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  1. True, but just go to;- List of LMS locomotives as of 31 December 1947 - Wikipedia And click on which ever class you're interested in.
  2. Or for a cheap reference book, published in thousands so a good bargain s/h;- Steam Locomotives of British Railways by H.C. Casserley,
  3. The last crimson liveried Jubilee (5670)went into Crewe Works for overhaul, and repaint into 'dark green' in February 1951.
  4. They are a little fragile, but if you limit the throw to within the range of the signal arm powered you'll have no problem. A pic of one of the scratch-built 'underslung' signals on my last layout.
  5. Not if you balance the chassis correctly by springing the bogie. I had 5 (Wills/SEF) to work my old Bembridge layout, they would haul 5 or 6 coaches with no problem even tho' on the layout they only pulled 2.
  6. Considering what it takes to make good working semaphore signals the end results are not cheap. On my last layout I used a mixture of signals, some scratchbuilt, some adapted from Ratio kits. The Ratio kits need certain working parts such as levers, and cranks replaced, plastic for brass, they were powered by Viessmann motors adapted by a small system to help slow the motor action system down. Fiddly, and time consuming, on my new layout I have gone over to the Peco servo powered 'Smartswitch', excellent system, I have a superb array of LNWR L/Q signals, once the layout is eventually up, and r
  7. Lack of, or poor , lengthy running-in of a new loco, overloading a new motor, CAN cause poor traction. I've lost count of the number of times I've purchased a s/h loco off someone, who said it was a poor runner, slung away the motor, and replaced it, run it in properly, and found it no problem. Saved 40 or 50 quid on a loco for the sake of a motor for a tenner.
  8. It's a case of having to. As Peco rail joiners are normally about 15mm long, if you're a stickler for being as near prototypical as possible, cutting off chairs to keep the standard 28 inch centres for sleepers is unavoidable.
  9. The chassis is the problem, bigger wheel diameter for the U with different wheels spacing, U's have wheel splashers, bigger for the K (SECR) rebuilds with lower footplate, and less front drop, oh - and different slide-bar, 3-bar instead of a single.
  10. As well as being in one of the warmest/sunniest/driest locations in the country with superb scenery, and tourist attractions locally - what else do you need???? ---- ok I live locally and biased.
  11. Sorry, it was only meant as a joke!
  12. Topical given the state the world is in - Barnard Castle. Or in a different (better??)world - Launceston Castle. But the best, as you've already mentioned, not biased as it's local to me - Corfe.
  13. When I scrolled down and saw this pic, my first thought was 'ah a 00 gauge Graham Farish Merchant Navy' from the 1950's, then looked closer!!??
  14. No problem opening the 5mm hole if you use a broach which will follow the centre-line unlike a drill that could go off-centre, and you can make the fit as snug as you want.
  15. That's interesting as they were only classified as 7F??
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