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  1. Most noticeable when a loco is coasting, as you say a 'psst' noise or a 'tic' ( as on exGW larger locos), it's a snifting ( anti-vacuum) valve for the cylinders.
  2. Most noticeable, the position of the cylinders. https://www.lner.info/locos/A/a2_1.php.
  3. Well if it's any help, the LNWR 0-8-0 driving wheel centre spacing was 5 foot 9 inches on all three ( or 23mm in OO gauge). I have 2 built before the Bachmann model appeared (which I have 5), and LM took on GEM models. Good luck if you're intention is to make a 0-8-2 or 0-8-4 tank version.
  4. Strange request seeing as Lytchett Manor recommend the Comet/Wizard chassis kit for the body kit.
  5. 78008 the last Stafford Road works/shed pilot( then Oxley) was unlined green - a mate of mine had the smokebox number plate from it, and took it home across the handle-bars of his push-bike, it was a long way to push a bike with that number-plate from Oxley shed to the Willenhall side of Wednesfield!!??. Cor, like London buses this, nothing for a while, then 3 in one go!!!
  6. Similar to what would've happened to ten of the tank loco version (840xx) had the IoW idea gone ahead in 1965, - ah well!!
  7. I'm impressed, take back what I said, but unnecessary, I'd need a bloody magnifying glass to see it, it'd be lost having to look across a few feet at an exhibition!!!
  8. And there's probably someone out there that would take that seriously!!
  9. You gotta have a sense of humour!!??
  10. I also use micro-switches, low resistance ones from RS. I surprised you have problems with Seep point motors, set them up centrally then no problem.
  11. Enjoyed many pints of Strongs at the 'Royal Oak' in Swanage, untill the evil Whitbread empire took over, and closed, many local brews ( including Devenish of Weymouth)
  12. Hornby-Dublo, or call it Wrenn if yer want, ideal paperweights. Old former (Triang-) Hornby, tender drive, yuk, need I say more?? There are a few good things to say for 'progress'.
  13. Yes Bulleid light pacifics, no photographic, or documentary evidence, but I've had the good fortune to witness 34005 amble thro' Wolverhampton Low Level light engine to Oxley shed one summer Saturday in 1965. Ned Williams had two soft cover books published 'Wolverhampton Railway Albums Volumes 1 & 2', in volume 1 is a pic of 34064 on a special from Paddington to Ruabon in 1963, and volume 2 has a pic of 34087 on Oxley shed, as well as a pic of Eastleigh's 'Pocket Rocket' 76009 on a freight thro' Wolverhampton. Sorry Jools but Banbury saw regular Southern steam on cross-country workings, especially the last nine months of cross country steam from the Southern, to the end of the 1966 summer timetable, I witnessed both 34005 (again), and 34034 on the last day of those workings at Banbury. Also check out the date of 27th April 1963 on this website;- http://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/
  14. I use M2.2x 12mm self tapping screws from Eileens Emporium.
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