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  1. Thanks. Makes you want to purchase all of them. Watched the video. I have original on order. Mark
  2. That was quick. Thank you. Just what I needed. I have marked out the roof and will return to it once interior and underframe are done. Mark
  3. Hi Gilbert, I currently building a Gresley 61' Third open. Do you have in your extensive list of Gresley coaches a Third Open. I am after a side shot, so I can get an idea where the Torpedo vents go. I have done a search on google and found a few photos, but it will only get me to the point of estimating where they go. Water filler and hand rails are there too. I have a drawing of interior and can work out the underframe. No hurry, just when it appears in the roster. Otherwise I will search through the pages. Keep the photos coming. thanks Mark
  4. Great work there Tony. Enjoyed the recent DVD/video of Little Bytham. The K3 looks good too. Must get onto some of my Loco kits next(all LNER/ER). For those who are admiring the Sydney Harbour and Tyne Bridge, here is another designed by the same engineer and builder Dorman Long. I have travelled over all three. The Sydney Harbour and Tyne carry lots of traffic, the Birchenough Bridge in Zimbabwe is in the middle of nowhere. You come over a crest of a hill and it is very much a shining silver surprise. I must say its not my photo as my visit was well before digital cameras and hav
  5. Great news. at least one will find its way to OZ. Mark
  6. Markeg

    Oxford N7

    Precision Labels. They look like they are for the GNR section of LNER/BR, but could be still used. http://www.precisionlabels.com/l43.html Mark
  7. Hi Andy, Do Bachmann have a Press gathering before the release like Hornby do or is tomorrow both the press and general/public release info? Not that it makes any difference, but just wondered. thanks Mark
  8. Just succumbed and bought my first Peckett. Model Railways Direct have them for just a tad over 66 pounds, less VAT was 55 apx plus postage to OZ (Australia). https://www.modelrailwaysdirect.co.uk/locomotives-steam/Hornby-r3615-peckett-w4-0-4-0st-peckett-works-livery-560-1893/ They have a sale on. 44 left. Mark
  9. Hi Doug, I think you answered the question with the last phrase. "or were they white until they went grey!" Mark
  10. It is the Mitsumi motor from China. I have half a dozen. They are definitely 1.5mm. Mark in Oz
  11. I have 5, 6 if you count an old Tender Drive Flying Scotsman. 3 LNER Flying Fox, Isinglass (renamed FF), A3 Flyingscotsman, 2 BR Windsor Lad and Galtee More. Was tempted by Minoru, but decided I have enough. I thought I might improve the Tender drive model by detailing it, giving a loco drive chassis and adding a nice super detail tender which I have and renaming it. Mark
  12. Tony, In regards to consistant levels between articulated coaches, I agree as would others it is difficult to get right. I have a Silver Jubilee set that sits on the Kirk bogies and I think it looks pretty good. But as you say photos do high light the inconsistencies and issues with such rolling stock. I would have thought the Golden Age Coronation set would have been perfect for the amount you have to fork out for one. I have seen a set here Downunder and they look very nice. The photo of my Silver Jubilee set does show that two coaches need a little tweeking. Not the best pho
  13. Thanks Doug, Wasn't sure if it was a Z or ZL. Mark
  14. While staying in Koondrook Victoria on the Murray River, I found this little outdoor Museum. It is called a Tramway and ran from Kerang to Koondrook, aproxiamtely 23km. It is a Sentenil Shunter with 2 wagons and a 6 wheel brake van, similar to a North Eastern Birdcage Bake Van. Mark
  15. This sounds interesting. Here is what the Modellers Guide to the LNER David Adair 1987 states as the wheelbase for the K1 compared to K4. I'll throw in the K3 as well. Wheels & Spacing K1 3' 2" bogie (10 spoke) 5' 8" Driving (18); 8' 7" + 7' 3" + 9' 0" K3 3' 2" " (10) 5' 8" " (18); 8' 11" + 7' 6" + 8' 9" K4 3' 2" " (10) 5' 2" " (16); 8' 11" + 7' 6" + 8' 9" I think in 4mm, it would not be noticed unless you tell every one. Mark in OZ
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