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  1. BRIAN T

    94XX finished

    Looks great Al ,I really like the safety valve cover is it a replacement
  2. A great show yesterday and big thanks to Tony for organising everything,particularly in spite of the of the horrendous personal events of earlier this year.....well done mate.
  3. Hi, same with the streamlined railcar, sorted out by increasing the pressure on the brushes on the armature,...huge improvement.
  4. Thanks Luke for bothering to chase this up , I will be buying a new/ different 21 pin then thanks very much.
  5. Thanks Luke , much appreciated Brian
  6. Hi the paperwork just quotes a 21 pin 6 function decoder and function 3 and 4 for the headcode lights thanks
  7. Just re inserted the blank plug , and head code box lights work fine in dc,
  8. Thanks so far , I’ll keep investigating see if I can sort out this headcode box lighting
  9. I have just fitted a Zen 21 pin decoder to my splendid Blue D600 ,but the headcode box lighting does not illuminate,all other lighting effects are ok. id be interested if anyone else has the same problem, Can’t find any other help at the moment, I’m sure they worked in DC mode. will remove the body and fit blanking plate to check if necessary, but do not like removing body to much as it is quite a tight fit.
  10. New youtube video for Abercynon Fach with some additional motive power. https://youtu.be/6j2zW8SNU68 Hunslet Barclay 0-4-0 st has just arrived from working the nearby collieries.
  11. recent update to Abercynon Fach ………..see you at the show.
  12. Just been to buy the green syp from my local superb model shop but alas there are no destination or headcode sheets in the box , after opening a further six boxes .....no destination blinds etc, seems the batch has affected by the omission of this necessary detailing. Anybody else?
  13. Returning to this thread about the running problems , jerkiness flashing/ dimming lights,which many owners have experienced including myself, I am pretty experienced in sorting out various faults and problems but with this model I just hadn’t the time to have a go.Now I really like this model and would love to have it running nicely from a crawl.A close friend who is an expert at sorting things Model Railway said he would have look. well it’s sorted , which may help others to get theirs running nicely. he found that the brushes were far too light on the commutator and the contacts were hardly touching at times hence the surging and the lights dimming and brightening. he increased the pressure on the brushes and the running was greatly improved and the lights were a constant brightness forward and reverse head and tail. also a change of decoder to a guage master further improved the smoothness of the running. my thanks to him for getting this would be stored model back to a smooth running machine on my little layout
  14. also we can talk BCR and Canadian Railways.
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