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  1. Fully agree, very inspirational. What are you using to stick down the brown leaves etc? And does the gate need a bit of weathering?
  2. I suppose there's a risk that the overscale rod would change the overall "appearance" of the sides. Maybe worth a "dry run" to see how it looks? In any case, thank you for identifying this issue and experimenting with it, Chris, very useful.
  3. Mikkel

    Loch Awe - An overview...

    That looks superb already, Pete. You have turned layout design into an art form. Are there any whisky distilleries near Loch Awe? I ask because looking at the sketch of your Option B, it seems that you were having a drink as you went along
  4. Thanks all, it's just a figure of course, but they're like wagon kits - each is a small project of it's own and you get quick results Don, I wonder if rank and class also plays a role in terms of body shapes on pre-war layouts. I doubt there would be many objections if you represent an Edwardian station master as a portly fellow, while a porter or fireman with a wide girth might jar with what people expect to see on an Edwardian layout. Whether that expectation is founded on fact is a different matter: All photos of Edwardian station masters I can find just now shows them slim as eels! Chris, you are right I cut the ModelU head of a bit low because the receiving Stadden body had also been cut low. Normally I find this works better because you then keep the neck (and necks are important for a natural look). However in this case it didn't look right even after filing, so I built up the neck with filler instead. I think the tie was partly there originally, and it got "boosted" by the drilling and filler. You should try changing heads, it's so bracing
  5. How quickly fortunes can change. "Not so cocky now, eh?"
  6. Ok so it won't beat your no. 729 in a beauty contest (few things will), but it's a proper workhorse and I do like those. For its size, that Westinghouse pump makes a big visual difference. I also have the occasional problem with flanges and inside chairs. Frankly I just cut the offending chairs down to size, and never notice it afterwards.
  7. Hi Corbs, just been catching up. Always something interesting and unusual to see here Apart from the rotating cake stand, I'm trying to work out what the shelves are for. Exhibiting the stock? Bird's eye view? Hardcore RC driving practice?
  8. Good to see you here. I'm sure your work will be of interest to those who don't venture into the blogs. That's going to be one unusual train!
  9. Looks excellent Pete. The exit is very nicely done, I like how it isn't very apparent that the layout ends there. The tyres on the pier are great!
  10. Thanks Richard, I didn't realize there was a lifetime guarantee on Gaugemaster products. My rolling road is giving me trouble so I might do the same. I like the station building. Incidentally, it's interesting to see the clerestories with dark and white roofs next to each other. The white looks nicer but the dark more realistic.
  11. Hi John, that's a good solution. As you say the surrounds can be painted over. I can't really see the old G, perhaps very very faintly but only because you mentioned it. 34 years is a long time in a house, it must have been a big decision. I like the idea of moving after your daughter's wedding, there's a certain logic to that.
  12. Mikkel

    Siphon C

    I have a very faint recollection of seeing an announcement some years ago from someone who had the same problem and had made a smaller set of GW transfers available - but it may just be wishful thinking. I have just checked to see if the Fox transfers happened to be smaller (they show height on their website and you never know). But they are 5.3 mms like the HMRS ones - as they should be of course. The only option I can think of other than Simon's 3mm suggestion is to modify the letters at the edges before fitting them, i.e. pruning them slightly. That's what happens when you don't eat your porridge.
  13. Not sure I understand, Chris. Do you mean the outline of the door itself? Had a look through Russell's coaches but it's difficult to see as there are very few close-ups. If your photos show it, that's what to go with then, I imagine? That's the nice thing about scratchbuilding, you discover things you'd never thought about.
  14. Hello Kev, strange how time passes, is that blog post really almost 8 years old! There seem to be different ideas of what a micro layout is. I suppose only one of mine really qualifies as such, i.e. the Goods Depot. There's a photo below and a shunting puzzle for it here. My other layouts so far are similar to your 3-4 feet. In case you don't know, there's a subsection of RMweb for micro layouts, which may be of interest for you: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/151-boxfiles-micro-layouts-amp-dioramas/ Your own layout sounds good, perhaps we can see some photos of it at some point?
  15. Mikkel

    Siphon C

    Hi John, that's a really good conversion. When I looked at the photo before reading the text I thought it was the Shirescenes brass kit. I started the same conversion long ago (never finished it), and I remember how it was not as straightforward as it sounded. The roof was a bit of good luck for you (maybe from a Ratio 4-brake third?). I know all too well those frantic moments when the glue is on and you realize something is wrong and must be fixed very quickly! You mention downsizing. It would be a shame to see Blagdon disappear altogether. Is it possible to apply a modular approach maybe? I have recently decided to do something similar for my layouts, i.e. quite small boards that can be worked on one at a time and joined together on special occasions. They don't require much storage space if kept flat and low (e.g. stacked in bedrollers). Anyway, the loco projects sound interesting, not least the 2021ST.
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