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  1. Roger Goodrum from flickr hoo by Roger Goodrum, on Flickr
  2. Hi Bill We have just spent a lovely week in one of the camping coaches at Blue Anchor and I'm gradually up loading pictures and video to my flickr pages (see link below) which may be of help to you or I can post some here if you prefer.
  3. Thanks a lot Graham... that's the one.
  4. Having recently bought Hornbys 34019 Bideford I'm looking for a thread on here several pages long which I've seen before but unable to find again about 4mm scale WCs, I would be most grateful if anyone could point me in it's direction, is it just me that is unable to find things with the RM search?
  5. So are any of the forthcoming SLW class 25s suitable for my west country, Devon/Cornwall layout, I would like one in late green and one in early blue, renumbering is an option but getting all the other variables like exhaust port, grills/steps plated or not etc is a mine field, all suggestions gratefully received.
  6. You're very kind Bill, the seat pattern is a bit on the bold side I think I may airbrush a fine coat of blue to loose some of the boldness, the roof is a better fit than it looks in the pictures as it was just resting on for the photos, 2 screws from the under side of the floor up through the toilet and kitchen compartments hold it down tight with brass nuts soldered to brass off cuts epoxied to the inside of the roof. I don't fit the roof permanently to any vehicle with glazing in case something comes loose inside. The interior comes out in 3 sections at the moment, handrails and windscreen wipers, curtains etc will be fitted after painting and glazing.
  7. Oh dear Bill, I was hoping you had forgotten about that.... you should know how long it takes me to complete anything, I’m still building the layout I started 42 years ago! The observation saloon has stalled at the painting stage, having had problems with my airbrush and loosing confidence in my painting abilities but at the moment I’m working through my many half finished projects hoping life will be long enough to compete them so it WILL get finished in the not too distant future. Here’s a few pictures:- Westward 4mm scale BR/WR dia Q13 inspection saloon.
  8. Hi Bill, I'm sorry to hear of your 16XX problems, mine runs superbly on my 30+ year old home made controllers. About 32 years ago I was sent on an electronics coarse at work, part of which was to complete a project back at my work site before returning to complete the second part of the training, for my project I chose to build toy model railway train controllers taking the design from a model railway electronics book I have and ordering the parts to make several controllers, which I have to say look very like John's voltage regulators, these I have powered from the 16v ac outlet of my old H&M controllers or the 20v ac outlet of an ancient transformer that my father procured from somewhere to power my boyhood Scalextric set.
  9. This has disappeared from TMC site again, what does that mean?
  10. DW150285 at Laira in 1969 looks to be very similar. https://flic.kr/p/2iik57v
  11. I've just had an email receipt for my payment from the Guildford shop, so will the model come from Stoke road, Guildford or Trelowarren Street, Camborne? I used to work from Stoke road Guildford back in the 1980s when motorcycle dispatch riding for Cycle Courier.
  12. Thanks for the reply, good to see these will be back in stock soon, are the treble pigs also becoming available?
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