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  1. Hi Richard, as mentioned before enjoying the build, progress is remarkable and with such attention to detail! The locomotives that run on Tees Castle as far as I can remember have a bar fitted to allow coupling to Sprat & Winkle couplings on the majority of stock. I will seek further details from the club members ‘in the know’ also for the shed plate which I’m sure as layout is set in the 50’s will be most welcome. I would prefer the look of a screw coupling personally as it’s also how I model my 80’s stock with 3-link/instanter/screw couplings as required. M
  2. Doing a bit of analysis on this picture it looks to be a major either failure or re-fit of the point system. To the left in the 6’ is one of the clamp lock bodies and full slide and hydraulic system removed, unlikely any train movements over those points if they are in the middle of major work. Looks like a new body fitted on the left switch as it’s a nice clean yellow lid! It looks like they are setting up detection and/or lock as I can see a yellow Fluke meter propped up against the platform edge on the right hand side. Points would need to be chocked and clamped
  3. Morpeth June 91 J12048.jpg I was working with the guy with his back to the pic with blond hair last year from Morpeth S&T!
  4. I am thoroughly enjoying watching the kit build in progress! I have to admit to not following such threads in the past being a out and out 1980’s BR stalwart for my sins! I am going to update the non RMweb Darlington MRC members of the progress in our monthly e-mail update.
  5. Seems to me like a storm in a sheep dip -great pics as always and I must admit to being too embroiled in the 56’s and HEA’s to realise as I’m modelling a rake for Charwelton!
  6. Durham house in Washington stands out like a sore thumb on the skyline in the northeast direction photos.
  7. Just found this thread and making some enjoyable and similar comparisons from a ‘Northern’ perspective! Our jaunts towards the south were comparable to Birmingham New st with a late journey north and then for us west to Carlisle leaving it far too late to get back with worried parents on arrival home 3/4 hours late! Your photos are a great help to me doing research for ‘Charwelton into the 80’s’ so please keep posting!
  8. I have thanked you privately I know but I would like speak on behalf all of our members at Darlington MRC that we are very grateful for your kind offer and we will follow this thread with great interest. Many Thanks Andy and Darlington MRC.
  9. I try to weather my locos from an actual photo in the given period so that it takes the guesswork out of the equation.
  10. One thing to check if the seep contact is fully making as they can sometimes move the point but the aux contact doesn’t fully move/break. best way to check this is to carefully push the actuating rod after its electrically operated and you can also see the contact if accessible.
  11. Looking good! Under frame looks spot on and if you want to take a touch of the white off try a dry brush leaving a fade around the raised detail of the coach. If you have worked from a prototype picture leave it as it is as nobody can complain- if it existed-model it!
  12. ‘How usual was it to have three and four aspects mixed like that’ The 3/4 aspect mix on the fast/slow lines is still used today on the ECML between York and Northallerton in both auto & controlled sections.
  13. Thanks for posting for those who haven’t seen and myself! I read the full report a few years ago now but had forgotten a few facts.
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