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  1. On a blustery morning on 16th February 1987 3 TTA tanks are to found tethered in the yard!
  2. Another visit to the yard to photograph some TTA tanks, 5th February 1987, a cold morning captures -
  3. Having seen a picture unfortunately it’s still the completely wrong example of the PAA Grainflow, wrong suspension as mentioned, incorrect brake cylinders (vac not air), incorrect body side ridges, BRT makers plate at wrong end, and so on.............
  4. Having not posted in a while thought I would do an update with us appearing as a featured layout in Traction magazine! plenty of stock upgrades and additions have been on going and here are a few new additions to the fleet-
  5. Fairly standard to see that method of plain lining up here anyway, may have possibly depended on why it had been done, maybe to remove a defective crossing and awaiting a replacement?
  6. Thank you for posting, Very enjoyable films! Ps- I notice the folk at Beamish didn’t mention that their Locomotion No1 is a replica though.
  7. Did the earth just move for you dear??? No- it was the K5 railgun going off I’m afraid my love!
  8. A few pics from our working weekend now that I have got round to it! 20 165 & 20 118 on the Grampus ballast working with Lowmac and JCB.
  9. A dull day when this was captured- a S&T allocated YNO Prawn is found in the yard of the morning 28th November 1987.
  10. Yes the Chippy is about 100yds up the bank on the right in Ferryhill station. I was posted with the S&T linemen for Ferryhill when that photo was taken and our mess room was just out of sight next to the signal box.
  11. Capturing the mundane was essential back in the 80’s, a YAA Brill is captured for posterity early morning of 25th November 1987.
  12. 20 165 & 20 118 head North out of Charwelton yard with an engineers train formed of Grampus.
  13. Working weekend in full swing! Electrical testing and upgrades underway and a couple of pics that aren’t usually available- and no it hasn’t fallen over!
  14. As we are having a working weekend coming up hopefully we will have some progress on our planned upgrades to report -and some pics of the layout! DCC upgrades & working signals are a priority as the operational look of the layout just isn’t quite right without them at an exhibition.
  15. Another wonderful image- the eye is drawn to one of the most perceived (wrongly) least interesting and mundane items of railway rolling stock, but it eclipses the other vehicles that would normally take centre stage!
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