find out later on in life. (edit:) Apart from the rust ian
  9. Fortunately more work for you Lee if modellers are really keen in what they require. Ian
  10. It's cyclic in this hobby. Class 37 Green Ben Cruachan (that one really was bonkers at times) Lima Class 60 LOADHAULS - Swinden Dalesman Lima Freightliner 66 Bachmann Modelzones 45 46 Bachmann First NW "Star" 158 (Guilty as charged on that one) Heljan Cargowaggon IPA seem to be in vogue. All went for daft money . Ian
  11. Cabbed 036 at Toton Open Day 1979 - was a newish paintjob but not ex-works. There you go Ian
  12. Good points. And that bufferbeam detailing looks superb. Ian
  13. Baseboard “B” fuelling and servicing shed area grot oil fuel stain weathering continues and the arrangement of a few bits and pieces.
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