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  1. Mikkel

    Mick Bonwick

    Still trying to digest this. I was only just getting to know Mick, and admired his rare combination of skill, modesty and humour on here. Generosity too, I was curious about some materials and before I knew it he had sent me some of his own. His weathering work was brilliant, the techniques were not complicated yet with his special touch things came to life in magical ways. Only wizards can do that. Rest in peace Mick.
  2. Not planning an HS2 protest scene then? Funny you should mention Broccoli, my (adult) daughter used exactly that word when seeing my trees first time
  3. Thank you BW. It's a shame that it is so blurred, but we must be thankful for any record of it. And these ghostly images of buildings speaking to us from the past can be quite fascinating. You will probably know that there is a drawing for this in "Great Western Horse Power" by J. Russel (p 199). One of the larger single-storey examples on the system, with 2 x 10 stalls + an annex with a "Loose Box", a provender store and a harness room. I also happen to be interested in the Cattle Market shown in your map, as I am thinking of featuring such a facility on my next layout. It will depend a bit on whether I can accommodate public access to it within the design. Your map illustrates how it could be done, thanks!
  4. Mikkel

    Little Muddle

    A rare Early arrival . Good to see outside frames on Little Muddle.
  5. That's exquisite Mark. As I have discovered, it's easy to make trees that look "tree-like". It's much harder to make them look like a particular species, and even harder to make a particular species look just right. You've done the latter here, really impresssive work. The oak will need a lot of space, is it for another diorama?
  6. Thanks for the update, Richard. Always interesting to follow the developments in this scale. I hadn't seen the Watlington layout before.
  7. Excellent modelling and attractive scenes. That shot beneath the canopy is great. I hadn't heard of joker modules before, a clever trick. It all sounds like an enjoyable get-together, nice to see such joint activities slowly coming to life again.
  8. I can see the thread! Judging by the sidebar RMweb seems to recognize you again. Those surrounds are really beginning to make a difference, I can begin to picture the final station now. Quite a step up from the more modest structures we've seen to date. I can imagine a certain station master being quite full of himself...
  9. Ah, Paris! Chris has had a go with string here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/82047-traeth-mawr-building-coaches-mostly/&do=findComment&comment=4434807 Incidentally I've noticed a new range of Edwardian figures from Arch Laser here: https://www.osbornsmodels.com/arch-laser-osbf0020-oo-gauge-edwardian-passengers-oo--176-scale--unpainted-set-of-six-51528-p.asp
  10. The rubber brushes sound interesting, thanks for the info Matt. I've just had a look at a video about them, but that was the usual bloke talking for ages before demonstrating what could be shown in 10 seconds - so I'd much rather hear about your experiences
  11. Thanks for an informative post, John. Do you happen to know the location of that last photo? I was thinking Reading Vastern Rd because of the trees, but the buildings look a bit too grand/tall for that.
  12. Interesting, I don't believe the step was included with mine. Looks like the smokebox step, as indicated on the model below.
  13. Just seen this. Good to see some more of Andrew's period figures! C126, you could do a diorama for them, e.g. a family gathering around their means of transport, or similar. I'm doing a street scene at the moment and was wondering if I should include a couple of Andrew's ladies promenading. Although on reflection I don't know how much of a walk even the more liberal Edwardian dresses allowed for?! I think I prefer Solomon's second attempt. Although less daring at first sight, the colours and the looks are really much more, well, sexy.
  14. I'm one of those who agree with you on that. Although that hasn't stopped me from playing around with one particular van - on the right below - based on speculative interpretation of one particular photo (details in this post).
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