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  1. 31418 rests in the departmental yard awaiting its next turn of duty. PS- check out some new video content at our Facebook page - Charwelton- “into the 80’s”
  2. 25058 passes South through Charwelton on a down Engineers train.
  3. 31418 stands in the p-way yard at Charwelton awaiting its next turn of duty.
  4. 31418 stands in the p-way yard at Charwelton awaiting its next turn of duty.
  5. And from the toilet retention tanks onto the track!
  6. Hornby Intercity MkIIe are available for just over £30 Keep any eye out for the Dapol MK2D’s! They scrub up fairly well with a few tweaks!
  7. I was going to post confidently a case of Tyne rescues Tees but my Platform 5 tells me 47402 was Immingham based in 89, although it seems to still bear the Gateshead crest!
  8. There are cold days when working on the railway and then there are bitter days!!! Ps- I bet the plastic pig takes some starting after the signallers shift ends if that’s his/hers car!
  9. I very much doubt he’s legit! Orange mandatory by then! I think he’s clearing the line side of metallic clutter I would say then off to the scrap yard!!!
  10. I'm lucky enough that I could see the Heritage Line (Darlington to Bishop Auckland) during that period, where my secondary school’s geography classroom was a prime viewing spot (I failed my geography GCSE for some reason!) Hi, you didn’t happen to go to Longfield comp did you? My form room for the 5 years I attended was a Geography room at the top of the tower block, you could see the ECML from the front windows and the Bishop line to the side! Ps -following with interest! -Andy
  11. Thanks -Yes sorry my mistake, just thinking where I would put them if I was wiring -feeding into point at both ends I would use as a rule of thumb for DCC but this would work just as well and be easier if space is tight!
  12. Thanks John ks! Far better on a diagram! I did also mean this feed on the point, after the frog there will be no feed into the next (hopefully it can be seen on the diagram).
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