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  1. Like the look of the GE van......... Alastair M
  2. Good luck with it - I was always fascinated by the idea of Bricklayers Arms - boat trains ran through it I believe. I still am! A
  3. That is superb! Is there a matching layout? Best wishes, Alastair M
  4. I love the last 4 photos Gilbert. Very very 'umdrum. Wonderful. best wishes, Alastair M
  5. I hope they stick this in the shrink ray...... Best, Alastair M
  6. First site of Buckingham, via the Rodeller, in my case in the late 1960s, remains a never forgotten experience. With imagination and the application of skill and patience, you could create a believable miniature world, in this case (fairly rigorously) based on past practice, bring delight to all who came in contact with it and derive tons of satisfaction as its creator. There was very little ready to run kit available, so the good reverend made it himself. What an aspiration! Buckingham was a true original and game changer. best wishes, Alastair M
  7. If anybody can show me how to line up the bogies on that Airfix Churchill, so that all the units locate accurately on both sides, you will have, at the very , least, my undying gratitude. Maybe we should have our own thread though? best, Alastair M
  8. Try this: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/stafford_road_model_works
  9. The blokes in the shop at Guildford are great as well. I know where my Prairie will be coming from..... Cheers, Alastair M
  10. These are now great looking coaches. Alastair M
  11. In answer to Doilum's question, haven't a clue. However, given that any US manufactured equipment was going to be shipped across the Atlantic to a war zone, my guess would be it was painted. It might be interesting to know if US forces railway stock was painted olive drab? If it was, all stock was probably in US olive drab, SCC 15 being formulated to complement the US colour, and avoid the need to repaint US equipment. Most of this is speculation on my part. Regards, Alastair M.
  12. SCC 15 was centrally formulated (to complement US Army standard olive drab) and issued from stores rather than mixed by units themselves. The first paragraph of ACI 533, 12th April 1944 does say "Olive drab will be adopted as the basic camouflage colour for all army equipments, in lieu of Standard Camouflage Colour No.2 (brown), and certain new equipments painted Olive Drab will be shortly received by units." If you have evidence that this was the colour used on WD railway stock post April '44, I think you can be pretty certain of the colour. Regards, Alastair M
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