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  1. Really enjoyed the first day with Hillbrow- some excellent layouts and traders to peruse.
  2. Branchlines do kit's including chassis for the IOM engines
  3. Bachmann can supply- ring them with the actual model number.
  4. Drill across the two droppers and insert bambi staple- will prevent loop rising too far and not coming down again.
  5. I have aquired a 7mm Blacksmith E85 Toplight coach kit plus it includes a couple of sides for another coach. However, the instructions wern't included. Although it is not impossible to work out how it goes together, a set of instructions will help identifying any missing parts or cunning assembly requirements. Can anyone copy me a set of instructions- I believe they were fairly generic- I would be very grateful. Steve https://dorsetrailwaymodelling.blogspot.com/
  6. Looking forward to this it- second time I have been here- this time with 009 Steve
  7. Can’t fault my 8750 received from Rails- for the money absolutely superb
  8. Bear in mind that lead hasn’t been used in paint for years so possibility of a correct match to anyone’s memory is fairly remote
  9. I knew the driver who passed an incorrect light- he had a supervisor on board- driving the service before the incident -it affected him massively. Was also a recipient of a concrete block through the cab roof of a 4REP so I have the utmost respect for those involved on that fateful day.
  10. Was told that certain models are afloat- not aware of ship name but left China about 4 weeks ago so imminant depending on allocated port.
  11. Well worth the effort getting to Thorncombe today. Excellent layouts and a decent pasty. Thanks for a good day Steve
  12. Sorry to hear about that Paul- I wish you all the best and hope to see you in the not too distant future- if you fancy a relaxed couple of hours come and see us at the 009 open at Wimborne on 1st December best wishes Steve https://dorsetrailwaymodelling.blogspot.com/
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