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  1. Was that for folk who'd scoff the odd sneaky pork pie or bacon sarnie when nobody was watching? ( hat coat, usual pack drill ! ) K
  2. It's absolutely true to say that life isn't without risk, and that we can't carry on as we are at the mo, neither for the sanity of folk or their financial well being. However, it would seem to me, that right at this moment, and in the immediate foreseeable future, playing fast and loose with the risk from this virus is essentially the same as playing Russian roulette, but with only one or two bullets missing from the chamber. Do you feel lucky?, well, even if I did, I'm not taking the risk;, and, just supposing I that did, given my circumstances, that kind of cavalier attitude could risk wiping out an entire care home, hence, I'll remain averse to this risk until the coast clears somewhat if you don't mind. What 'normality' returns, first must be the real important stuff, ie jobs, being able to see family in relative safety, all folk being able to step outside their doors to do essential stuff in relative safety etc etc. If we have to forgo Model Railway shows for a while, then so be it. We've just got to live with it anyway, as Public gatherings are currently banned, end of, and until those restrictions are lifted, any griping about it is no more than shouting at Pigeons , OK, it's obvious that shows are a vital part of the hobby, but, they aren't the entire hobby, and in the pecking order of the grand scheme of things???. As for applying Social distancing in even a space as large as the NEC?, just look at the free for all once you're inside your local supermarket these days, social distancing?, More cats have been herded successfully. So until a handle has been obtained over the virus by whatever means, I'm struggling to see how a show can be run in line with keeping folk safe. So far this year, 2 shows ( one very large, 1 very small) that I help with the organisation of, have had to be cancelled, and as for the 3rd, who presently knows?. Concurrent with that, all but one of the shows I was to attend with a layout have been cancelled too, and there's a high chance that'll go as well. it's a pain, it's a bit of a disappointment, but, so what?, I'm not down about it, as at least I'm still here (at the mo, fingers crossed!!!). Will we go back to things as they were?, who knows, I think things will be at least a little different. However the important thing is surely to patiently and safely bide our time, have a sensible attitude about the risk factor, and be prepared to adapt to the new normal. K
  3. Reading the report flagged up in the OP, it seems in many ways that they'd have been ideal. however, one point wasn't considered in the report, though it was listed. The 503's had at the insistence of the Mersey Railway, whose tracks they shared, been fitted with 135hp motors, instead of the larger ones the LMS had wanted to fit. So, although their lighter construction ( compared to 1938 stock) would have helped, they'd have been ponderous compared to what had gone before. The 503's were never as sprightly as the 502's, which had far larger motors Overhauls were indeed done at Horwich, the last set to be overhauled being sent there in Dec. 82. Other than fitting emergency end doors, they were never 'refurbed' in the way the DMU's of the time were. As for the condition of the 503's?, well, as someone used them regularly from 1965, right to their end, my memories are that sure, they were at best lively riders, but were indeed degenerating to awful just before their end, However, I honestly can't remember them as being rotten, either outside or inside ( This being borne out to me by a fellow Wirralian) . Traditional the interiors may have been, but they were at least fitted with what you'd call seats compared to what came after them. Ultimately, I suspect it would be the cost of altering Ryde Tunnel that killed the idea stone dead before it got any further. Don't forget, the early 1980's were a time when BR was under severe financial pressure, especially on infrastructure costs. K
  4. I've just had a quick look at the relevant Government page re who is eligible for these grants ( trying to help a friend who's battling to keep his business/livelihood afloat). Having read these, I would point out that I did notice that it does actually state quite clearly in the official guidance, that, even if you do technically qualify on such things as the rate rebate aspect, that there are exclusions The first/main one main one being if the premises are basically for private use ( there are other exclusionsas well). Suspect most MRC's, if not all would fall into the latter category, given that they are basically private members clubs. Being a wary sort, & given the above, I'd be double and even triple checking that I was totally eligible for a grant like this, £10k is a lot of dough to find in a hurry, if you end up having to repay it. K
  5. Hmmm, my lair has been sprung!!, Usually, I am mostly, ( If not on a recce or some task of sorts ) lurking somewhere behind that poster!! Oh and many thanks to Crisis rail for the memories, reminds me of seeing my first 'white cab' ( no. 3 ) after visiting the show in '78, cheers Ken
  6. Mal and me are doing our 'virtual' last minute check round the show, Best get a move on, it's T minus 10 !! Roll on next year when it's for real Cheers Ken
  7. Hopefully, by now, the place would be marked out &, and John, Ian W and myself would have been able to put the following instrument together with the chalk and marking tape back in their boxes Anyhow, after a cuppa, off to assist any arriving stands, layouts etc. as necessary, and hopefully grab a few moments in between tasks to set up the Hull MRS stand, in the virtual show that is!! Looking forward to doing the above jobs for real in 2021 A safe and happy Easter to all Ken
  8. Hull MRS Summer show Please note that our summer show, due to have taken place on the 13th June is for obvious reasons now cancelled. We hope to return in 2021 Please note, we are still, fates willing, going ahead with our main show in November, Updates for the latter will as ever be on our website : www.hullmrs.org Ken Gibbons Hon. Chmn. Hull MRS
  9. Many years ago I got a couple of so called 'chromatic blue' small yellow panel Heljan Hymeks for an absolute song. Really wanting one to be an FYE version, I wondered what it'd look like if I gave one a full yellow end. The result?, the one I attacked with the yellow paint looked an utterly different shade of blue to the one I left as supplied, and, to my relief, it matched perfectly my mate's factory BFYE one. My previously held thoughts re 'Chromatic blue' were immediately shatttered and revised K
  10. Knowing as I do, very well , a very hard pressed and frankly p7ssed off Northern staff member ( who understands passengers frustrations all too well) , this seems very unfair, as it ignores the even greater elephant in the whole of the north's room, I've given up count how many times TPE have nearly left me stranded in Leeds, K
  11. I wouldn't have a clue re spares for Pacers, given that they ( probably ) have a lot in common with Sprinters I should imagine keeping them running & mobile isn't too much of a problem. What I do contend as precluding any further onward use as frontline units,,'as is' , is that their Bodywork is totally shot. Tacking just one problem, sure, they might be able to cure the leaky window seals by wholesale replacement of same ( the silicon seal bodging failed ages ago) , But a cursory glance at most 142's and it's apparent that taking the windows out to do this will probably lead to the surrounding 3-4 inches of metal crumbling into iron oxide powder , thus needing some tricky and inevitably costly metalwork and welding before you re-fit them ( Market 65's pic in the 'pace yourself' thread shows this problem ). And that's just addressing one their bodywork troubles Given the designed lifespan of bus bodies ( 15-20 years average), they've done remarkably well, especially given that rust, and we're not talking cosmetic rust, on Leyland Nationals was a big problem. The thing is they really are at the life expiry point in terms of bodywork, Other classes mentioned are pure heavy rail designs, designed for a long life, thus are way more robust, and economically repairable Sadly, the Pacers initial cheapness, due to lightness has become their Achilles heel. Some things do wear out beyond economic repair kg
  12. I'd just comment that on a run across the Hope valley last May, during a deluge, required my waterproof jacket to be worn, with the hood up, Not just an isolated incident either; every 142 I've travelled on during rain, over the past 4 years is just not watertight, they all leak quite badly into the passenger compartment, and not just from the perished window seals, the roofs especially near the heating pods leak like mad ( often causing seats underneath to be tape barriered out of use). Cl 144's , whilst nowhere near as bad, are now getting that way too, though they don't have a heating pod a la 142 to cause a potential leak point. When the weather dries up a bit, they then stink like a stagnant pond, (until they dry out) after a week or two). So, not wishing to offend in any way, I honestly couldn't apply the term 'perfectly serviceable' to them, not nowadays, not in any country, and definitely not in their present state . I'd go no further than just about serviceable frankly. Their bodywork is just too knackered ( 142's especially). KG
  13. Well, the day's been and gone. Hopefully everyone there enjoyed it, I got the feeling they may well have !!. Many thanks indeed to our exhibitors and traders, plus our gang for the legwork I've a strong suspicion we'll be be having a Summer 2019 show, so, watch this space, (and look pout for our main show in November, details soon !). Cheers Ken Gibbons Hon Chairman, Hull MRS
  14. Just back from the initial set up, pretty much in place now, so, it's time to relax, for a bit !! Doors open 10.30 tomorrow, hope to see you there. Cheers Ken Gibbons Hon Chm'n Hull MRS
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