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  1. Many thanks. I'll give that technique a try.
  2. Very effective worn metalwork. How do you achieve that? John
  3. As we have virtually no freight north of Central Scotland anyway, there is no choice but to use the roads.
  4. It also takes the Edinburgh - Inverness services away from the Fife chokepoints. This seems more likely to be a line capacity issue rather than any kind of service reduction. Those that write the timetables through Fife consistently seem to be able to squeeze that last drops out of the network.
  5. People generally avoiding public transport I suspect.
  6. Actually our roads are considerably busier than they they were before all of this kicked off.
  7. The Government already has and Scotrail trains do not get rebranded.
  8. The Hornby wagon is a reasonable stab at the lettering which should be the same as the plank width. Some seem to have just had the number , but others (perhaps earlier) had "No 1" but overall the same size. Have a look here John
  9. So many of the photographs I took as a kid look like this. A bit grainy, a bit washed out but 100% packed full of great memories. Great stuff - thanks John
  10. East coast passenger trains changed engines at Dundee. Originally related to the practice of keeping top link engines and men together, the need to change was therefore determined by the working hours of the crews, rostered to out and back services. There are also claims that this happened because of low water pressure at Tay Bridge Station. If water supply had really been such an issue I rather suspect the railways of the day would have done something to resolve the problem. However it may be that the working methods of the day meant that the cost of resolving the water supply issue was considered not viable. Perhaps we will never know. The result was that the through lines at Dundee TB were often used to exchange express passenger locos. John
  11. Thank you. The backscene was used to give a sense of place, as I wanted to locate the railway by the coast. The actual bay has the cliffs to the west rather than the east but it is really just there as an excuse to run some fish vans. As such it only ever appears in the corner of photos but here is one overlooking the end dock. I wanted to create that feeling of being out for a walk and the railway just happened to be there. The track is sometimes quite well hidden. Only very occasionally is the peace disturbed. Thanks again John
  12. Many thanks for your comments, it's much appreciated. The great thing about our hobby is that people derive pleasure/satisfaction from it in many different ways. The quiet layed-back atmosphere suits me. As for pre-grouping, there are a few wagons already scratch built. So it might happen. John
  13. Many thanks. I did try a video but at that point I hadn't set up the sound decoder on my locos, so it sounded a little strange. I really must try and do something. John
  14. As it is, it means together town in Spanish and of the sea on Catalan. Dependent on your era, you may want have the name in both languages In Catalan it is likely to be Cuitat de Mar In Spanish, there needs to be an "el" in there as the noun is el mar. That would make it Pueblo del Mar or Ciudad del Mar Up to the late 70's and early 80's it would only be in Spanish. The nearer your era is to the present, the more likely you are to see both. John
  15. Many thanks indeed. They have, as always in MRJ, set it out in a very thoughtful way. Appreciated. John
  16. I agree that this is more likely to do with variations in the photography than in the colour of the wagons. John
  17. Thanks Gordon. They are the manufacturer I refer to earlier but their range is somewhat limited and their products are mostly unavailable. I am using their standard posts for a little diorama that I am doing but it is not possible, for example, to anything with a junction - like that being suggested in the original posts - with what is available. John
  18. Interesting option. I never thought about laser cutting. I will watch with interest.
  19. What are you thinking about with regards electrification? I have been wrestling with this for some time. The supply of catenary is extremely challenging with 87Trains now the last remaining manufacturer and not everything they show in their catalogue is available. Their posts are beautifully made and are very fine but I'm not convinced by their cable (I don't mind it being non-operational, it just doesn't seem the best solution). Their range is also limited with no double headed posts for example so even something simple like a turnout causes problems. I was thinking about diesel only but I have some electrics and few modern diesels are available. It's caused me to put my project on a back burner until I can work out solutions. John
  20. The unions were offered the opportunity to put in a joint employee bid to run Scotrail. Not the last franchise but the one prior to that. They could not agree it it between the three of them, so the chance was missed.
  21. Nice use of photos to create the back scene. John
  22. Valve gear problems, motor/gear issues and shorting electrics apparently.
  23. Local supplier with 8 faulty locos out of a batch of 12. Hornby’s quality control seems to be non-existent. Do they have a disaster on their hands with these?
  24. I had a package arrive from Zaratren in Zaragoza this week. Tax was taken at their end and the shipping was free. The total was around 140€ so under the £135 threshold and I had no additional fees to pay at this end. All in all the service was excellent. I especially like this shop because they understand my Spanish when I e-mail them and are really helpful. So I'm pleased this weeks arrival. I don't know what the process will be like if the order is over the threshold. John
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