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  1. every post about the problem, does not solve the problem - it is the problem..... It is really simple - dont post without a bargain or to update with pertinent info about a bargain.... oh er hang on: Cheap IC buffet anyone? http://herefordmodels.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=369_370_377_386_388&products_id=5771
  2. After new firmware chips from NCE for both the power cab and the 5A Power base - my option / functions works fine now.
  3. Their Dapol Decoders seem cheap too... https://www.collettsmodelshop.co.uk/product-category/model-railways-2/oo-gauge/Dapol-oo-gauge/digital-decoders/
  4. It is sad, having used the shop since it was first opposite Lawson St Police station, however my perception has been that it was always a little too kit biased and for whatever reason shunned DCC for far too long. As someone who still misses the random chaos that was Trains and Transport I think there was a bit of a lack of passion.
  5. The 31 had chassis rot - so a spare was made up from plasticard - thus its a dummy and is dragged round by the 08 slowly to allow the layout operator to go for a pee and a brew...
  6. Using the Imperium in mine - works fine.
  7. I would suggest asking the the DJM section. Though given the demise of that vendor i would expect return. In other news some bargains: cheap parcels vans: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/27667/Bachmann-34-328a-oo-gauge-50ft-ex-lms-piii-parcels-van-br-blue-weathered Rails also seem to have quite a few sub £25 quid Bachmann Mk1s in various shades...
  8. I struggle to grasp what you intentions of posting are in this thread - i recall lots of comment and no bargains? Perhaps there is an improvement opportunity here lets keep it on topic - for everyone to benefit. I don't model in O - but if these bargains keep coming and making it little more to do that OO i may need a bigger house. O Gauge Shunter @ £175 today at Rails of Sheffield. https://railsofsheffield.com/products/31007/Heljan-2590-o-gauge-hunslet-class-05-br-green-no-wasp-stripes-shunter-locomotive
  9. Need some cheap bags of scenic scatter - fancy an autumnal look? here you go - from as little as £1 a bag https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/1000389/1000805/hornby_grass_ground_lichen_hedges_and_foliage/bargain_list.aspx
  10. Some interesting ones from Hattons today Shunter + 3 wagons bundle ICI @ 69.50 https://www.hattons.co.uk/507885/hattons_bundles_h4_b_j_002_janus_bundle_with_0_6_0_janus_diesel_shunter_in_ici_maroon_livery_with_three_mat/stockdetail.aspx and Oxford Rail Dean Goods with sound - under 150 seems cheap for anything DCC sound these days https://www.hattons.co.uk/202880/oxford_rail_or76dg002xs_class_2301_dean_goods_0_6_0_2409_in_br_black_with_early_emblem_dcc_sound_fitted/stockdetail.aspx
  11. Hattons have some mega pricing on Dapol 121's some liveries are as little as £79. Gone for the highland one myself https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/1000396/dapol_/bargainbymanufacturer.aspx
  12. Sorry to revive an old post. I am really struggling with my NCE - have tried both cabs - neither seems to be able to access anything beyond F12 - i know the shift key works as i can get f10-12 but no joy with shift headlight or option ( yes i reprogrammed to 122) - what am i doing wrong?
  13. Just got my nice blue 26 from the KGR link a few pages back ... Runs nicely - now to find a decent sound project - and of course re-seat the classic Heljan light tubes which promptly fell out on body removal
  14. I don't think you are grasping the wheel to steel interface aspect of running rails.
  15. Not sure the real thing provides power via the running rails....
  16. All of this makes me wonder when we will shift over to the loco's being re-chargeable with the power source internal to the chassis. Dare I say it - just like the real thing?
  17. Those Oxford Rail Mk3's seem to match the loco quite well in this light.
  18. I think you forget the WCML sees plenty of portion working from virgin and TPE. All without drama.
  19. Google, Amazon ( Prime) and Office 365 all offer bundles that include photo hosting for around less than $99 that include a significant amount of other services within that charge. I think the free photo hosting model has collapsed.
  20. You would have to be desperate to buy from there with their reputation though...........
  21. As I understand the tilt advantage is much greater north of Preston but there is still a gain on the sourthern half of the WCML. However I am sure i read a few weeks ago they were looking at re assesing the speed limits for non tilt to allow more stock to operate betterin the future - ( think this was HS2 related..)
  22. The bit of this topic that bemuses me is the futility of running trains to Blackpool? It is just a DSS "holding pen" these days. The council believed blackpool was an undefeatable attraction - they didnt need the M55 so it stopped outside the town. They let the airport fizzle out (which with no motorway link and no rail link - both of which could have been done) so bar driving the kids through the illuminations there is no reason to go there. If they were to run more open access services on the WCML then surely Preston-Euston makes much more sense - bring platform 7 back in t
  23. given the power profile tunability of modern turbo diesels in all forms vs those of the 70's 80' 90's or even 00's i think we have to wait for real world performance before we judge. I am not disputing that there may be an issue. I am however suggesting we wait for proof before we burn them
  24. That depends on how much diesel running is at 125 vs how much gain there is on acceleration from stops with distributed traction package... all of which will require some real world data to asses. My heavy Audi Estate may have 435HP but it doesnt mean it was faster than my old 300HP Porsche.
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