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  1. My two, Willow on the right, a 3 year old BMD, and her 9 month old niece, Holly, the only time I can get a pic of them together, after they've had a good walk.
  2. They didn't use the turn-table at Waterloo then??
  3. It was only a few minutes walk from Willesden Junction station, to the 'hole in the wall' at Old Oak.
  4. Single coach operation - inspection saloon??
  5. No, it's not easy 'planting' a compensator baseplate where there's already ballast!!!!
  6. Now I know I may get my knuckles rapped for this but there is a self confessed operations guru (? for the want of a better expression?) by the name of Tristan Bradshaw (? Xpress Publications?) that crops up on a few facebook railway groups ( either you like 'em, or hate 'em ?). My somewhat fuzzy memory is thinking that it was someone who cropped up on this forum a few years ago, and ruffled a few feathers - or I could be wrong???? But he is a good source of info on train operations.
  7. https://www.expotools.com/acatalog/-Model-Railway-Electrics--27999.html
  8. Funny you should mention it, I have a great deal more, left over from my engineering days, finished professionally nearly 30 years ago. Yes, taps, dies ( mostly British standards, BSW,BSF, and American UNC,UNF etc), and reamers, along with an assortment of various drill sleeves, and odds, and ends, all way to big for modelling, but some was retrieved for a short spell of railway preservation work. If you do find somewhere handy to off load, please let me know - tar!!??
  9. As an after-thought, is the old Hornby model anywhere near accurate, it don't look it!!??
  10. Naa, sell the Hornby one on to a collector, and just treat yerself to a Bachmann one instead - lovely loco.
  11. I grew up in the Ongar area of Essex in the 50's/and 60's. When I visited paternal relatives, and friends in the Chelmsford and Maldon areas it was mostly by bus, Eastern National services 31 and 32, always Bristol Low-Deckers, remember it well.
  12. Nice pic Rob, but doesn't pristine finish show up the mistakes. That steam cock on the smokebox front (door ring ?) of Rood Ashton Hall is over scale, it could do with blackening to make it less obvious, the one on Ketley Hall is more like it.
  13. Ended up repairing them, cleaned the gears up, degreased, and super glued together after making sure they were in the right position, then using a bit of 'micro-engineering' (?), with small washers, drilling, and tapping thro' with very small machine screws (3 x equi-spaced csk 16BA), must've worked, the locos run perfectly.
  14. Err yes, I should know as I live in Winterborne Kingston, but I did put Dorchester/Weymouth, not Dorchester-Weymouth, or anything north, west, east or south. And my wife jokingly accuses ME of having an attention problem ????
  15. 3 or 4 years ago Hornby released the re-tooled Hall, Helmingham Hall, ( exGW Hall not B17), I thought the £57 Hattons were asking was a good deal, so much I had a second one.
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