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  1. You do realise Larry that the only person to rip up more track than you was Beeching!! But at least you lay some more down pretty quickly! Still following this thread avidly!
  2. superb work! I've been putting off a move to P4 for years, though what you're doing here is really urging me to just get on with it! It all looks very good indeed. keep updating us please.
  3. Really like the way this is developing, the little details make all the difference. Though I'm not keen on the Ivy, it looks too overscale more like a jungle plant. I think I'd get rid of it and board up the signal box windows instead to make it look disused. Good work on the weathering and on the fascia - it looks very professional!
  4. Sorry but that isn't just speculation - it's completely uninformed make believe. Is there any reason to suspect that Richard Branson will want a subsidy to run SET's rather than any other stock? (IEP is the project - not the train), any commercial reason why running one contemporary design rather than another might allow this? That would appear a perfect way of ensuring Virgin don't win the franchise and the logic you've used seems based on trainspotting/enthusiast opinion rather than economics. Also re: your comment that pendolino's are not fit for purpose because the windows don't line up with the seats. Considering how many trains have been produced since the mk11 with this design problem there's an awful lot of stock out there "unfit for purpose". The size and positioning of the windows isn't good, but that hardly makes a design unfit for purpose. I really don't mean to be offensive or appear condescending but I struggle to see how these sort of comments add to a debate.
  5. If I win the lottery tonight there's a big order going JLTRT's way!

    1. Horsetan


      If you win the lottery tonight, you may find yourself at the receiving end of begging letters! :-O

  6. If I win the lottery tonight there's a big order going JLTRT's way!

  7. If I win the lottery tonight there's a big order going JLTRT's way!

  8. If I win the lottery tonight there's a big order going JLTRT's way! 24's and 40's as far as the eye can see!

  9. If I win the lottery tonight there's a big order going JLTRT's way! Rats and 40's as far as the eye can see!

  10. If I win the lottery tonight there's a big order going JLTRT's way! Rats and 40's as far as the eye can see!

  11. Very simple question, does anyone know if there's a manufacturer of bridge number plates, preferably etched? and the red and wide restricted markers, are there any printed ones available? many thanks for any help Paul
  12. ]Well I've finally had time to put a decoder in and used the Bachmann 21 pin. No problem whatsoever, runs almost silently and accepted a new address without problem. However having lived with it for a week and a bit I'm not as impressed with it as I initially was. Firstly getting the body off was a major pain. After several minutes with it 90% off but stuck it finally came free, but as it did the thin piece of bodywork underneath the headcode box at one end broke. Then I had the same problem getting it back together. It turns out that the lightbar sticks out too much jamming against the bottom of the headcode recesses, effectively forming an unintentional locating/locking clip at the end of each cab which then snaps the lower strip of bodywork when it finally comes out. Then putting back together the body jams again, this time on the cab partitions which were fitted slightly too far forward, in effect making the chassis/interior longer than the interior of the body. Hope that made sense. I had to file down the light bars and trim back both cab partitions by about 1mm. Now the body fits easily. Just a pity it broke the bodywork finding this out. With a bit of weatheing it shouldn't be visible, but it's still poor that it should break. Especially as I was extremely cautious with it. Secondly as Jim SW mentioned earlier the bogie side frames are poor when compared to those on Bachmanns 108. (I don't have a Hornby DMU to compare with,) Basically they lack definition and are very very 2D. How easy is it to source replacement bogie side frames? Do Bachmann provide spares? Anyway it seems a razor saw might be needed after all.
  13. It's frustrating that you've had to hack away at the metal chassis to fit in a decent speaker. Surely by now all manufacturers should have realised that a large number of modellers will want to fit sound. More frustrating in that a huge metal chassis like this one isn't required as most will run singly or pulling only one or two vans. The 128 could and should have had an adequate sound chamber waiting for a sPeaker to be added. It surely wouldnt have cost anything to design a space!
  14. Obviously some of you lot were the kind of children that threw your presents to one side on christmas morning and pretended the box was a space ship/tardis/palace/place of safety!! From now on I'll be selling nice shiney boxes on the classifieds section, I'll make a killing!!
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