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  1. Thanks for that post, now bookmarked. I had been wondering about options for folding baseboards. Heinz and Cervelo looking good together, a nice colour match.
  2. That folding door option is an interesting variant, good idea. Sounds feasible. The advantage of having both sides look exactly the same is worth it, I would think (compared to one scratch built and one kit end, which might catch the eye).
  3. I enjoyed it too! There's already a video from the exhibition online, Sherton Abbas is at 30:16 (and Modbury at 6:40).
  4. Nice design, Stu. I think you've found a good balance between on the one hand showing the quality of your work, yet on the other hand not "overstyling" it. That sort of thing makes me feel confident as a customer. Nice bit of humour too: The weathering can be "as extreme as you like", followed by that photo
  5. I love experiments like these. Possibly one of the first attempts ever to model the seams in a GWR wagon sheet? As you say it may be too pronounced, I can't recall the seams being noticeable in photos of sheets in use, e.g. here: https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrms758a.htm
  6. Does this help? Another crop from a sheet shop photo. I'm a bit confused by the small bit of seam in the middle of the sheet by the way, perhaps a repair.
  7. Very nice result Matt, looks like I need to raid the sweet shop Some will argue that it should be darker - the new ones certainly were - but I think your grey shade is a good way to avoid that slightly too pristine look that many of our sheets end up with.
  8. It does look good, nothing particularly ugly about it. I'm impressed that you managed to do the outside flanges on the wheels. Might they need some sanding etc to go through pointwork?
  9. Here's a crop from a photo from a GWR sheet shop (no date, looks 1930s to me). Looks like five lengths. Tony Atkins GWR Goods Services Vol 2 says they were 21ft x 14ft 4 ins.
  10. That photo inspired the one below, from back in 2012. It has has since been dismantled after Nick pointed out that I had used the later style of sheet - and with a 1930s date too - for a 1907 scene . The thread looks a bit thick too. Matt, the folds in your sheet look good and far better than mine, it would be a shame to lose it. Could you paint your existing sheet black, and ignore the lettering?
  11. What a lovely sight Richard. A proper modeller's workbench. The locos look good like that. I see you're an Evergreen fan. Me too, it works well with my preferred glues. Took a while before I realised that sheets differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  12. Ah yes, another variant! I used black thread, or painted as you say. Strictly speaking I believe it should be a proper GWR tarp, with full insignia etc for the period - but maybe you've seen another example?
  13. What a cast! There's something almost sci-fi about the scene. As John says, great painting.
  14. Seems like a good decision, that latest arrangement looks nicely balanced. I have sometimes thought there should be an RMweb challenge: Build a layout using all the stuff you've previously built but never used
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