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  1. I can't imagine that anyone would ever want a model of this monstrosity..... No. 65 at Cadley Hill Shed 1979 Shilbottle 1970 Polkemmet 1979
  2. To be honest I don't know just how rare this kind of thing was at the time, but it's cool photo anyway. Ruscombe 1975
  3. I remember seeing one of them at the The Great Railway Exposition at Liverpool Road Station in 1980, although I believe it was her sister loco No. 2.
  4. Yeah, it seem that you are right as I found this pic on Flickr at Coed Ely.
  5. Yeah, I think they built that when they reworked the road layout in 2017??, but they don't seem to have got any further than that.
  6. Need inspiration for a diorama? Graig Merthyr Colliery 1970
  7. The Green Cross Code man 1960s style.... Burradon Social Club Crossing 1969
  8. Does anyone know exactly what this is as it kind of looks a bit American influenced. NCB Ashington 1969
  9. Some great Christmas card material in this lot.. All by David Ford Feb 1986
  10. Is Port Salford still a thing? I've been hearing about this mystical rail connection for years with very little progress it seems.
  11. Yes, this really is a railtour in open wagons on a line with overhead catenary.... Harton Electric Railway 1968
  12. It was a pun that needed to be made, but it was serious comment as well, because if the cement ships have returned then what was the point of the track relaying?
  13. You know I've only just noticed the narrow gauge line in the foreground!
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