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  1. These are lovely wagons its very good the way the instanter couplings just clip into place, but has anyone else had the problem of the buffer heads and springs popping out, one of mine jumped out when I removed it from the box and on giving the others a gentle pull test over half the others also came away, how long will it be before I loose a buffer head?
  2. This may not be the right place to ask but as my previous foray into 009 was 50 years ago and having been 4mm scale OO dc only since if I go for the DCC sound option of double Fairlie what controller should I buy to take full advantage of the sound as supplied, I am a complete novice with DCC so need a pointer of where to start.
  3. Thanks for that Luke, I can't remember what I paid for the first set at Warley exhibition but I do remember thinking they were expensive, the latest ones from Ebay were a little less than the marked price on the box, by the time the postage was paid probably a little more, they should keep me going for the next 10 years or so. But good to know they are still available.
  4. Preiser, 3.5mm HO scale, I find the slightly smaller size of the figures fit more easily into 4mm scale interiors, the figures are not designed to be loco crew of course so I carve the hats into caps and paint them to suit. The original set I bought many years ago at Birmingham’s Warley exhibition, realising I was running out of suitable figures to turn into loco crew last month I found the same set second hand on EBay, I’m not sure they are still available new. The last picture shows the other cab interior for 18000 beside the cab interior for D600, I fit a crew to both ends of twin cab locos, which could travel in either direction of course.
  5. With the wheel contacts sorted my 18000 is now running faultlessly, although I’m DC only. The cab detail is a loverly bit of moulding, unlike many model diesel cab interiors which are often a rather poor approximation of the real thing and is obviously inspired by the photo of the cab interior of the real thing which has appeared in print many times. I like to add a bit of life to the cab interiors with a crew and picking out the cab controls, I have tried to make a representation of the door through to the engine compartment, painted the floor from the rather stark white and created a waste band on the back bulkhead below which is painted engine green, not sure if this is the correct colour but it looks about right inspired by colour pictures of the real thing. Cab steps (1 of which I seem to have lost) and under buffer beam tanks still to attach.
  6. I stripped the bogies out today, adjusted the bronze pickups that where making very limp contact with the back of the wheels if touching at all and added extra pickups to the centre axel wheels, now running very well and have worked out where the detail parts go. It’s a shame the orange pin strip above the buffers to the cab doors on the green livery has been missed off, I wonder if N scale modern cant rail strip transfer could be used to represent it?
  7. Mine arrived today and have just test run on my DC layout, SMP track and hand built point work, seems hesitant in places and stalled completely on a live frog crossover, where even my 2 axle 4 wheel locos have no problem, there appear to be no pickups on the centre wheels of the bogies, and no instructions for fitting the detail parts, a little disappointing on a nearly £200 pound loco. But the head code is a pleasant surprise and maybe the running will improve after the running in period.
  8. bubbles2

    Western Times

    Just catching up with this thread, please excuse my ignorance what is the NPCCS book?
  9. Thank you, think I’ve seen that mentioned before, I’ll give that a try.
  10. Thanks for your reply, yes I’ve tried that but it is not very successful with very small parts.
  11. As the title says, I’m looking for glue, double sided spots or tape that will not effect plastic for attaching head boards, discs and lamps to the front of 4mm scale locos and is easily removable without damage, what do people use?
  12. Thank you John received transfers this morning, slight problem as parts of the transfers had transferred themselves to the shiny card in the envelope but have been able to overcome this by setting the transfers on black background and they look good from normal viewing distances.
  13. Request in the post this morning John, many thanks, Geoff. Looking forward to them coming to the top of the Camel valley!
  14. Roger Goodrum from flickr hoo by Roger Goodrum, on Flickr
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