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  1. I'm just posting this one as it looks slightly incongruous to have a steam engine pulling some old hopper style wagons with the modern British Steel logo on one of them. It does beg the question when was the logo introduced? Harrington Coal Preparation Plant, Lowca, Cumbria, 22nd June 1972.
  2. I hadn't noticed them until you pointed them out. The odd thing is they don't look as if they would contain enough water to fill a single engine!
  3. Snowdown Colliery 1974 This picture says that Snowdown station is in the background so it would make for an interesting 1970s model with an industrial steam loco shed nearby. 1977 Open Day 1978 Would you like to see a 70s picture with a Bulleid Class 12 shunter, an electro diesel and a steam engine all in the same frame? Would you like to see a 70s picture with a Class 71 using the 750v overhead and steam loco in the same frame? A close up of the Class 12 showing the BFB wheels
  4. Snowdown Colliery Open Day 1978 Date Unknown 1970 1972
  5. "British Rail found a solution to the problems caused by an inefficient AGA cooker fitted to its Restaurant coach"
  6. This shot just screams out to be turned into a diorama or a cakebox layout. St. John's Colliery Bothy 1972
  7. I'm wondering if these haven't sold quite as well as Hattons were hoping as it's now two years since they were first released and they still have plenty of stock of all of the versions apart from the CPC one, which is ironic as I thought that would be the one that would be the least popular.
  8. It's interesting that some of the Farish items announced last year that were just reliveries of existing items, still won't be available in the next three months, yet some 00 items that have only just been announced will be available in the next three months. I think we can see what Bachmann is prioritising right now and it certainly isn't their Farish range.
  9. I originally went to the Bachmann website to see the new announcements and they've got a big "British Railway Announcements" splash on the front page, but when you click on it it sends you to a blank page!
  10. Yeah thanks, I realised that after I posted my comment.
  11. Wow, you've managed to capture of infrastructure of Didsbury perfectly, even with the Rhodes Clock Tower! Are you building the whole station?
  12. You have to be quick though as they've only got 76 of the 1st class coaches left!
  13. That the was the one that sprung to mind for me as well, although it was actually built as a combined road & rail bridge so it's not totally obsolete.
  14. I think I've worked out why the sleeper services have to be so heavily subsidized....
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