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  1. Because it's a forum.. it's what it is designed to do people to chat & offer opinions. Sometimes other people's opinions don't correlate with your own and we just have to accept that not everyone will agree.
  2. Still doesn't mean common courtesy and manners and permitted the OP was complaining about paying outlandish prices for an exclusive item. It's going to be expensive as it's a special, can either look for them and pay over the odds or buy similar and repaint/modify no? Being told "end of discussion" isn't polite or needed, I can appreciate I may be being aggravating the situation but I genuinely felt put out with the end of discussion comment it wasn't warranted or needed. Perhaps I should end my own discussion here to avoid more agro.
  3. I thought it was the end of discussion some time ago...?
  4. But if you're buying an "exclusive" model... limited production run etc it will be more expensive than a normal model no?
  5. Thank you all gents, sadly as the layout is getting to the scenery stage and I very much doubt I could make alterations to it. (Besides there is no space for expansion at the moment) I will have to keep it as it is track-wise. This is it currently I did run a mixed EPB/CEP service a while back which was interesting is somewhat implausible. My plan is to base the layout in the immediate pre-WW2 era, looking at 1938 using primarily exLBSC motive power - naturally with the odd flight of fancy. I won't be going any newer than Southern Sunshine wartime black normally although the malachite M7 I have was too good looking to refuse! You've all given me some things to think about.
  6. Yes that's right Talisman I suspect the electrification to Horsted Keynes never justified the cost on expenditure. How different things might've been if the East Grinstead line was electrified sooner.
  7. No i've build a single branch line terminus with main platform with run-around, bay/siding, and two other sidings. It looks very much like this photo from Disused Stations the branch line itself would be single track very much like the Horsted Keynes Branch, or Wimbledon - West Croydon. The vague idea I had would be to electrify it as a 'why not' as part of the Brighton Line electrification works a bit like Horsted Keynes was electrified to provide a space off of the mainline to turn back or divert EMU's, but the primary service would be offered by steam-hauled trains normally. I think as others have said if there is a juice rail it is unlikely to have any meaningful steam powered service for passengers. So perhaps I will for now just keep at a steam hauled line lets face it, it'll be more operationally interesting with a mix of Push-Pull, normal passenger & freight etc. Kind Regards, Gary
  8. Thank you to all who have commented, your views have re-enforced what I already thought was correct that once a line was electrified unless a vital service passed over it (for example diverted trains via Horsted Keynes) the steam passenger service was abolished. And being the little end of a small twig of the Brighton system unless the juice was turned off (for repairs or damage) or a special was needed it would only be steam-hauled freight. I'm going to ponder - I might lay the 3rd rail but my station layout only allows the Main Platform to be electrified as the bay road is actually the main goods siding and likely to be blocked. Many Thanks to all! Gary
  9. Good Evening all, I am having a problem so thought I would ask the pool of knowledge that exists here on the forums to answer a question I cannot find in my books or online. I am building an ex LBSCR Branchline in Southern days, based loosely on Devils Dyke but if it had continued on past its closure date - but the site of the station is potentially linked to the Brighton Mainline via a junction just south of Clayton Tunnel rather than via the West Coastway notionally it is a Triangular junction with tracks facing both Brighton & Hassocks - but I've not decided. Now onto the actual question, I am mulling over whether or not to 'electrify' my Branch as part of the original Southern Railway Brighton Mainline Electrification in 1933. What I am trying to find out is are there any examples of a joint Steam & electrified Branchline to Southern Railway / Region practices with steam powered "pull-push" trains running alongside 2-BIL's or 2-NOL's that are terminating clear off of the mainline. I know Horsted Keynes's sole reason for electrification was to turn back the Seaford service clear of the Junction at Haywards Heath - and I know the East Grinstead - Lewes line was still steam powered at the time but did Steam Passenger local services run regularly over electrified tracks other than diverted expresses or scheduled London-Brighton trains avoiding the Brighton Mainline. Its probably a resounding no, especially in later Southern Region times but - earlier in the thirties when electrification was less widespread could it have been a proposition to 'share' passenger services on a branch line. Or would steam be more relegated to specials or one-off passenger runs & freight primarily. Kind Regards, Gary
  10. Hello Neil, I've been lurking watching this thread for a while, and just wanted to say - keep up the brilliant work! I moved house and no-longer have space for my current layout and after some wrangling with the Domestic Authorities I have permission for a smaller layout and the lure of 009 has been calling for a while. Your layout has certainly ticked a number of boxes for me with layout design and operation. I love the atmosphere you've created with this layout and I look forwards to seeing more. I can only apologise if I end up pinching some of your design as it is brilliant! Kind Regards, Gary
  11. Good Morning, I am in need of some help I've picked up a Bachmann LT liveried 57xx Pannier however it's missing the smokebox door! Can someone point me in the direction of a replacement Smokebox door? The supplier is looking for the missing door but I'd like a backup incase it doesn't materialise. I can try and post a photo if needed but I don't think it's warranted. Thanks in advance! Gary
  12. Good Morning, I've recently fitted an 8 Pin Bachmann 36-553 to my Hornby T9. I bought the decoder in error and thought well why not give it a whirl, so I've clipped it into the tender and set it going on the mainline under #3 to test it and found out it has an interesting tendancy that I hope can be removed with the help of someone on here. When moving off the loco seems to me to run in full speed for an inch or two, then stop and move off as per my controller input. Its the same when stopping the loco comes smoothly to a halt and then runs off for an inch or two at full-speed its not ideal for smooth running. Now I use a Digitrax Zephyr controller and the aforementioned Bachmann 36-553 decoder. I have had a quick cursory look over the forums but not couldn't see anything I am hoping that someone can tell me its just a CV alteration that is needed. Many Thanks! Gary
  13. Good Evening, Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for their comments and input. I haven't decided as of yet no, I like the idea of building something that is 'finescale' and that I cannot just shake out of a box and run with it. I think more research is needed and to think about what I want before I go any further. I am going to read the 3mm Society and have a look at their membership costs & literature I think. Thank you for all your input, I'll keep you posted. Kind Regards, Gary
  14. Afternoon, Now I hadn't thought of that. I have no issues building my own track. As for Era most likely it'd be Steam, either Grouping or BR Steam. I'd only be looking at a locomotive of 0-6-0 size & few wagons as a test piece. As for the track width - I don't mind, I read the 3mm Society "Getting Started" pages and 12mm gauge seemed to be the easiest to start with. I'd probably see any work in 3mm scale as a 'Photo Plank' or similar rather then an actual layout. Cheers, ~ Gary
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