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  1. montyburns56

    Weston Town N Gauge 5x2 Modern Image

    I was about half way through watching your video and I was thinking that a Voyager would be just the right length for the shorter platforms and lo and behold... Also I've got a layout very similar in size and design to yours, but now I'm thinking that I should have designed it like yours with a big terminal station on the upper level. Is it too late to rebuild I wonder?
  2. montyburns56

    new 70s- 80s br blue layout build

    I love the fact that you've got more locos than wagons!
  3. I might be wrong, but in the time lapse video they aren't flat plates like steel sleepers, they are solid rectangular blocks.
  4. Those brick extensions they've built to accommodate the extra height are particularity ugly as well. Also it's weird how they seem to have used wooden sleepers for the replacement track.
  5. montyburns56

    Farish RRP increase

    I wouldn't rush out and buy the Sealink coaches straight away as I suspect that they'll end being discounted after a while as they are quite a niche item, or I'd buy the TSO's and see if the BSKs end up in the bargain bins.
  6. Thanks for that Gareth, hopefully mine will end up looking similar to yours. Funnily enough I have also found a picture of Janus where the shade of green is different to that on the picture I posted, but is very similar to the shade of green that you have used. I wasn't sure if perhaps it had been repainted during it's life at Trafford Park or if it was just an issue with the colour reproduction of the photograph.
  7. I've bought one of those cheap Oxford Rail BP Janus locos that Hattons were selling off cheap in order to make it look like the one that ran at Trafford Park in the 90s. The trouble is I'm struggling to find a spray paint that matches the colour, which seems to be similar to Freightliner Green, but does anyone know of one that is a close match and comes in a spray? Another issue is trying to recreate the Trafford Park Estates roundel and the R A Lawday nameplate, but I can't find any close up pictures of either. Does anyone know of a source or have one in their collection?

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