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  1. DavidM


    THanks Locoman, I was looking at putting it in a Heljan 37 so I might not take the risk now but will keep an eye out for a large scale decoder :-)
  2. DavidM


    Are the D+H decoders available for larger scale locos too, such as Heljan's O gauge items? I'm interested in trying the 37 sound in a Heljan loco but doubt the OO gauge locos available will cope with the current draw? Dave
  3. Maybe this? It's not an A4 but the only event of this kind I can think of - certainly can't think of an A4 doing it but willing to be proven wrong :-) Dave
  4. Hi Michael, is there any news on the single car Derby Lightweight kit? Would be very interested in a model of Iris :-) Dave
  5. That's more than enough to get started on, thanks for the info! Dave
  6. Good afternoon, I'm currently converting a number of O gauge brake vans into their 1995 identities for use on flask trains but can't find an identity for this Railfreight grey and red van which seems to be a regular on the Trawsfynydd workings at the time.... I've got the later liveried vehicles pretty much down to a tee but any gen on this example (examples?) would be hugely appreciated :-) (some of the photos show the number but not quite clearly enough!) Dave
  7. As there was nothing physical shown for the LLC 50 it can't really be stated which was better or worse?
  8. DavidM

    Dapol Mark 1 coaches?

    Sample on show at Doncaster show today
  9. Something tells me you're right....
  10. That's the G scale range which has been available in the UK for several years.
  11. Considering its fictitious...nobody I imagine?
  12. It's only ran in Maroon for WCRC, undergoing a full overhaul and repaint prior to entering traffic in 2010. Before that, it was stored in 2004, so not quite right for either the end of EWS or WCRC operation.
  13. Popped in for a visit this morning, some quality modelling on display. Recommended!
  14. The mod on 47831 was non-standard and therefore almost certainly a one off.
  15. 37-275SD for the eastern region shops also reveals a 37-275Z ‘limited for KMRC’ label after a couple of mins of peeling.
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