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  1. I was thinking Model Rail looked at this so the model has been on the radar for some for a while. Why do I think either Bachmann will be kicking themselves over this, or going to duplicate the model on the back of the 94xx. Despite being someone known for his love of North Eastern stuff, I can see one of these mini-monsters ending up on my layout.
  2. The thing is with ficticious liveries is they can be so much fun. I started off doing some for a layout where the trains used were painted to justify running on the layout - these being an Arriva 37/4, Transrail 25, Loadhaul 08, GBRF 58 and a Scotrail class 57. A regional railway class 50 was done and thats one I still have. Some of these were sold on but others have taken their place - steam can be fun too with colours in BR lined schemes catching a few people out. Diesels too in the privitisation sector offer a whole range of choice, which Ben has really tapped into. A Colas 58, EWS 57
  3. I think the NRM edition will be popular. Yet, if Accurascale want a suggestion - I will just park this here: I'd love this with EM2 speaker, DCC Sound, etc.... wowzers!
  4. More things announced. Hardwick for the NRM. Interesting... but will focus minds on what can be done for the niche market and whats in the NRM in M... That 15xx was a dead cert to be done, but why do I think of duplication reading that. Was Model Rail mag not thinking of doing it? Or Bachmann on the back of the 94xx... The Hunslet should be interesting. Can see that being popular and yet there still will be more to come. The wish list poll data from last time is till pointing a lot in the direction of things to come in terms of steam and transition, but the diesel a
  5. Update: Work has continued on trackwork and electrics - with the main junction now more or less complete. To do this I have removed a station board and put that into the garage, while having got a new board done for the other have of the junction and the yard entrance. I have discussed how the yard could be done with my brother - who always says has little interest, despite asking frequently how its going and will no doubt, be operating at an exhibition. The issues around this centre how best to get the train into the area and unloaded, with the engine able to run round. While Andrew fav
  6. To my knowledge - TTS still wasnt done then. Think your looking at a ESU 3.5 Loksound decoder into that.
  7. Think I've mentioned it before, but some of the special Northern 156's would be great - but think that might be a job for after market transfers. I would like the Bishop Auckland one, but think that might not be as popular - others like the Settle and Carlisle or NRM might be popular to be done, although the S+C one has been done before so something different might be a better idea. Ones that would fit the curved profile of the livery would be: Settle to Carlisle Hadrians Wall York NRM Bishop Auckland.
  8. Theres a few here that do commissions. Check 'squirrel rail' here or Bens resprays or Blueeighties. Think they should be able to help you.
  9. With respect, that's a very round-about way of saying yes it does. Contracts are signed so Bachmann get them eventually, or if not things like the chassis are developed and save masses of costs on developing their own. Its a clever and shrewd way of doing it. It rightly works for Bachmann - but they get more out of it than they let on.
  10. Id like to hope so... but NRM with Bachmann seem oblivious to the museums own history. In fact I did speak to those involved with NRM in Miniature and suggested Aerolite with the S&D "Old Gentleman's Saloon" as a combination pack. That would sell like proverbial hot cakes, but alas its North Eastern... Bachmann have a habit of picking off NRM models that they want in their own collection. Making them for limited special release before then moving them into their own catalogue. Western City class did so, the GNR Atlantics paved the way for the Southern variant which is what Bach
  11. To be fair, Bachmann have done this with a lot of the NRM Collection releases. The prototype Deltic model took just about everyone by surprise.
  12. Except the NRM Collection / Bachmann appears not to do North Eastern...
  13. Lion / Thunderbolt is a model that I can see following quickly on the back of the Rocket release
  14. I wouldn't say Hatton's let it out of the bag. Its fairly straight forwards to guess the logical what-would-be popular locomotives for entry into pre-grouping and some of these have now been made or announced. In fact Rails are slowly ticking them off... one by one...
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