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  1. Acetone is good, but beware it is also a carcinogen, use it with a good strong extractor fan . Nitromors is good, but I use Nitromors 'Craftsman', it penetrates into the corners better.
  2. I had the good fortune to know the late Ron Pocklington, colleague of Mr Bulleid, he pronounced both names including Mr Ma(u)nsell as Graham laid out in the second post.
  3. A very capable class the standard 3 tanks were, half the class ended up at Nine Elms working Waterloo ecs, and other local work, even acquired 5 (should've been 6 if one hadn't failed on the way) in green livery.
  4. To be a volunteer it does help if you have a sense of humour, outgoing, and chatty. You normally find that those that complain about 'cliques' are those that are timid, and are frightened about being left out. There is always a chance of a clash of personalities, but if you can handle it without getting wound up, and being able to laugh it off, all well and good. But remember the main thing - enjoy!!
  5. I had 12 enjoyable years volunteering on Swanage Railway, 1986 -98, in the days when I had plenty of spare time, I helped keeping the running locos in working order. But after a few years I got a little tired of spending 7 days a week in an engineering workshop of one sort or another, so I moved from loco to S&T doing site work in the great outdoors. But in the meantime I had left engineering, and had my own business, but the spare time had gone, so the volunteering ended. It was a time I enjoyed, and miss it, but in the intervening time I have suffered both Sciatica, and Myeloma, so I'm retired, and sticking with model railways.
  6. Mostly from the empire built up by Sir Josiah John Guest ( later to become GKN) with his interests in coal mines, and Dowlais Ironworks, who had a deep mistrust of the young GWR, and one of the main backers for a railway line from Highbridge to Poole, although died before it came about. His son became Baron Wimborne, and mayor of Poole, and married into the Churchill family.
  7. 4F in blue? And there was me thinking only passenger locos wore the S&DJR blue livery. But there again 4F's did occasionally get roped into passenger work to Bomo West. But in the 1930's 2P's worked to Swanage (via Hamworthy Junction) as well as BW.
  8. The older, split chassis, slightly over-wide firebox ( before DCC became a standard fitment) Modified Halls, I have, didn't include tender pick-ups, but I added my own.
  9. In early '64, Feltham had about half a dozen standard 2-6-4T's on it's books (ex Brighton), not bad for a freight loco shed.
  10. Well if you live local, you're always welcome at the Blandford Railway Society, we meet Wednesday mornings, see link in my 'signature' below.
  11. Interesting, as a prelude to the run down of the GC line, Neasden shed closed in 1962, all it's 'Pocket Rockets' moved to Cricklewood along with it's dwindling duties. within a matter of a year Cricklewood ran out of work for them so were moved on, about half to Willesden, the other half to Saltley, it was the Saltley batch, also without available work, were hived off to Bescot in two batches, two in about October 1964, the other 4 in early 1965.
  12. I have been using Mitsuma motors for a few years now on British steam outline, moguls and smaller. But 'married' to High Level gearboxes. Superb, quiet runners.
  13. I believe 'Bembridge' will be at Warley this year, nice to know one of my old layouts is doing well, say hello to Mark (Pretious) if you go for a look.
  14. Well relying on an ageing memory, two pics look like outside the 'factory' at OOC - the first time I've seen any pics of the class there, and must've been there a short while, in between my visits which at the time was about once a month.
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