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  1. I've just noticed this in the schedules. I don't know what it will be like, but it might be worth a look. It's labelled as a series, but I can only see a single episode in the schedule. DOCUMENTARY: Scotland's Scenic Railways On: Channel 4 (4) Date: Sunday 15th December 2019 (starting in 6 minutes) Time: 19:00 to 20:00 (1 hour long) An anytime alert is set for 15 minutes before the programme starts Beneath vast mountains and across open moorlands, Scotland's railways connect coastal towns and rural villages through a Highland landscape voted the world's most beautiful railway. This programme meets the people who work on the railway and the steam enthusiasts who safeguard these iconic routes, offering a glimpse into a diverse community united by a passion for the nation's railways. (New Series, Audio Described, Subtitles)
  2. I came across these pics on Flickr of the workings last Oct, so I just thought I'd post them here... I think this is from Feb of this year
  3. A bit of gratuitous 70s Freightliner/NW Hoover porn (minus the moustache). Golborne, D422 4A56 (15.36 Heysham Harbour - London York Way) 24/08/71.
  4. I came across these pictures from Abram Disposal Point, Leigh in the late 70s on Flickr which struck me as any easy conversion of the Hornby MSC version. In fact i did wonder if this one originally came from the MSC??
  5. D8118 & D8115 on Ayr Harbour to Waterside mineral empties 11 04 1968
  6. Dalmellington 1978 Note the use of "tenders" 1977 1971 1986
  7. Some nice footage of South Wales collieries such as Abersychan, Talywain, Mardy (Maerdy) , Graig Merthyr & Brynlliw
  8. Littleton Colliery I reckon this shot would make a nice Christmas card 1970 1977 These are from a Special Photographic Charter in 1993 at Littleton just before its closure 1971 1970
  9. Actually there are some of Hartshead in 1970 in this collection by J.W.Sutherland http://manlocosoc.co.uk/sutherland/ws-165-list.html
  10. Thanks Kev. Unfortunately I could only find pictures of the Hartshead locos when they were being moved to Embsay in 1977.
  11. A few more at Acton Lane Power Station Open Day 1979 Open Day 1981 "In this picture, BIRKENHEAD's fire is dropped, bringing to an end the commercial use of steam engines on railways in London" 1979 1971 1974
  12. When I was looking for something else on Flickr I came across this picture which shows that there has already been a railtour on the new track before it was even completed!
  13. Why would a nearby coking plant affect the colour???
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