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  1. I do like the dual station at Launceston. GWR/SR modeller's dream - different companies stock, legitimately running along side eachother.
  2. Hello! Marytavy is an interesting case. When the LSWR had running rights from Lydford to Plymouth, the GWR installed the second platform and passing loop to enable a more frequent service. However, this was a relatively short-lived piece of Launceston branch infrastructure. Once the LSWR had completed their line from Lydford to Plymouth, the GWR removed the passing loop (1890ish). The signalling was removed at the same time, with the signal box assigned a new role as a goods 'lock-up': a ground frame installed to work the siding. All traffic was dealt with by the 'dow
  3. Hello! I am here, but haven't any modelling time since returning to work in September. I have a Year 6 class this year, and they are very far behind due to lockdown. Some of them did nothing at all between March and September... Anyway, half term starts next Friday at 3:30! So hopefully I'll be able to do some modelling again in between ripping up carpet and repainting upstairs (ha!). Cheers, Nick.
  4. Don't worry about hijacking the thread at all. I'm always interested to learn more about the Branch. A copy of E Lyons Historical Survey of Great Western Engine Sheds has arrived and been most useful - the GWR standard running shed diagram will be used to help inform the building drawing (height and fittings etc). Unless anyone knows of the location of the actual drawing? Regards, Nick.
  5. Thanks, David. That is much clearer than the one I have.
  6. Having asked about the loco shed, are any of Launceston’s other structures (station building and goods shed) depicted anywhere else? Regards, Nick.
  7. Hi! Thanks Harlequin; that’s really helpful. Building really, but if there is anything else useful that would be really helpful. I do have a couple of track plans (from the King Book) so any better ones are alway useful for the Brinkly archive! Cheers, Nick.
  8. Greetings, I'm sure I'm not imaging this but does anyone know where I might track down a copy of Launceston (GWRs) locomotive shed plan? I know it exists but cannot for the life of me remember where I saw it. I was discussing its potential use as a prototype with a friend over the phone (who is just getting into N gauge) and said I'd send it on to him (insert eek face!). Any help would be greatly apricated! Kind regards, Nick.
  9. I was wondering the same thing. Regards, Nick.
  10. I wasn’t entirely sure what other bits and bobs would go inside the building, so yes in answer to your question! Although, I’ll need to do a bit of research. I think so re right. Something warm and not too bright. I have drilled a hole in the floor behind the fireplace for the electrical fitters.
  11. I did get the joke, Simon. Hence the laughing emoji!
  12. He does have a fire; although, that single glazing (with a crack in the top panel) doesn't help!
  13. I soldered up a Seven Models desk, table and filling cabinet. I've left the table out as it was a little too big for the space. I just need to bend a chair up for Arthur Stephens, a Princetown porter, working week and week about at Merrivale.
  14. Greetings, The missing parts from the weighbridge arrived yesterday, so I decided to crack on a little further with the building. With the lovely photographs of Gara Bridge that Tim shared and Mikkel's GWR light blue distemper paintwork, which I wasn't even aware of, I opted to repaint the inside of the weighbridge. The woodwork received a coat of Precision GWR chocolate, simply as I have a small tin of Satin paint which I wanted to start using up and the top was a mix of Humbrol 34 (Matt White) and a dash of 96 (RAF Blue). The dado rail was painted in Matt White, to in
  15. I've really enjoyed catching up with your thread, George. Cracking stuff as always. Best wishes, Nick.
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