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  1. I cannot confirm, or deny, that I would do either of these actions!
  2. I'm sure the Captain will issue a statement expressing that he is ... unable to confirm or deny the existence of such a list!
  3. The Western Region mainline is always a most acceptable subject to model!
  4. I don't think the Captain would sully his good name, or reputation, by being associated with that particular organisation. I hope not anyway! I hold the Captain in the highest regard . It would rather be like finding one's father on there!
  5. He always has a cunning plan ready. ... ... Thank you very much m'Lord
  6. That looks Brilliant Trevor. I have one on my to-do pile! Is it Jackson Evans (now owned by Precision Paints) who produce the County detailing kit? Kind regards Nick
  7. I thought it was just me but clearly isn't! I have exactly the same issue. Regards Nick.
  8. Going back to weathering techniques, I repainted this trio of Bachmann 16 ton mineral wagons using Ammo by Mig products. This was my first go at weathering, however, I think the results are quite convincing so far. I need to finish weathering the chassis and look at adding powders but they are coming along. Best wishes Nick
  9. Clever idea Tim. Looks good. Regards Nick
  10. I always work from a photograph: it makes life so much easier! One example being 4569: it was painted into BR lined green and had the larger late crest applied to the side tanks. I don't think many other 45xxs carried this larger example. The majority seemed to carry the medium, or small, version of the later crest. The other thing to look out for are safety valves. Some had tall and some the shorter!
  11. Hi Alex If memory serves me, there are either a pair of screws or clips in the cab near the bunker. I took the whole loco apart, boiler and all, to fit replacement safety valve, whistle (I think), smokebox dart and other smaller fittings. This thread - Bachmann 45xx detailing - is very useful. When I get home, I'll have a proper look and see what I did. Regards Nick.
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