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  1. Update: Over the weekend the next board for scenery has been moved in, allowing work to continue. However, this now means that a start will really be made on the station. The board has had platforms placed on it to check the gauging of the track and the length of the station. On platform 1, the Black A2 is standing with two coaches to check that a locomotive plus 6 coaches will fit into the platform. The HST is sitting on platform 2 roughly where an HST of 2+5 could end up. The other units are placed to roughly guess where some stock might end up given the time table. Attention is being paid to platform 5 in case there are units there which force 6 to be brought into use if you were to run two sprinters together, or put in something like a Voyager. This photo also gives a view of how the station is expected to look as you then move out onto the main junction. The effect of seeing track done in its minimalist form following BR rationalisation has been well covered (thought I would say that). There should be a great deal of activity across the junction and the prospect of using the station as a means to stack trains ready to leave for the watching public should mean that it too gets the attention it should deserve. What will be interesting now is how the roof and station comes together. I will likely be doing updates soon on how the parts for construction are prepared for use, so hope that is something people will look forward too.
  2. I know this has probably been mentioned but is there any chance of these being done with a headlight?
  3. Hello, A few photographs here from bringing the camera down to a lower level and trying to find vantage points that will soon prove to be popular. 144012 arrives into platform 2 with the L4 New North Eastern Railway tank 67803 sat at the far end of platform 1. 37424 aka 558 sits on the depot. Someone needs to have a look at those numbers applied to the front... 68014 makes an appearance in the north east away from its Chiltern duties. It will be possible for 68s to be seen on passenger workings as there is a loco hauled duty either way on what will be a Durham Coast and county circuit. This will be by DRS for Northern or by EWS for Regional Railways when running in an earlier period. 71000 Duke of Gloucester sits on the headshunt in front of platform 1. With the engine facing the station its presumed that the engine will have arrived on a charter that is booked into platform 3 and then uncoupled before making its way here to meet a tanker that will be placed on the road seen on the right. That will allow the engine to stand and take on water before then moving off layout to turn on the triangle at Norton. In order to get more interest and variety its expected that another engine could also be in this area facing the other way so that the steam engines would swap over, similar to what some do at York. Finally, 66780 a GBRf celeb is seen rounding the curve towards the station. There is a slight gap in the boards due to some of the scenery that has been added drying into place. Hope they are of interest.
  4. Hi... some news on whats still to be coming over the next few weeks. Firstly, I have been working on the scenic board for the junction again over the last few days. The railings are in place for the depot entrace and more are also in place for the far side of the loading yard headshunt. This week I am looking to make a start on the building that will go around the side of this area and create the backscene. The depot area still needs a little bit of attention but not much. This is mainly fixing buildings down so that they are in place and stopping light bleed from them given the LEDs are fixed into them. Signage is also needed for the area and buildings but this can happen towards the end. Extra fittings are now being put in for all the signal cabling, trunking, dummy point motors and boxes on the side. A lot of this is just being put as if its under the track, or over the ballast from trunking on the side. Secondly, plans are being looked at for the next board which will see the start of the station and its over roof begin. Originally, I had designed the roof to be lifted out in sections - so that the people watching could look through and see the inner workings of the station. The downside to this was that in doing so it might weaken the over all roof as the cross struts would bear the weight of the roof sections lifted and slot into areas marked where the brackets ontop of the columns met. The plan now is for the roof structs to be fixed in place so that the roof in its entirety is more a fixed structure and then brings more structural strength. The areas where the tiles for the roof will slit into slots that line up along the entire roof length meaning they can be pushed along and thus moved so as much of the station roof is open as you would like. This might be slightly more tricky to open up, but if the slots work fine then they should give good viewing. Other areas of the roof would still show through clear glass on top. Cleaning track might also be an issue, but the idea is that these are worth sorting if it means that the station itself and its over roof is a lot stronger and a lot more durable for transport. More photos and news on this as it slowly progresses. Thanks all.
  5. Hello all, Some more photos of the junction board getting attention. More grass has been applied down between the tracks and the ballasting has continued into the station. With this being done, extra details are being applied to the board so that the scenery comes together. Here, engines are being placed on the layout for a view of how it could look in the end. There are still some areas to go over with ballast and the building that will go over the corner is yet to be built. The A2, Thunderchild stands on platform 2 to gauge how close the signal is and its very tight between line access into platform 1 but remains in gauge. Charters will be using platform 1 when they are on the layout so in the end there should not be any issues. The photo above shows the main junction painted and ballasted. More is being done to add details. Extra ballast has been placed on an approach line as the grass I thought ended up too close. The fencing for the yard is starting to be fitted. More photos of this soon. 37424 is caught (yet again) posing for the camera on the exit of the depot. Signage and gates and fencing is all still to be placed here. The white mark next to the ground signal is filler that is covering a hole from when it was moved. Signal trunking has been added to the area. Track on the junction and approach is yet to be cleaned. Finally for this update, a photograph of the junction board as the viewer will see the layout. There are more details to be added to this which should happen over the weekend. Comments and feedback, as always are most welcome.
  6. Hello, A few more photographs of the progress on the layout with the junction area seeing yet more attention. In the last few days, rails and sleepers have been painted and ballasting for the area started. There have been some problems with the signals loosing connection, requiring attention and repair. This has now all been done. The road ways around from the depot alongside the head-shunt and the road round from the distribution yard to the side have both been placed down. Thanks to the ballast that was purchased and having static grass to hand, there has been a lot of ballasting done on the main open areas between the pointwork. Some points have been started to be covered. The board is about half done with some areas of the ballast to be given darker shades away from the main running lines and some to have grass growing throughout. Scenic details such as fences, barriers and bushes are all still to add. 71000 Duke of Gloucester is seen in the yard head-shunt trialling where engines could go to take on water. Having looked at this I think that area won't be used, with the main areas to be where 37424 is seen in the photo and the siding at the end of the loading area loop. GBRf celeb 66 is getting in on the action to be seen standing in front of the through line signal rather than everything being 37424. Platforms are placed to get a general idea of where these will be sited, but those noticing detail will already see that the platform has been cut and placed around the signal for platform 5. And finally, 37424 / 558 is seen parked up on the head-shunt at the end of platform 6. Grass and ballast is all down for this with the barriers and fencing still be to be fitted. Hope that's of interest. Comments and feedback is welcome. Next updates might be a while as I am at Goodwood Festival of Speed!
  7. Not quite... Im very happy with have a J27 at all!
  8. You must be real fun at parties... Ah well. I tried. Over to Porcy...
  9. Just done a quick copy and paste when bored in a teams meeting to enlarge the number. Try 65899.
  10. No. I just looked at the number on a big screen and read the number plate as that. Thats what I thought was needed and thus tried to help. But the world is still turning...
  11. A quick search into google will show that this is to be released by Bachmann. A link to it on their site from said Google search brings you to this: https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/product/class-47-7-47711-'greyfriars-bobby'-br-blue-(large-logo)/31-665 Add that its all on ebay, (which means there is a way to dispute a scam and thus people will be much less likely to do it as it will cost them to put the product/sale right) - gives you some protection as well if you were interested in the sale. All looks good to me.
  12. It would be very nice.... but also got those 142s coming too!
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