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  1. Blue and grey MK3 HST trailers .....please Oxford ....I've got money burning a hole in my pocket waiting for 7 Western and 8 eastern ones .....
  2. I am unable to give any information on the locos etc but can I say , what a great picture , Oozes atmosphere !
  3. That's a great picture of D15 at Temple Meads , love the shed plate on the nose doors and if I'm not mistaken Holbeck painted on the buffer sleeve . Never seen that before .
  4. I don't want to stir up a hornets nest here but I'm really not seeing much difference between the pictured real and model fronts of the locos . I don't want to go down the "it looks ok to me" route for an argument but the real loco seems to have a curve under the windows and so does the model . Am I missing something ? I Have already pre ordered one of these anyway. Like Funitmad says , they did look good in LLB.
  5. Clive , well done mate for the nursing ....not something I could do . My wife snapped her humerus clean in half a year or two ago and we spent 6 hours overnight at Royal London hospital casualty while she was sorted .......my god I've never seen anything like it ......how they retain staff I'll never know , it actually made me feel sad that society can be so shite . NO ONE should have to work in those conditions...but thank God some decent people are able to. I reckon I'd be in prison after one nightshift. I'm on holiday right now , all inclusive, and some British people are just awful to the local staff who to be fair are really trying hard. I mean it's pretty poor when a 20 something stone man is screaming at a tiny local girl because his chips were cold ..... thankfully a few of us including his mortified wife told him to shut up . I just can't understand it ...I was brought up better than that and hope I'm bringing my two up better . Apollo ....your words of thanks DO matter to the cabin crew !
  6. If you really want to see the general public at their best, talk to airline cabin crew .....what those guys and girls put up with is astonishing. I couldn't do it if I was offered double my money . One of the girls years back said to me " most are OK but the bad ones are vile " , this just after having had been spat in the face. I don't understand how normal rational people can turn into a###holes when talking to service industry staff . On another note, my wife works in banking and can't stand women bosses , has no trouble with the male ones though ........maybe I should be worried...
  7. I must say Trevor , you have the eye for a bloody good black and white shot , cracking photos there, very much like modern Colin Gifford in my view. Mind you I'm enjoying all of them , please keep them coming....
  8. I use code 100 trackwork .....but then again I don't take anything seriously anyway ! I reckon code 100 looks excellent when combined with 3rd / 4th rail as in Metrolands layout above which I think looks superb.
  9. I can see where you're coming from with the mental illness angle but unfortunately I'm not sure that will cut it when a couple of people get fed up/scared/annoyed with the ranting and take the issue further . Not wishing to dismiss mental illnesses but it does seem that anyone who causes trouble or bother is instantly labeled as such and I'm not sure that's right or fair to people who have real problems. My brother in law was diagnosed with mental health problems , i didn't agree then and I don't now , he was a heroin addict nothing more or less . It seemed the diagnosis was an easy cover all excuse by the health service to get shot of him from the DR's and hospital. Anyway back to the topic in hand , I don't think being on the platform would be a good idea either...all you need is a shove from someone in the wrong direction and who knows what would happen. Just my views .
  10. I can see problems coming for these "preachers" ...sooner or later one of them will earn themselves a real good kicking . Even if they are harmless ,people are getting very twitchy nowadays especially in London and particularly when religion comes into it . I don't understand what makes these people believe they have the right to irritate and upset others spouting this rubbish ... believe what you want by all means but don't inflict it on others ...I mean " homosexuality is a sin ...repent " bloody hell , get a grip. What a crock of c**p.
  11. I've already commented on some of my favourites here but I must say looking at my EPB/CEP/ Thumpers and 108/105s I am staggered how good these models are , surely deserving of mention here I would say .....
  12. Thanks for the comments chaps , I think it looks a bit better too , although Gordon ,I haven't got a clue what the loading is , like I said an unprototypical load for an unprototypical vehicle !!
  13. I agree Ian, I used to hate HSTs ,I was always looking for loco haulage too , but with the passage of time and the loss of favourite classes of loco , the real style of HSTs shone through especially for me in blue / grey and fitted with Valentas ...... I think that even in the gaudy liveries of today they still stand out but then again I suppose real styling always catches the eye . I like them very much , a hard act to follow ..... Loving these pictures.
  14. Finally decided I'd had enough of the rubbish metal " load " fitted to the Bachmann motorised permanent way crane . It all came about when my youngest daughter asked why there was a lump of what looked like blu tack stuck inside it . Time for a change ! I made a plasticard box to surround the motor and glued Peco concrete sleepers all round and over , the sides were tricky sticking tiny offcuts of sleeper , plenty stuck to my fingers . Once all dry and set I spray painted the assembly and picked out the sleeper chairs in rust colour ...hey presto ....finished. I did think about adding weight but seeing as all it does is drag a unmotorised tamper around I didn't bother. Hope it's of some interest...not very prototypical but then the actual model isn't either !
  15. I agree with the above statement by C6T , I love having a couple of trains running constantly as I'm working on something or other.
  16. This looks superb .....right up there with the Bachmann 85 . In fact I may have to up my pre order . Looking forward to seeing this hauling a mix of mk2/3 stock on my layout.
  17. A couple of pretty nasty comments made here , a little unfair really . As I see it , Dave announces DJM 74 , I order via Kernow and pay for it in full , I wait quite a while, DJM / Kernow announce cancelling of project , I receive a refund from Kernow. I'm really struggling to see how I've been had over here , in my view both Kernow and Dave have been very honest and fair. To be frank I think it's a bit poor to question how Dave is doing his business as even IF he hadn't lost money ( I'm sure he has ) he's no doubt lost a fair whack of his time . I will order and crowd fund DJM again if they produce what I want. Cheers for the effort Dave.
  18. That little boys face says it all really ....I wish you could capture and bottle that look of excitement....what a great picture !
  19. That's uncanny you made this post as I was just about to say the exact same thing ! As for the layout itself , sometimes the real railway doesn't have "soul" , I have stood at many a straight and level run of four parallel tracks trainspotting years back, whether it translates down to modelling scale is another question. For what it's worth I like "Calcutta sidings, " I think it captures the railway atmosphere well.
  20. Class 45 with marker light nose ........please !!!
  21. Fair point, although my comments were in respect to travelling on the railways and not driving in by road which is an altogether different scenario.
  22. Some posters seem to be under the impression that the majority of people travelling in last week's disruption were doing so for a bit of fun , this assumption couldn't be further than the truth, the fact Is for a whole lot of commuters if you don't get in you can very easily find yourself on the way down the road or facing disciplinary action or at best unpaid . Yes it is that bad . My wife was expected to be in regardless of weather , didn't matter how long it took just get in. I'm not sure a railway company advisory stating "don't travel" is really going to cut it as an absentee excuse.
  23. My wife Call's my layout " his gimpy trains. " I really don't care as it's my hobby and a nice little get away from everyone and everything when I need to. I always say to her, take your pick , I can have my models OR go football on a Saturday, place numerous bets and lash the money up the wall in the pub all weekend like a good few of my friends , that puts it into perspective for her. She has no interest in railways at all , suits me just fine thanks .
  24. Had this happen to me not long ago , won a brand new Hornby blue and grey express parcels mk1 full brake for £6.20 plus post and that never arrived. Funnily enough it was relisted by the same seller within a week , he is not a dealer , I suppose he wanted more money and the auction I won wasn't enough . I got my refund but it still left a sour taste . Couldn't be bothered to report it, eBay has lots of dodgy sellers AND buyers and they really don't seem interested. Chalk it up to experience.
  25. Thanks for posting the pictures Bruce, if the blue / grey ones are as good I'll be very happy , these look very nice indeed , now we just have to wait for comments along the lines of theres two rivets missing from the roof therefore I won't be touching them and stick with my Hornby shorties....!!!!!
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