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  1. They look cracking John. So good to see them built and running. Alastair
  2. Is that Frogmore based E82 John? Whatever it is, it looks just right, Best wishes, Alastair
  3. Your twin-set is a luscious looking thing Gilbert. Wonderful, Best wishes Alastair
  4. Great to see you and your excellent models again. Best wishes, Alastair
  5. 6305 looks superb John. I do hope she performs as well as she looks. Alastair
  6. I am definitely going to say that's magnificent. There, I just did. Lovely stuff John and can't wait to see the new stock, Alastair
  7. At first I thought the same, but if you magnify the photo, and look at the cab sheet, you can indeed see what looks very like lining to this blind horse..... Alastair
  8. 90323 cannot be a ROD. They only ever had 4 digit numbers on the WR (3020 TO 3099 with gaps and exchanges of numbers as temporary locos were withdrawn and scrapped) and none WR engines were numbered in the range 636xx to 63901. 90328 sounds like another WD to me - see above. Alastair M
  9. A couple of crackers Gilbert. Alastair
  10. Hornby do the O1, which would need brake pumps and gear adding. Alastair M
  11. There is something very pleasing about that rear three quarter view of the Ivatt. Lovely stuff, best wishes, Alastair M
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