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  1. Very nice Tim. Reasonably sure. The fundamental design features are right, including the manure pit and the vents beneath the window (replaced in Tim's shot but see link below). The location is indeed akward. However, although the goods shed is at some distance, the yard itself is just across the tracks via the barrow crossing. Significantly, the exchange sidings behind the stables may well have needed horse shunting (access beneath the footbridge?), and the creamery may have had some deal with the GWR. All of which would mean the stable block was centrally located. This photo on Warwickshire Railways - thanks Stephen - shows the stable block alledgedly in the 1930s: https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrmm991.htm (note unusual way of applying two-tone livery to the door by the way, I wonder if the creamery had taken over the structure by this point). There is also a nice overview shot here: https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrmm982.htm An alternative explanation is that this stable block was built specifically to serve the exchange sidings or creamery, with another couple of stalls located separately in the main yard. The old tramway terminus where the yard was built had stables in this building: https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrmm978.htm
  2. Many thanks. I consider you 3D modellers* to be pioneers and appreciate the challenges, so was just wondering. Even better if it's just the camera. * I meant printers
  3. Lovely little wagon. I assume it's OO? Looks like there's a slight curve to the body. Can that be rectified easily do you think, e.g. hot water and pressure?
  4. Mikkel

    Friday fish...

    Excellent model and an attractive prototype. Timber platforms just add that little bit of extra atmosphere.
  5. Sounds like an interesting project. The small stable blocks sometimes accommodated more stalls than one might think. The designs with 2 windows typically had 4-5 stalls: One step down from that is the standard 'archetype' design with a single window. Examples include: * Faringdon, of which there is a good photo on this page: http://www.faringdon.org/photos-of-faringdon-ferndale-st-park-road-station-untons-place.html * Moreton in Marsh, see: https://www.model-rail.co.uk/the-chris-leigh-blog-2/2018/9/11/moreton-in-marsh-memories I am not sure how many stalls those two housed, probably 2-3. Henley in Arden is among the smallest I've seen, with room for just a single horse: https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrha2768.htm
  6. Excellent work Mike. I'm really enjoying this. Useful to see how you made the annotated picture. It's always the last one, isn't it!
  7. That's annoying with the sink marks, are they from a recent batch do you think?
  8. Hurrah! I wasn't certain but remembered that you're into MTB. Kindly send the beer via Farthing, it will go well with the fresh supply of whiskey I've ordered
  9. It's driving me crazy that I can't see what it is! How about this?
  10. Hi Mark, yes well spotted, they are the “white shaded black” letters from one of the HMRS P.O. sheets. There's a blog post on the build here:
  11. Creo, the patron saint of railway modellers, strikes again!
  12. Your N6 horsebox must have been in the pipeline back then, Mike. Went back and looked at the album from Didcot that day. Took a lot of detail shots - some were posted here. A couple more:
  13. Excellent photos Al. I'm quite taken with the lighting, it's very good, especially in that opening shot.
  14. Very nice work. The Denley Moor situation is understandable, but worrying. Quick, think of all the hours you have invested in the GWR stock!
  15. A most impressive lighting rig. What kind of carriage are the lamps from? For the really big disasters, try tactical fogging.
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