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  1. Same experience here. Placed order with BVM Monday night, dispatched Tuesday, arrived Wednesday. Prices cheaper than the 'big boys'. Very well packaged. Also placed an order earlier on Monday with Rails Of Sheffield (who are normally very good to be fair) and it it still 'pending' five days later!! RoS prices were higher than BVM too and BVM would have got the whole order had they had stock of the items I wanted. It often pays in more ways than one to support the smaller shops!
  2. I'd agree with others that there were perhaps fewer layouts versus traders this year but as always the high quality of the exhibits more than makes up for this. As most of the traders were offering something different (and not just stand after stand of RTR models) I'm sure for many people this was an in-frequent opportunity to catch up with those traders! Same with the 'demonstrators' - there were quite a few of them, but for those at that stage in their modelling who want to pick up a few tips from the experts, an invaluable opportunity. Standouts for me were Totness, Faringdon and Llangerisech. Great show as always, thanks to the organisers and exhibitors.
  3. Keep all locos and rolling stock in their original packaging - much too big a project to change all of this for another solution now! But for most 'low value' items once the item is used/installed/fitted/etc with little or no chance it will ever need to be returned, the packaging is recycled.... just to make space if nothing else.
  4. You never know though! When I was small I used to think that HST's were a boring shape and so noisy I used to have to cover my ears. Now, some forty years later (and somewhat incredibly) they are still around and in active service .... for a bit longer anyway .... I actually do view them with some fondness (not just due to the supreme comfort of the Mk3 coaches) and it will be a sad day when they finally stop running! Okay they are much quieter these (non-Paxman Valenta) days but there is something pleasing in hearing two large powerful diesel engines spool up as they pull away. We still get this to a lesser extent with the Class 800's. So I believe one day when everything has been fully electrified and all locos just make a household-appliance-like whirring noise, we might look back on the IEP's as I look back on the HST's now!? You never know ......
  5. Erm ... all of these things already exist! Even from Hornby themselves in the case of the 'sounds for stations' which they have done in the form of the excellent little Vent Van which featured on the show. As someone else has already mentioned Hornby have pulled a blinder with this idea and it is surprising someone hasn't mass-produced something similar already (easy to say with hindsight!). I have one but am also looking forward to the next one (2019 catalogue) which will apparently feature different sounds. Hornby are also steadily pushing more 'main range' models into the Railroad range as and when they bring out new-tool models. I agree on the 'track' side of things though - and as was noted on the show - whilst Hornby have focused primarily on rolling stock and more recently ready-made buildings and now scenic materials they haven't really developed their railway infrastructure range at all, like track, signals, points etc but maybe they feel that this isn't their core business and that other manufacturers already have this part of the market wrapped up? For the average 'train-set' for the children though (or the big kids!) their set-track range (and 'extension packs') is still fine and fit for purpose.
  6. 'Passion for Pecketts' - playing tonight at the Dublin Castle, tickets on the door only, concessions available.
  7. If no-one got excited about products that don't exist yet (and in some cases never do), then RMWeb would probably have about 50% of the traffic it currently does!!
  8. Interestingly, I found the Hornby website very slow this evening after the show - hopefully all the new-found customers they now have browsing their products?
  9. Great photo - looks like the HST is coming around the corner and up the lane!
  10. I must say, the quality of DCC sound used on WW is getting pretty good these days!
  11. My advice: Keep doing what you are doing! It looks awesome! At the time I wondered why you would want to rip up the old layout, it too was fantastic, but I must admit this latest incarnation looks even better!
  12. Interestingly (for my psychiatrist, if I even had one) my gaze was directed first to the clean looking Hillman Imp in the background, then to the bike.....
  13. Very nice thanks! Were they painted EP's? They look like the finished product to me!?
  14. In this shot the sky background is very convincing, as is the puddle effect on the concrete but the concrete needs more weathering, oily patches etc and that big slab side of the building needs blending/weathering in a bit. If I was to be very critical the Fellowes HGV tractor/trailer at a jaunty angle looks a bit too staged (also, is it actually 2mm scale to give a bit of forced perspective?) and the container handlers would never be lined up like that but otherwise this model looks like one to watch ............
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