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  1. A Murphy

    Little Muddle

    Both great in my view. There is something so right about Churchward's Moguls. Lovely stuff. Alastair M
  2. Thanks Steve, I've just ordered one. It's a lovely kit - I used to have one! Alastair
  3. Might I ask where you found out about and bought said Chivers kit? Does one have to be a Facebook subscriber? Regards, Alastair M
  4. I only asked about Thomas because just at the point at which Tom split the two threads, Thomas was looking very promising....... Regards, Alastair
  5. Great stuff Tom, so good to see this part of the island's railways back. How's Thomas coming along? Alastair
  6. That is a most excellent set of coaches John. Anyone with either volume of the GWR in the thirties would recognise that as being true to prototype. Ace. best wishes, Alastair
  7. Love the shot of Centenary with zoom Gilbert...... Alastair
  8. Looking excellent John. Alastair
  9. Kyle of Lochalsh. Alastair
  10. does Kyle of Lochalsh qualify? If so, I am voting for it a lot. Alastair
  11. I used to see blue Reading bound 4 CORs barreling through Richmond coming home from school in the late '60 and early '70s. They were hugely impressive, not least because of the racket they made on the curve through the station. I can remember one or two green with OYE and lots of blue, also with OYE. Regards, Alastair
  12. Andy, I looked at lots of stuff in the exhibition yesterday. It is very good indeed. Well done to you and everybody who has chipped in too. Could this become a regular annual feature? Best wishes and thanks, Alastair
  13. You could also look at the Dapol 28/38xx GWR 2-8-0? Graham Farish's new Stanier 2-8-0 is very close and is looking very good indeed. Alastair
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