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  1. Yer mean where it sez ' in her original condition as Bulleid intended' ????????
  2. I always regarded it as a word penned by Bulleid - with tongue firmly in his cheek.
  3. Strange term 'unrebuilt', to most Bulleid fans it's called an 'original'.
  4. I would suspect 'one of those stories', saying a loco rated at 7F is better than 9F, I'd doubt it. And TE is nothing to go by, as it's just a theoretical calculation of draw-bar power, not total haulage power.
  5. Because of axle loading, more often the Midland 2F's.
  6. Most locos were done when they went for heavy overhaul which was followed by a re-paint. some didn't get done at all, including six Jubilees that were early withdrawals, two notable locos that were involved with rail-tours, and lasted to 1966 were 42942, and 82003. This is where good research comes in handy.
  7. I remember that place from years past, there used to be a loop from Brent east yard to Cricklewood shed run, round in a half circle, under the main-line. Last loco I can remember on that line was former MR 3F 0-6-0T 47202 not long before it moved to Manchester, makes me feel old!!!??
  8. As pH sez, it can get complicated, but the best book to explain it all is the RCTS book which lists the swaps individually, and it explains it all. Basically as the pre-rebuilt Scots were heavy on coal and water, and Baby Scots were rebuilt, rather than scrap the older Fowler type tenders, just swap them from a lesser class, and save building new ones.
  9. That's it, just couldn't resist pre-ordering 'Holly Bank No.3' in the blue livery, it'll fit in just nicely, can't wait to take a pic of it passing my model based on the Bursnips Road crossing box/ mine office. Summat similar to this;-
  10. Yep, his humour was normally at the expense of anything to do with the GWR. I remember a talk by him at the Wimborne Railway Club, his 'humour' was the reason for Rex Kennedy (original OPC, 'Steam Days' etc), who was in the audience, getting up, and leaving early. He later said to me 'you can only take so much of that man'!!!!????
  11. My (poor) pic of 82006 shunting coaches at Clapham Junction, a few weeks before Christmas 1965. Later that afternoon it took out the 'Kenny Belle', to pick up the weary workers.
  12. Anything, as long as it's not a video with him talking on it
  13. Thanks for reminding me, I'm still waiting for WSP 'LMS Lineside Part 3' !!!???
  14. Yes, included in the county emblem with the words 'The Knot unites'.
  15. Which station in Walthamstow? If it was the old LMS one (Queens Road I think?), then it's straight thro' via Bletchley.
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