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  1. Wonder how many people have just gone back to the last page to check... (I'm one of them)
  2. Check the Ken Hoole Collection at Head of Steam museum Darlington but you will need to arrange this in advance. Another idea is google but am thinking you will have already tried that. One final suggestion is facebook as there is a South Durham disused railways group and putting a message there might get a result. Not sure if Wolsingham was built by NER. Might have been Stockton and Darlington and then when this passed to NER the latter extended further up the line.
  3. I had issues with this and Railcom kept reactivating!
  4. If you just used a varnish I think results would be as good.
  5. I give up... should have put Hornby only did... too busy multi-tasking... when getting ready to go and blow something up on World of Warships...
  6. Err.... Advensa has never been done as a Hornby class 66 and a full spec one will suit a fair few people. Yes it was a failed company but its one that can suddenly turn up and can be the 'novelty' class 66. I bet some get it to get every company too. Stands a good chance I think.
  7. I think the Grey GBRf would easily be popular as GBRf is very popular so having one done in grey that contrasts to the fleet I think would be a good seller. Add that in grey it spent a lot of time doing the Tyne to Drax coal/biomass turns and that lines up nicely with the forthcoming Accurascale wagons. Instant seller there if you ask me. Advensa has never been done as a class 66 livery by anyone. Yes it was a failed company but its one that can suddenly turn up and can be the 'novelty' class 66. I bet some get it to get every company too. Stands a good chance I think.
  8. Kind of... I was hoping for loads of pictures of 66's that people wanted and tried to set that ball rolling...
  9. If I was drawing up a list of second release suggestions for Hattons: would be something like: 66044 EWS 661xx EWS - think the run would need 2. One with mirrors, one without as before. 664xx DRS Compass 6641xx DRS Compass unbranded 66434 Fastline 666xx Freightliner standard livery 667xx Bug eye fixed Europort livery (GBRf blue and yellow?) 667xx Bug eye 66/9 low emmission GBRF 66748 GBRf Grey 668xx Advensa As for celebs to add on: 66747 in NWT 66731 NHS 667-- HMS Argyll 667-- Chinook
  10. Hello all, Time for another update as things progress. Sadly, as mentioned above I had Covid-19 so it put a break on things being done. Getting back to work has also seen me need to find time on this where I can. Still, onwards.... As the line from the station and past the holding area takes shape, it has now got to the area where it will have a river scene. As the first diagrams show this was envisaged to fit in somewhere after the junction but the loading area was moved all over the place to try and fit in. With it being put in the space next to the junction the bridges that g
  11. I think it might be interesting to see some of these given the Hattons upgrade and treatment, but think too that there is likely to be exclusivity agreements signed for some, such as the London Transport twins. However, think some such as 66779 might be done again if NRM or GBRf sign on. I think the GBRf grey is a good idea, but so is more standard ones like a bug eye versions of both standard and low emssions as they sold out very well. GBRf Chinook or HMS Argyll would be good to be done and so far no footballers either... ( I wont be buying any Sunderland version!) A Fastline
  12. I respect your points and see what you mean. If that Hattons 66 worked with no faults the fanfare across the industry would be deafening. However, the model has had a somewhat infamous release so far. I think the model of the year result is deserved. There must be many people with the engines running on layouts that are very impressed with them. I do wonder how many will have noticed all the faults the model might have. How many do go down to test all lighting functions, how many will actually notice the incorrect lighting configuration on the bug eye version? Getting the body off
  13. I would think given its model of the year that hattons are bound to do a second run given its has obviously been popular. Fixing some faults would help, but I wonder what other liveries people would want. I would also be in line for a grey GBRf 66 as pictured above, with an EWS 66 with different font or bold for the EWS and number - maybe 66044!! As it was mentioned months ago. What other ones would others want?
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