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  1. Glutten for punishment me!! Just acquired my 4th K's Stanier Mogul kit, probably end up the same as the others( page 21), with a suitably altered Wizard/Comet Fowler/Stanier 2-6-4T chassis kit, and High Level gearbox with motor(?) - Now in the pile of things to do when I (eventually) get this new layout finished.??????????
  2. The ELL with it's northern end going right into Liverpool Street would be the least option for that kind of working!!!!!!!!!!!! Likewise what was the freight only Snow Hill tunnel line, taking into consideration the restrictions on Blackfriars Bridge.
  3. So to answer the question of what was the fastest route for Newhaven to WCML in the 1960's would be non-electric haulage between Clapham Junction, and Willesden after the beginning of 1966 when the juice was officially switched on from Euston northwards.
  4. B17 popular with GC crews? Depends who you talk to! The B17/6 was a big improvement on earlier versions, but not to the standard of 'Jubilees..
  5. Ah, 'well spotted Wilson', a senile mistake, now altered.
  6. 'Jinty' was the MR class 1322 0-4-0ST, the LMS 3F was 'Jocko' at many sheds but at Watford, and some crews at Willesden were known as 'Dobbins', and, as someone's already mentioned, 'Bagnalls' on the old S&DJR ( well the one that ran from Bath/Burnham on Sea to Bournemouth).
  7. Some I've seen are pretty dire, some laughable(Sam's Trains), are some people on an ego trip or what???????????????????????
  8. Thanks Robin for putting me right. I like it, yes that drawing of Swanage station was good, I had many customers in my old shop asking about it. Like the tongue in cheek last comment, wasn't Mike an architect for London Underground??? I haven't seen him for years, is he still around? Paul
  9. Robin, was it you or Mike Stollery that ran a series of drawings of buildings on the Swanage branch published in the Railway Modeller some time in the 1970's??
  10. I've only seen them banking up both Parkstone, and Bincombe banks.
  11. A glutton for punishment, I've done 12 now, liked the first one so much, just kept going on - but for 2 layouts! But all with rigid chassis, yes I'm lazy, take the easy way out, but make sure my track is as near perfectly flat as possible. Gone from Comet gearbox to High Level.
  12. Sorry, should've said. It's Bursnip Road crossing, Essington, near Bloxwich, on the colliery branch from the South Staffs, Cannock to Walsall mainline to Hilton Main colliery, Wolverhampton. The signal box was a combined building of signal box, and offices of the, long gone, Holly Bank colliery which was just across the road from the 'signal box'. I built a model of the Essington branch junction signal box for my last layout, which was only about half a mile from Bursnip Road 'box, for traffic onto the main-line. My step-dad was, at one time, a colliery engineer at Hilton Main.
  13. I'm making a slightly modified version of this 'box for my new layout;-
  14. Well, now Geoff Taylor has retired, where do I get model building detail parts from, such as brass window frames, platform canopy brackets etc????
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