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  1. 47 407 ‘Aycliffe’ storms out of Catesby tunnel towards Charwelton with the 1O09 Newcastle - Poole service.
  2. No that was a dead cert! always won by someone from Birmingham!
  3. BSK DB977310 QTV staff dormitory coach.
  4. Most definitely a ‘cobbled rake’ by the looks of it! 2 CK’s a dream for modellers!
  5. Having just refurbished Charwelton into the 80’s (as a team) we were looking forward to doing Wigan exhibition as it’s only outing this year (hours of work has gone into compiling stock that will only really be displayed on the layout at exhibitions). We were lucky to have exhibited at Doncaster & Derby last year but it was still really disappointing to realise we wouldn’t be out at all this year! It hasn’t stopped me personally from pressing on with stock projects but it’s a great feeling heading out for an exhibition weekend with the rest of the guys so I’m hoping it’s not too long until we can resume (in whatever form/format we may need to comply with). Andy
  6. We did a lot of research more into the services we would be running as opposed to the classes of loco that would have continued to use the GCR. This was mainly due to us already owning quite a few locos between us and they would have be used to actually be able to run such a large layout. The most common light hearted arguments within the group usually revolve around the use of class 50’s and if they ever would have been used regularly on the line! I think we are pushing it a bit with the use of my class 26 though!!! Here is a list of current locos we use on Charwelton- Loco 08419 xo BS 20118 xo TE 20144 xo TI 20135 Xs TO 20165 xo TE 20081 vo TO 25058 xb CD 25109 xi BS 25054 xi CD 26037 xb HA 27024 xb IS 31247 xo IM 31185 xb SF 31230 xb BR 31418 xie MR 33008 xe EH 37033 xb ED 37506 xo TE 37088 xb MR 37238 xo HM 37207 xi LA 37281 xo CF 40004 xo LO 40159 xi HA 45016 xi TO 45122 xe TO 46037 xi GD 47407 xe GD 47520 xe GD 47112 xo SF 47286 xo BR 47576 xe SF 47076 xo BR 47213 xo BR 50004 xe OC 50007 xe LA 50035 xe OC 50044 xe LA 50026 xe OC 56013 ao TI 56084 regards -Andy
  7. We’re hoping to do just that with Charwelton into the 80’s! Hire the church hall (just for us owners) where it resides and maybe even have a running session streamed!
  8. We are pleased to be appearing in the World of Railways virtual exhibition this weekend! Hope everyone enjoys the show!!
  9. Not even 31418 passing by can cheer this frustrated car owner up! That damn All-agro again!!!!!
  10. Thank you. -ps no it’s not Charwelton (that’s in isolation lock down in its underground lair), it’s a 3 foot layout I built for the club competition a few years ago but it’s ideal for the odd photo! -Andy
  11. 31418 is captured on a DMU replacement service on a sunny summer afternoon 20/06/87
  12. Yes the station buildings were a matter of debate! But the BR property board (the 4 of us) made the final decision and they were banished! It’s still strange making decisions that never had to be made but wondering how it might have panned out! Keep posting please and I will follow with interest! -Andy
  13. Some fools are bound to buy it ..............And pretend it didn’t close and ran on into the 80’s. just discovered this thread and really enjoying the modelling and thinking behind it!!
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