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  1. Always nice dealing with Mr Mosby. :drink_mini: Top gent. 

  2. Yesterday, I bought some guttering and down pipe parts from ModelU, which look rather nice. This was the cheapest order placed this weekend! I think the modelling mojo has returned. :) 

    1. bgman


      I will leave my foot where it is then......keep going old chap !

    2. Alister_G


      Hmmm, so did I. They do look very good.

  3. Hello old boy, I suspect with removable loads, mounted on 'fake' floors. I need to do a bit of research as to what stone traffic Merrivale produced; I suspect a lot of it would have been dressed stone. I also need to think about which wagons, bar RCH 5 plank, would have been potentially used there in the 1950s. I don't know if Medfits would have been used? Cheers, Nick.
  4. A very enjoyable read, Tim. I've only just come across this. Best wishes, Nick
  5. Hello Gerry, Thank you for sharing your lovely model; real aspiration there! I do have a large stash of Mitchell 2-6-2 kits, which includes a 44xx. At the moment, I am debating building my 44xx in the same GWR livery as yours and having a mid 1930s time frame. Being pragmatic, it would make most sense to set it in the early 1950s and model 4410 in black with early BR crest, but I do like the old GWR shirt button logo. 44xx and an elderly pannier tank would be more than sufficient motive power wise... Think cap still on! Kind regards, Nick.
  6. Thanks for all your comments and @Blandford1969 for the beautiful photographs. I've spent quite a lot of time over the last couple of days and have a few possible ideas. One idea is to adapt Coryton or Dousland (both had very similar track plans); however, I suspect these could become quite long as a fiddle yard would be required at either end, resulting in a scenic layout being 12-14 feet long. Another possible idea I've had would be to model a slice the proposed (but never built) Merrivale branch, which would have run from Swell Tor on the Princetown branch to Merrivale quarry. The track plan could be similar to Lower Rose Goods, which is simple, but interesting. This branch never got beyond the drawing board, but would be believable and relatively easy to model as traffic would have been relatively light - freight only. Any structures would be based on prototypical examples on the branch, with a general air of demise hanging like grey mist over the whole scheme. The elderly 4410 slowly wheezing her way down the sharply curved line, a short string of 4-wheeler wagons and an AA15 ex GWR toad in tow... The remnants of Swell Tor Quary taken over the weekend. Small occupation bridge between Swell Tor Sidings and Ingra Tor Halt. I need to do some sketching!
  7. Thank you for all your comments and kind words. I've spend the last couple of weeks walking various bits of the Launceston and Pricentown branch lines. I'm going to continue with this as my main area of interest and have already started to think about adapting Coryton or Dousland's track plans into something. If I had a enough space, I would consider putting Horrabridge up, but I still feel I lack certain 'layout' skills, so feel I need to practice on something first. I also like the idea of having a small layout to take to local shows in the future, so something along the lines of 7-8 feet excluding fiddle yards would be a sensible.
  8. Having not posted for a while, I thought I would update everyone as to what has been happening during lockdown. I managed to dig the boards out and do a bit of work, wiring of the track, painting and ballasting was undertaken, coupled with a bit of basic landscaping. I dipped in and out over the course of about 8 weeks, with a view to going 'ta da!' this week. All sounding good so far... I put the boards back in the garage when I returned to work in June. Last week, we had a water pipe burst in the garage. Now our tale of disaster and destruction starts. Where were the boards? In the garage. And which model absorbed most said water - you guessed it: Whitchurch. I'm not going to post any photos, simply as I didn't take any of the destruction caused. I was too p***ed off over the whole affair. The whole lot went down to the tip. To say I'm annoyed is an understatement and as it stands I'm really not sure what to do next. Great start to this summer's modelling. Nick.
  9. Very enjoyable catch up, Alex. Great progress. Cheers, Nick.
  10. Excellent work, Mikkel. I am amazed with what you have already achieved with a model that I wouldn't have touched! Brilliant! Best wishes, Nick.
  11. Really nice to see you progressing, Rich. The track work has a nice flow to it and I think you made the right decision only having a singular siding. Less is more. Best wishes, Nick.
  12. Balcombe finished yet, John!? Nice work old boy. Best wishes, Nick.
  13. I haven't been on RMWeb for a while and it was a real treat that I came across your post! Excellent work, sir. It really does look excellent. well done. Best wishes, Nick.
  14. I know CPL produce 7mm printed upholstery, which looks rather nice. I've ordered some of their 4mm range to play about with.
  15. You have answered my question in the previous post! Very good stuff, Graham.
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