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  1. I suspect that you are correct, but the thing is Farish still haven't released items (or even given an ETA) that they announced two and a half years ago that were simply reliveries of existing items. It seems to be an issue of the priority of productions slots as well the tooling itself.
  2. It's not out yet. May/Jun according to the Bachmann website.
  3. Right thanks, but I was just thinking of them being used as normal hauled stock without any push pull capacity.
  4. To be honest I just meant as straight forward hauled stock, I wasn't really thinking of using them as a push-pull unit, but now that you mention it, it would be a good idea.
  5. Could they be used as loco hauled stock? I know that there's a MK3 surplus and possibly the ETH/brakes aren't compatible, but could it be done without any major work?
  6. "No you idiot, I said I wanted a sand COLOURED Western...." Carlyon Bay, St.Austell, Cornwall 1992
  7. I think it's because Cruise prefers practical effects on his films, that's why he's often doing the mad stunts for real.
  8. Thanks. I've also found this picture which looks like they've used 2x RBR?? instead.
  9. I was looking for some pics of Deltics at Bradford Interchange and it seems that the King Cross to Bradford trains regularly had two restaurant cars (RMB & RU???) which seems a bit OTT for a train with only five passenger coaches!
  10. I bought some cut to size Plywood from these guys a few years ago. https://www.woodsheets.com/
  11. Thanks there's some interesting wagons like the ex-Scunthorpe Tippler. So was Rail Ring Roll what the site was officially called?
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