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  1. I'm really looking forward to getting these little PW shunters but as I'm lucky enough to have a large railway room filled with railway and preferring longish trains of 8 to 10 coaches or 20 to 30 wagons my smaller locos tend to sit in a siding or round the turntable and see little action, so these PWM diesels would see much more use hauled between work sites in PW trains also conveying ballast and rail wagons along with staff riding coaches or brake vans. This got me thinking about the possibility of maybe treating them just like the real ones which could be taken out of gear and hauled dead to to the work site, this could be done if one small gear was easily removable and a micro switch added out of sight to isolate the supply to the motor, just an idea.
  2. Model Rail is the only mag that our post person hands me ever month and the main reason I keep buying it is Chris Leigh or dibbers25 as he is on here, any articles with (CJL) at the end will be the first to be read, I know Chrises favourites will keep popping up, DMU bubbles cars, the Biddeford Westward Ho! and Appledore Railway, the Lynton and Barnstaple the Staines branch....... the list goes on. I have followed Chris in the model press since Model Railway Constructor days and have many of his books, even one he signed for me, so don’t retire Chris the model press would be so much poorer without your input.
  3. You are right about middle 'screw' link being LP8-A, i tend to mix and match coupling parts depending on what suits the rolling stock I'm working on the links in this case I think came from an MJT compensating W-iron etch cat. no. 2298, as these come in varying lengths and the hooks I believe are AMBIS Engineering by Alan Austin, delivered by hand from Kings Lynn, Norfolk to North Cornwall..... what service! If you only have the Smiths hook you can always shorten it and drill another hole for the split pin I also often file the top and lower edges so the buffer beam slot doesn't need to be so deep, hope this helps. Geoff.
  4. Is it possible to have basic sound with dc as supplied with the blue pullman? I guess a sound chip of some sort would need to be fitted for engine sound but without all the bells and whistles
  5. I too would very much like a sheet of transfers for the BR blue Fruit D in 4mm scale, I have a pair of Parkside Fruit D models ready to spray BR blue. During March this year I contacted Steve at Railtec about the possibility of supplying transfers for these but unless I was able to supply precise dimensions and details he did not have the resource to put to research them at the time. pictures from John Turner Flickr.
  6. bubbles2

    Heljan Class 16

    I’m surprised you managed to cross reference to the price list I couldn’t figure out how to do that!
  7. bubbles2

    Heljan Class 16

    That looks to be a very difficult way of getting spares I much preferred the Howes site. Can’t see a Hymek class 35 diagram and how do I order latter axles/ wheels for class 47s to replace the early brass wheels?
  8. Does anyone know how to contact Railtec Transfers when I try contact from the website it says 'This functionality is temporarily unavailable, pending a redesign'
  9. Northroader thanks for the reply, I have been able to date the picture as May 1st 1977 at Burngullow having found another picture of the incident in Plymouth to Penzance by Roger Geach. An engineers crane had toppled over so the breakdown tool vans and crane from Laira had been called to right it. From the posts Northroader linked to it must be Ex-SR 1580S laterADRR 95216 which explains the southern type jib runner this crane is now at the Mid Hants Railway.
  10. Thank you guys for your replies I will have a go next week and let you know how I get on.
  11. I can’t believe this hasn’t been asked before but if it has I’m unable to find it, how do I get inside Bachmann mk1 corridor coaches? As I have some that require the glazing refitting also need to give them a more lived in look, painted interior, people, blinds, open windows etc etc.
  12. Make your Mark Models make a kit in 4mm scale or can supply ready to run. http://www.makeyourmarkmodels.com/page20.htm
  13. The seating floating in a sea of custard have certainly put me off so far. Have seen an example at an exhibition with the interior floor painted dark grey which looks better, but still very poor for a vehicle with such a visible interior. I have recently sold my Lima conversions/detailed units and await the Bachmann examples. I just hope they do a few livery and class variations without waiting too long or increasing the prices too much.
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