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  1. Missed out on a SER Saloon on eBay... £75 for a damaged kit... Probably will never see one of those again..

  2. Hello been a while, So I completed the above a while ago, I now have 2 printers of my own, after Shapeways problems, and squeezing and margins I had... so change of direction, and I can control my own QC. With my own printers I can get experimental and try some new things, and also replace some older models which have bowed over time... I have re-printed the GN Directors saloon.... split in to 3 like the above carriage but using the original chassis. Other projects on the go, with a big thanks to the gents at the Isle of Wight steam railway, I have been attempting to rebuild the Oldbury stock, with the lovely stained glass windows, having tackled orientation and which way up was the best to print them, I have all printed, although not quite had the time to finish them off... so sitting in primer awaiting some spare time...
  3. Hi Tony, If you own the model may I make a suggestion? Like you I am not a fan of Shapeways and your not happy with what you have. Have a look at 3d hubs. This is a site where people have their home printers listed, and usually these guys are really good. As it shows you people in the UK it's cheaper and quicker and usually better quality than Shapeways. Look for SLA, DLP resin printers... And and it will give you a rough price, and you can look at what each person offers and what resolution you want... Very handy and very good quality and also quick. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi Tony, Its mentioned on the 3d print groups on RMWEB but it's something you learn through expirence, and knowledge of that model. For example your locomotive probably should of been printed on its end or at an angle, due to its boiler which may have removed some of the flatter faces which make up a circle. I probably would of removed the chimney and dome and printed them separately, to improve quality. I have 2 printers of my own and I've had to change the model positioning twice to get a good print but now I've found where it's happy I just have to stick with that position. But as I say its more expirence than anything else. As I mentioned this really put me off Shapeways as they don't care much about the quality they care how many models they can put in the machine... Which then affects the quality.
  5. Nice looking model, 3d printing does offer us the chance to produce kits and models no one else has. The problems with Shapeways is all too familiar... They do need a lot of work and prep to remove the layers... What would of helped this particular print is its orientation which hasn't helped... Problem is Shapeways don't always look despite designers being allowed decide which way it gets printed. Sadly it's more get as much in as possible maximum profit sadly quality takes a dip. So I purchased my own no more problems. You will still get some lines with resin but a lot less work required. Shapeways do offer resin but not to public I think.... Overall you have a nice model. And one of a kind.
  6. Thanks it's a bit old now 14 years old, but it was fun to build on a low budget... As the layout is likely to be broken up when the house sells I hope I can rebuild it one day.
  7. For those who didn't make it to the show, or missed my original post, a few clips and photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmDMHFkd
  8. I made the journey again from the Isle of Wight to meet a few modellers and club members, wasn't to sure about this years show, but again a good show by the RD&MRC high quality layouts, some of which were struggling in the heat, fair few derailments, I saw Leighton Buzzard wasn't hot enough so they had the soldering iron out... overall a good show... well done. Also very busy! Was just calming down at 3pm on Saturday. I have collected some footage and photos, and put it all together, camera died at 3pm as well so I think we all struggled. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmDMHFkd
  9. Looks like a kit of Lion... Having built one... One of the worst, had to build a new chassis for mine, new wheels, outside cranks, castings... Meh not great a lot of fettling.. But have fun with it if it is.
  10. Afternoon, sadly I don't post up much these days, as I am just so busy with customer work... and also changing over couplings to Kadees... meaning some 3D printing to make pockets for various kit built rolling stock. Anyway. I have finished 3 carriages recently, with a fourth not too far behind... when I find time between trying to get research for transfers.. The LBSCR Directors saloon was completed end of last year, thanks to a great number of people at the Bluebell, photographers, carriage and wagon workshop loads of people.... thanks to all of them. Next finished for the LNWR competition a little while ago, not that it won anything but I didn't expect it to..... This observation car, was a bit of paint lots of parts, lots of individual seating, which I will have to change for easier installation, however it does look good for a 3D printed carriage. This was my proper first go with a bow pen... it came out ok, I'm not Ian Rathbone yet... lol but one day who knows. Thanks to the generous member who allowed me some of his transfers as HMRS had none.. Another carriage is a bit of a compromise as I couldn't find a kit or sides to create a 50ft 1" birdcage lav brake... so having a bit of spare cash... I purchased a discounted Birdcage brake third lav, which of course is 60ft... after looking at various drawings and diagrams of the interior, I gave it the chop.. the bottoms of the mouldings between the windows on Bachmann's has rounded corners where as the carriage I wanted to do had squared or 90 degree angle corners. So had to compromise there... the former 2nd class compartments were 1/2" longer... and had a different layout, the layout was changed sadly the compartment sizes couldn't. Overall it looks ok..
  11. Sadly I don't have any drawings on me, I managed to get some bits and pieces from London Transport museum, however most of my research was done with a tape measure and camera. As I couldn't find much on them.
  12. Hello, I've just been given a Dapol n gauge hymek to repair... I have to say I'm not impressed withe drive train of this model... The one I have again lost drive motor turns bogies again not turning. Taken it apart to find the top gear has lost most of its teeth... On both towers. On most models with bogies they have a universal joint Dapol's doesn't so the top gear will be chewed up as the bogie tries to turn across the worm... In my view that's quite a big design flaw.. Just a very strange design... Even if I replace the bogie tower the problem will return at some point.
  13. Look quite nice, sadly not ordered any due to the ones being released don't really appeal to me yet. I see they have various tooling types so hopefully one day but not today sadly. Stepney in preserved condition rather than A1 would of been more appealing to younger people. As I say I will hold fire ordering any at this stage.
  14. Adding a nice new cover image to my profile, nice and different :)

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