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  1. Knowing as I do, very well , a very hard pressed and frankly p7ssed off Northern staff member ( who understands passengers frustrations all too well) , this seems very unfair, as it ignores the even greater elephant in the whole of the north's room, I've given up count how many times TPE have nearly left me stranded in Leeds, K
  2. I wouldn't have a clue re spares for Pacers, given that they ( probably ) have a lot in common with Sprinters I should imagine keeping them running & mobile isn't too much of a problem. What I do contend as precluding any further onward use as frontline units,,'as is' , is that their Bodywork is totally shot. Tacking just one problem, sure, they might be able to cure the leaky window seals by wholesale replacement of same ( the silicon seal bodging failed ages ago) , But a cursory glance at most 142's and it's apparent that taking the windows out to do this will probably lead to the surrounding 3-4 inches of metal crumbling into iron oxide powder , thus needing some tricky and inevitably costly metalwork and welding before you re-fit them ( Market 65's pic in the 'pace yourself' thread shows this problem ). And that's just addressing one their bodywork troubles Given the designed lifespan of bus bodies ( 15-20 years average), they've done remarkably well, especially given that rust, and we're not talking cosmetic rust, on Leyland Nationals was a big problem. The thing is they really are at the life expiry point in terms of bodywork, Other classes mentioned are pure heavy rail designs, designed for a long life, thus are way more robust, and economically repairable Sadly, the Pacers initial cheapness, due to lightness has become their Achilles heel. Some things do wear out beyond economic repair kg
  3. I'd just comment that on a run across the Hope valley last May, during a deluge, required my waterproof jacket to be worn, with the hood up, Not just an isolated incident either; every 142 I've travelled on during rain, over the past 4 years is just not watertight, they all leak quite badly into the passenger compartment, and not just from the perished window seals, the roofs especially near the heating pods leak like mad ( often causing seats underneath to be tape barriered out of use). Cl 144's , whilst nowhere near as bad, are now getting that way too, though they don't have a heating pod a la 142 to cause a potential leak point. When the weather dries up a bit, they then stink like a stagnant pond, (until they dry out) after a week or two). So, not wishing to offend in any way, I honestly couldn't apply the term 'perfectly serviceable' to them, not nowadays, not in any country, and definitely not in their present state . I'd go no further than just about serviceable frankly. Their bodywork is just too knackered ( 142's especially). KG
  4. Well, the day's been and gone. Hopefully everyone there enjoyed it, I got the feeling they may well have !!. Many thanks indeed to our exhibitors and traders, plus our gang for the legwork I've a strong suspicion we'll be be having a Summer 2019 show, so, watch this space, (and look pout for our main show in November, details soon !). Cheers Ken Gibbons Hon Chairman, Hull MRS
  5. Just back from the initial set up, pretty much in place now, so, it's time to relax, for a bit !! Doors open 10.30 tomorrow, hope to see you there. Cheers Ken Gibbons Hon Chm'n Hull MRS
  6. 2 weeks Tomorrow it's the big day,.so a/ shameless bump, and, b/ a couple of amendments to the programme. Due to Holiday commitments, The Hessle MRG are now fetching Battersby North Junction ( replaces Cayton Bay) Due to, well, life !!, Our NG won't have Stamley ready in time, and have had to withdraw it from the show ( watch this space for next Year!! ). Otherwise, it's pretty much going as planned. If you're in the area, or visiting, we'll be pleased to see you. Cheers Ken Ggibbons Hon Chairman Hull MRS
  7. As one of the 'organisers', I'd like to add my thanks to each and everyone who helped put the show on, ie The Exhibitors and traders, (without them, there's no show !!) The Tea Bar gang for keeping us supplied with refreshments, The Stewards and helpers for all the lifting, shifting,moving and general 'organizing' The York Racecourse crew for their help and assistance over the weekend. And last, but certainly of course the most important group, the Folks who braved the less than spring like weather to visit us. To all of you, many thanks indeed, we hope you enjoyed the show. On a slightly more personal note, The show marked the last outing, of Crumley and Little Wickhill ; AKA, Hull MRS' Stealth Bomber. Thought it apt to include a pic of the last train slogging up the bank from Little Wickhill for the last time ever ( you'll have to imagine the detonators firing !! ) See You next Year!! Ken Gibbons
  8. Hello All, 2018 sees Hull MRS celebrating it's 70th Year, and, as part of the celebrations, we present our 4th Annual Summer Show, details as follows:- Date: 16th June 2018, Opening Times10.30 am until 4.00 pm Admission, day membership rate:- Adult £2.50, Child, £1.00 Venue: Walton Street Leisure Centre, Goathland Close, off Walton Street, Hull HU3 6JB Wardwood, cty Ian Woodward Layouts confirmed:- East End, O gauge, LMS, 1930's East Midlands, Wardwood, OO BR South Yorks Ca. 1970 , Cayton Bay, OO, East Yorks Ca. 1962 New Hornsea Town, OO, East Yorks, Ca. 2000 Brancaster, OO, BR in Norfolk, Ca, 1955-65 Stoke Gabriel, OO, BR Hydraulics in South Devon Ca 1964 Dolwyn, OO9, Welsh Narrow Gauge Briding Noora, OO9, East Lincs 1960's Stamley, OO9, Westmoreland 1930's ** Duncan's Mine 2, American short line set in the 50's/60's Martini Junction, N gauge, 'Somewhere in the UK' Lockwood Street , n gauge, The Hull & Barnsley's, Hull Cannon Street Terminus 're-imagined' ** (** Layouts are shown in progress as the latest Hull MRS layouts ) Trade support, Caistor Loco, MTFG, CM3M, Oddbitz, plus the Club secondhand stall Modelling Demonstrations, Children's 'drive it yourself' layouts, plus Brio for the youngsters !!, Light refreshments More details at www.hullmrs.org Updates as/if they occur !! Cheers Ken Gibbons Hon. Chairman. Hull MRS
  9. As someone who exhibits my own / friends / club layouts at least 6/7 times a year, I feel Someone needs to point out a few facts from an invited Exhibitors POV. If you get invited to a show with your layout, you get paid your travel expenses, and if it's a long distance, you get put up in a comfortable ( hopefully!!) B&B / hotel. Teas and coffee are provided during the show is provided, as is a basic lunch. Errm, and that's it.. no appearance fees, No 5 star digs, No free slap meals paid for by the Show organiser, they are on a tight budget anyhow, and all exhibitors know that. In my own experience, doing a show usually ends up costing the exhibitor as there are often nice goodies to buy on the trade stands!! Often the exhibitors miss out financially due to not being able to work at that weekend, those who are self employed especially so. One final point, if the exhibitors did expect to be get paid, it'd be at least at 'living wage' rates surely. This would result in your admittance fee reaching London West end show prices (and I don't mean the cheap seats!!!). Finally, the guys at Spalding Show will be hoping / praying the show will just about break even ( as with every club show across the land) . That's about it, it's done for fun basically Hope that the info gives you a better insight into the whys / wherefores Cheers Ken G Hull MRS.
  10. Well, That's that one. The wrap up 's done, OK the tea bar/canteen at the club looks like a disaster zone, chocked full of gear, but sorting that's the next Club night's task!!. On behalf of the Society, a big thank you to all who attended, as visitors, as exhibitors and as traders. The kind comments on here are very much appreciated. As a whole, we're very pleased that the show met with such approval. We certainly enjoyed it and hope everyone else did too.. As Suddaby mentions, it was our last show at Costello - However, rest assured, we will be back next year, with 2 shows, at our new Venue, details for your Diary below:- Hull MRS Summer show 2018, June 16th, And, the Hull MRS Exhibition, 10th & 11th November 2018 Both at -: Walton Street Leisure Centre, Goathland Close, Off Walton St., Hull HU3 6JB Watch this space, we will keep you posted !! Ken Gibbons Hon Chairman Hull MRS
  11. Just back from the set up, All but done, dusted and ready now. Curtain up, 10 am tomorrow !!!! cheers Ken G
  12. Strangely enough, in all instances I've done this journey, my tickets/journey were booked/planned not just through the NR website, but via Tpex's own site !!! As you very rightly intimate, you don't get journey options that don't have the necessary connection time when booking thro'; these sites. The crux of it, as in all things, is I suppose, what happens to sort it out when things don't go as they ought to.. Must admit, in all the travelling on Rail I've done since 1973, ( an awful lot ) I've yet to be actually stranded, I must be very lucky ( though I am well aware of the phrase 'Railtour standard time! ) I'm quite a frequent traveller on this route, and fortunately, quite well up on likely stop points, & where the connection will go from. However, that also means I'm well up on the way that they love to 'change' platforms at Leeds at the drop of a hat !!!, stopping at say, 9a, instead of 9d . With through platforms split a-d, long enough to accommodate 2 HST's nose to tail, plus a bit, that means a bit of a trek via 'b' and 'c' if you've got to get your skates on!! To add to the fun, you'll only get advised of the platform 'change' if you're actually on the platform. Not exactly helpful if you're on the train that's arriving at it, and needing, through such circumstances to then make a swift transfer!!!. Glad I'm still able to shift when needed Ken G
  13. Cheers for the advice gents, most useful. I'll be doing a similar journey in the next month or so, so I'll be checking up on the advised transfer time pronto, forewarned and all that!! Still think I'll be going by the penultimate services though, just in case!! Rgds Ken G
  14. In a sort of similar vein, in December last year was travelling from Manchester to Hull on a pre booked advance ticket. The services I was to travel on being a Liverpool - York as far as Leeds, then change onto the Leeds to Hull service, both services being Tpex . Now, the timetabled gap for the changeover at Leeds was IIRC 22 minutes. Therefore, when the L'ppol -Yk turned up 15 minutes down, I did feel a tad concerned. The reasons given over the PA were staff shortage. Anyhow, no probs thought I, I'll ask the conductor re the connection when he checks my ticket. Anyhow, the journey went on, and by the Dewsbury stop, it'd lost another 5 minutes, also we'd had no show from the conductor. By that time, I was resigning myself to problems. Anyway, we rolled in 20 minutes late at Leeds. Very fortunately, the Hull train was just across the platform, jumped aboard, was much relieved, and seconds after the York service went, we followed it as far as Micklefield. Crunch for me came when the Conductor on the Hull service came round, and I asked what would have happened if the train from Manchester had been another few minutes down, ie not getting to Leeds in time for folk to catch the Hull train, which, in this case, was the last of the day. His response, though very friendly and polite, alarmed me. In essence, he said that there were no such thing as guaranteed connections any more, and that effectively if iId missed that train, it was my tough luck. Hmm, this is useful info I thought !!. The same TOC having almost stranded me on 2 previous occasions, It didn't add to my confidence when travelling with them. Now, had I missed the connection, I certainly would have made a bee line to any Tpex staff, or helpline and pointedly ask what they were going to do to resolve their mess up of their making. ISTR I would have been one of several stranded folk had things not gone right. However, luck prevailed, so It's still an unknown as to what form any help given ( if any ) would have taken. Ultimately, Does anyone know the situation regarding missing connections when it's not your fault / same TOC ?, I'd love to know. Meanwhile, In future, the latest Tpex services I'll be booking will be the penultimate ones of the day, not the last ones !! . Ta in advance for any info Ken G
  15. Hard to say, though I'd tend to agree with your thoughts comparing the shots of the real thing v the model. Looks to me as though the R/C is in same position on both, but on the model, the wheel cranks are almost bottom dead centre, the real thing seems to be 30-40 degrees from that. What does strike me is the overly round shouldered-ness ( apols to OED!) of the top front corners of the firebox. Looks little different to me,.to the 1977 tooling, which was IMO also too rounded, compared to prototype Ken G
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