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  1. That looks excellent. GCR horses had it good! I like the mixed brick and stone effect, always adds a lot of character to a building.
  2. I can see the attraction of that! It even comes with built-in 'clickety-clack' effect - if a rather fast one
  3. I agree, and thanks for the tip on the magnets, very useful!
  4. Yes exactly! Perhaps a warehouse rather than a passenger platform. Anyway, back to Catalunya. I look forward to your scenics. Given the character of the place, the backscene should do most of the work in setting the scene, especially with your painting skills.
  5. Mikkel

    General Arrangement

    Thanks Richard. Those link spans, can I ask how you secure them to the layout sections?
  6. I'm always amazed at the speed with which you move from first thought to actual results. I like the revised trackplan very much, it is now resting safely in my secret folder of stolen ideas Interesting how the loco and stock already have a continental flavour, even at this stage. I'm wondering: IIRC you have a Mammoth already, so why build another?
  7. Nice work Corbs, no. 6 looks so much more SG now. Slight problem that it doesn't have a motor anymore either The blue livery looks so good on the K2, glad you're persiting with it.
  8. Mikkel

    General Arrangement

    That's an interesting arrangement. I have been thinking of how to link my layouts, and it never occurred to me to put the FY in the middle. Thanks for the inspiration!
  9. Lovely image, Mike. San Gimignano looks good. It is now on my list of places to go when the world returns to normal (a naive statement I suppose!).
  10. Excellent strategizing, Chris. With a little more work your wife will suggest the Bluebell herself next time. Fear not: https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/words-to-not-begin-sentences-with
  11. Lovely work, Rob. I'm also noticing how the vegetation acts as view blocks in these shots. I've always associated view blocks with stuctures - but clearly a bit of grass and low bushes can be enough, when seen at low level and done well like here. Incidentally, Mr Mutton, Sir, I'll be sending over a bill for rent. Your thread title is taking up one third of my phone screen in VNC . When two people push "like", it takes up my entire phone screen
  12. Good to see an update from North Leigh, Mike. Hope you got the points sorted. That's a nice shot of the NG quarry line, it strikes me that you're working in three gauges! As for Amy, nice painting but isn't it time she gave up this creative nonsense and got herself well married. One must get one's priorities straight.
  13. Very nice Duncan, looks like a good rendering of the panels. So this is one single print?
  14. You've got your priorities right, G. Platform looking good. The crew on the City are worried though, they've run out of track
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