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  1. I'd appreciate it if more folk could just, for a second, try and get their heads around the seriousness of the present situation and then follow the guidelines, ( and I don't mean just stick a mask on and think that that is all that you need to do). I really sorry, but at present, until a proper grip has been got on the present lurgy, I don't see the overcrowding of trains as anything to celebrate.
  2. The Crankpin holding the Con rod etc in place is indeed a pin, interference fit,, but with a hex head ( At least it is on my 2 !! ). Easiest way is to gently prise it out using a small flat bladed screwdriver slid between the wheel and the rods, with the tip of the blade lodged up to the pin, Work gently and alternate either side of the pin. The outer coupling rod pins ( ie one on the LHS Driving wheel in the pic) , are hex head screws. HTH K
  3. As Phil says above, masks are reckoned to be only of limited value and effectiveness. Our 'sage's are obviously still not totally convinced by them , i can see however, that in some situations they may prove a useful 'add on' to the main measures, such as hygiene, social distancing etc. However, where the whole idea of masks falls down, in my opinion, is when you factor in the all too common numpty like 'do wot I want' mentality of many of the wearers. They obviously, ( from bitter experience ) think that donning a mask makes them superhuman or something. They then go ro
  4. Cheers for that worst case scenario, really helpful, Your last para suggests to me that you don't actually have much insight into how the beans stack up at a show, or how they can be made to; how a lot of traders operate, or why folk want to put shows on in the first place. Now, can we for the sake of Pete, please start being realistic as to what's likely to happen from now up to the point, and after,. they get a handle on the lurgy, ie, Model railways Shows are sadly, but understandably, off at the moment, but will almost certainly return, in some form,
  5. Hi, that was actually a Padd Worcester, How do I know?, well, as well as the notation on Flickr site from the photographer stating that it was 47 821 working the last ever Padd / Worcester, I was actually on that train from Worcester to Moreton In Marsh. To explain further, Me and my Bruv spent many happy hours chasing and Photting 47/8's on the OWWR in 91-93, Amongst the many ICCX workings that were sent on that line on Sundays, our favourite was the Sunday Padd-Worcester, which we travelled on a few times from Moreton In Marsh to Worcester and Back, ( ISTR the Seconds were often down
  6. It's absolutely true to say that life isn't without risk, and that we can't carry on as we are at the mo, neither for the sanity of folk or their financial well being. However, it would seem to me, that right at this moment, and in the immediate foreseeable future, playing fast and loose with the risk from this virus is essentially the same as playing Russian roulette, but with only one or two bullets missing from the chamber. Do you feel lucky?, well, even if I did, I'm not taking the risk;, and, just supposing I that did, given my circumstances, that kind of cavalier attitude c
  7. Reading the report flagged up in the OP, it seems in many ways that they'd have been ideal. however, one point wasn't considered in the report, though it was listed. The 503's had at the insistence of the Mersey Railway, whose tracks they shared, been fitted with 135hp motors, instead of the larger ones the LMS had wanted to fit. So, although their lighter construction ( compared to 1938 stock) would have helped, they'd have been ponderous compared to what had gone before. The 503's were never as sprightly as the 502's, which had far larger motors Overhauls were indeed
  8. I've just had a quick look at the relevant Government page re who is eligible for these grants ( trying to help a friend who's battling to keep his business/livelihood afloat). Having read these, I would point out that I did notice that it does actually state quite clearly in the official guidance, that, even if you do technically qualify on such things as the rate rebate aspect, that there are exclusions The first/main one main one being if the premises are basically for private use ( there are other exclusionsas well). Suspect most MRC's, if not all would fall into the latter cate
  9. Hmmm, my lair has been sprung!!, Usually, I am mostly, ( If not on a recce or some task of sorts ) lurking somewhere behind that poster!! Oh and many thanks to Crisis rail for the memories, reminds me of seeing my first 'white cab' ( no. 3 ) after visiting the show in '78, cheers Ken
  10. Mal and me are doing our 'virtual' last minute check round the show, Best get a move on, it's T minus 10 !! Roll on next year when it's for real Cheers Ken
  11. Hopefully, by now, the place would be marked out &, and John, Ian W and myself would have been able to put the following instrument together with the chalk and marking tape back in their boxes Anyhow, after a cuppa, off to assist any arriving stands, layouts etc. as necessary, and hopefully grab a few moments in between tasks to set up the Hull MRS stand, in the virtual show that is!! Looking forward to doing the above jobs for real in 2021 A safe and happy Easter to all Ken
  12. Hull MRS Summer show Please note that our summer show, due to have taken place on the 13th June is for obvious reasons now cancelled. We hope to return in 2021 Please note, we are still, fates willing, going ahead with our main show in November, Updates for the latter will as ever be on our website : www.hullmrs.org Ken Gibbons Hon. Chmn. Hull MRS
  13. Many years ago I got a couple of so called 'chromatic blue' small yellow panel Heljan Hymeks for an absolute song. Really wanting one to be an FYE version, I wondered what it'd look like if I gave one a full yellow end. The result?, the one I attacked with the yellow paint looked an utterly different shade of blue to the one I left as supplied, and, to my relief, it matched perfectly my mate's factory BFYE one. My previously held thoughts re 'Chromatic blue' were immediately shatttered and revised K
  14. Knowing as I do, very well , a very hard pressed and frankly p7ssed off Northern staff member ( who understands passengers frustrations all too well) , this seems very unfair, as it ignores the even greater elephant in the whole of the north's room, I've given up count how many times TPE have nearly left me stranded in Leeds, K
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