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  1. Love this ! , sort of thing I’d love to achieve when I get back to my O gauge. Do you have a track plan and dimensions at all
  2. Nice one mate , I’ve got O gauge Gwr , would love modern . Will have to play with the full size ones at Barrow Hill Roundhouse for now lol.
  3. Wow awesome stuff mate . But how many lol, you had a secret lottery win
  4. You never fail to impress Mike. Simply stunning !
  5. Hi chaz , I do already have O gauge , but also having a venture back into oo too
  6. Thankyou for all the help guys , a lot of inspiring stuff there, as are so many of your layouts too. With that in mind , what I am thinking is a backwards L which would be 18’ long and about 3’ wide. Then on the other side of the shed I’m actually looking into getting a oo gauge layout again . So got best of both worlds
  7. My friend had suggested a similar idea to the larger loco running outside then back in, the image is not to scale just rough . Going through end of shed and back in on the side of the shed . And the smaller locos running on the smaller curve
  8. Hi folks , now my divorce has finished and starting a fresh . I’m am resurrecting my layout Hady Hill . But building from scratch . I am having an 18x10’ shed , my question is , would this be too tight for a roundy layout ? , I’m running mostly panniers and small stock but I also have a B1 and am getting the darsted coaches . Only other bigger loco would be the large prairie when it’s released . Any help or advice , very much appreciated .
  9. This is coming on in leaps and bounds . Well done
  10. Those platform lights you had before mate are from Duncan Models , I have some exactly the same
  11. Just a closer shot of the front showing the interior that looks wonderful on what I can see
  12. Just to let you know you’ve been shafted a bit with that speaker and sounds lol. I bought a load of those on eBay for less than £10 and you can download free sounds from quite a few sites too mate .
  13. This looks Amazing! Could we have some close ups of it
  14. Will look into the printed backscene idea , Cheers . Yes found some Tomix buildings they are better price
  15. Hi mate on post 42 where did you get the wonderful backscene from ?. I’ve just bought a kato starter set and doing a project with my twins. Just need to find some decent priced modern city buildings that aren’t as expensive as Kato! Lol
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