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  1. Regarding the crankpins on the centre wheels, assuming they're the same as on other Bachmann / Mainline split chassis, these don't unscrew. Instead the return crank is held on by a tiny circlip. Once that is removed the return crank and connecting slide off.
  2. The 4mm Wagon Part 2, by Geoff Kent seems to still be available from the publisher: https://wildswanbooks.co.uk/Books/Wagon-4mm-Part2.htm
  3. Is this not similar to the Maerklin C-Sinus motor. https://second.wiki/wiki/c-sinus-motor
  4. I would suggest the biggest problem with the bottom motor in the picture is that the flywheels are drilled for locking screws. Because of this the flywheel will most likely be out of balance, which is more likely to cause bearing problems than the weight of the flywheels. I have always had two objections to flywheels on models: 1) They're often too small to have much effect and 2) Even without locking screws they need to be accurately made and well fitted to have any chance of being in balance.
  5. As an ex merchant navy engineer: Electrician - Lecky Radio Officer - Sparks (or Sparky)
  6. If you haven't been receiving replies from Locomotion check your Spam folder. I've never dealt with this company, but I find replies from some retailers I order from, e.g. Slaters, always end up there (even when I've told the email program the particular sender isn't spam)
  7. There's this one which is 4 wheeled with one axle powered https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Württembergischer_DW_8_1905.png
  8. In my experience a high proportion of those who live in Edinburgh used to describe the station as 'The Waverley' I think the use of 'Edinburgh Waverley' was probably to distinguish it from (Edinburgh) Haymarket
  9. Correct! I live in Queensferry and The Forth Bridge is the railway bridge. The Forth Road Bridge is the old road bridge. The Queensferry Crossing is the new road bridge. Shortly after opening of the latter we had gales and the BBC traffic reports announced that due to high winds the Forth Road Bridge was closed to high sided vehicles; cue much moaning about "they said the new bridge wouldn't close during gales", but the BBC were correct in their report as it was the original road bridge that was affected.
  10. I am interested in building an LNER K2 in 0 gauge (finescale) using the Gladiator Models Kit, does anyone on here have any experience of this model? I am fairly experience in building etched kits so would not be put off just because its complex, but I'd like to know if the kit is 'buildable' or has any problems. I understand it is related to the London Road Models 4mm kit (though I don't know which way the relationship goes). Thanks for any help. Jeremy
  11. One thing I have noticed on those occasions I've showed folk how to operate a layout is that many people seem unable to relate the mimic diagram on the panel to the track layout. The person isn't stupid, they just seem to be blind to the similarity.
  12. Check your spam folder. For some reason every time I contact or place an order with Slaters the reply ends up there. My last query, about an unidentified part in a kit, was answered the following day.
  13. Harburn are my local model shop (who I try to support). They have never commissioned new items of rolling stock; all their commissions that I've seen are reliveries of existing models done for them by the original item manufacturer.
  14. Or it might be a cac-handed way of saying not yet available?
  15. Seems strange that the motors buzz on a CDU unit which give a straight DC pulse. The buzzing suggests they're being fed with AC, are you sure for this panel you've picked up the output side of the CDU and not the AC input? It would probably be better to have a separate CDU for this panel though.
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