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  1. There is an abandoned section of the Edinburgh to Port Seton tramway near the Prestongrange mining museum https://i.rcahms.gov.uk/canmore/l/DP00057660.jpg
  2. Strictly speaking, this isn't genuinely left over from the original Edinburgh trams as it was, I understand, relaid in this position when they were being dismantled. (Its in the middle of the road whereas originally there were two tracks centred on the middle of the road.) https://images.app.goo.gl/4zKWu3dJMaSsG1gY6
  3. That's quite an old chassis (looks as if its an XO4 motor). That chassis type is not fitted with bushes. (The raised rim on the axle bore is part of the chassis casting.) If its badly worn you might be able to drill out the chassis and fit brass bushes.
  4. According to Don Rowland's 'British Railway Wagons' the prototype Prestflo was built in 1954 and the first production batch (diagram 1/272) was built in 1955.
  5. Are these any help? (This is where I find mine is wrong)
  6. You might find this website interesting. https://www.scottishshale.co.uk This is a new version of their website and a work in progress. (I think the old site was easier to navigate!)
  7. The old South Queensferry Branch that ran between Dalmeny Junction and Port Edger. The viaduct is the south approach to the Forth Bridge. No obvious railway connection, but the bridge over the Union Canal carried an industrial railway into the Philpstoun Shale Oil Works which closed in 1936. . The oil works was located in the area of trees to the left and the waste bing can be seen in the background. This photograph shows what the area looked like. The bridge in my photo is the one on the left.
  8. A change in the hardness of the plastic in Peco Parkside kits might simply be that Peco use a different supplier for the raw material than Parkside did. It could also be that Peco are using the same plastic they use in other products to reduce the number of different grades they need to stock. Having said that I haven't noticed any difference in the plastic used in their '0' gauge kits except some underframe parts previously always moulded in black (e.g. axleguards) are sometimes now in other colours (just makes painting slightly more complicated). I assume you are talking about
  9. For 7mm scale lamps I drill a shallow hole in the lens then paint it dark red. Once dry I then add a blob of Krystal Klear on top to form a lens. Finally gloss varnish over the top. For 4mm you could possibly miss out the Krystal Klear.
  10. Something I was taught as an apprentice was don't use files you want to use for brass on steel, a file thats been used on steel will not cut brass properly.
  11. Regarding the 17V output is this being measured or is it from documentation? If measured is it with a loco running or open circuit (ie controller full on with no loco or other load present)? Getting a higher voltage on an open circuit is quite normal, when a load (a loco in this case) is drawing power the maximum voltage will be lower.
  12. Two classes that I think might have a wide (geographical) market appeal: Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0. Allocated to every region except the Southern. BR Standard 4MT 2-6-0. Allocated to every region except WR, (though a different tender would be required for some of the Southern Region examples)
  13. MGR working with 3 class 20s at Culross.
  14. A few more: Leith Central Portobello Prestonpans Waverley East
  15. Reviving an old topic after spending a few hours looking through photos Bogside - Fife Dalmeny Junction Drem Heriot - Waverley Route Inverkeithing
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