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  1. There you go again Andrew it's layout #19 by my reckoning i've managed to ballast about 3ft of PECO Bullhead this year Ian
  2. All in all a quiet "BELMRS" exhibition this year. One or two usual traders missing too. Ian
  3. All in all a quiet "BELMRS" exhibition - yours was the only "up to date"Modern Era layout this weekend unless I missed something.......? One or two usual traders disappointingly missing too.
  4. Yes. It was a very good exhibition with some interesting exhibits. I like the BR tickets given out on entry. Rooms a bit confusing exhibitors have to go somewhere but that’s schools for you. Could’ve spent well into 4 figures but my lad has an advisory sensible side to him. Those Tower Jock 37’s were very tempting. Ian
  5. In any case - how will we recognize you? Will you be "with pies" or maybe a strong smell of Santos?
  6. I'm still tinkering in 00 Bob but going over to see what's what as regards future bankruptcy. Ian
  7. Me and the lad are firing up the Abarth and heading over the "Grane" - be there Saturday afternoon Bob. I'm leaving the wallet at home Ian
  8. Ok. How about Jock Sulzer then? McJock25? maybe?
  9. Thanks Thought this was the case. Bachmann released both those numbers.
  10. Jock McRat. 25/2 large TOPS numbers. What can can it be renumbered to? Non Scottish allocation Ideally to have under cab window numerics. Thanks. Ian.
  11. Wishing the wishlists of wishlists will be wished still.
  12. Watch your fingers - Pocketbond carnage - anyone of a nervous disposition look away now.
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