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  1. Had a look at ordering but website appears to be broken unfortunately.
  2. I also asked the about progress or any changes ect, on the NRM Facebook page regarding the Nrm version but nothing, not a word.
  3. Unfortunately when you do work for a model shop it's shocking how many his name comes up... Trains stopped working well its pull of pet hair.. Oh this guy on you tube said its fine... Let me guess.... Yep Sam's trains.. I've serviced my train by watching you guessed it... Sam's trains... Oh dear... Usually caked in oil. Sadly these guys who are not children... They look at how many views or subscriptions he has and think oh he must be well regarded... Then follow his rather poor advice. As I say they have become so frequent now I've just started turning them aw
  4. You don't have to fix the models he's wrecked lol I do... Sadly his servicing and his recommendations is that of someone that has no idea what he's doing.. So much so I refuse to repair them so I told them to send the models back to Hornby... Seeing as they use him from time to time.
  5. Sadly it's a cry for attention... And very biased... Say he's only in it for money... And has no interest in this hobby. I'm mean he has to pay for subscriptions and viewers... Tells you everything. Waste of server space.
  6. It does look that way. The ducker brake end look very Stroudley. Also interesting in the video Simon says they have been working on this for 2/3 years so pre dates Hattons announcement by a year possibly 2.
  7. Some images on my model group have been up a few days look good very nice could be a wallet drainer lol
  8. It's a good question... One I wish I knew... Obviously as you say Bonchurch is best known and the last one to be put in to that livery. As I model what I can see on a photograph, oddly I've only seen 1 all black o2 in southern and BR and that was Totland (typically the one I wanted to do) Ones I've seen photos of, w15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 Most were in malachite before hand so had a transfer placed over, some were overhauled like Bonchurch and went straight in to malachite BR.
  9. Yes I half expect in the not to distant future O2's may appear or a re run of popular versions, with the only o2 being put in to BR malachite expect there will be a model at some point plus 2 for the price of 1 as they just put transfers over Southern down here.
  10. Well I did get a motor from digitrains, however I've only just got back round to the model as I'm having to build a spare chassis.. As well as finish another I rescued, and run a business at rhw same time, but it looks like it should work.. I I did do a quick check and worked OK.
  11. Looking good Simon, it's a shame you don't have time to print yourself... Best thing I've done is to leave shapeways... $38 once every couple of months compared to £800 per month... I don't mind them making money thata fine but there's just no money in it for me with the base price being so high.. Good thing for you is the items are smaller compared to what I do as they charge for space they can't use which doubles the price for me.. Used to be £35 for a carriage body shell now its £65-70.. Total carriage costs £140 via shapeways... Money I make £5 per carriage.
  12. Agree John fact is they have given us a vague idea of price trying to keep it below £200... However they haven't confirmed said price yet... So I think they need to look at this before ruling we can't do it.. Tampo print it on a transfer sheet.. I'm just slightly worried having a £200 model that looks half finished... I wouldn't be comfortable with it. Sadly the most common word I'm hearing with ROS recently is comprimise... However at this price I would hope it to be perfection.. I would be happy to pay a little more If it's right.
  13. Tampo printing is generally the standard method of decorating models most will go through a colour spray booth... Masked with templates.. Then various passes through the tampo machines, can be a lot of work pending on how complex the livery is. There are various other ways depending on complexity seen various different ways Hornby had a dmu I can't remember which but it was a slid over the side and took the form and shape of the complex side. Was very interesting.
  14. That's a bit disappointing I saw this on the photo and looked a bit unfinished not something I would be expecting from a high end model... Surely there is a way around the complex shape having seen various livery applications at factors... I am starting to have concerns...
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