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  1. Hi Job, I too am glad whenever there's a post from you. The George Inn looks like a very pleasing project. Is this for your Edwardian period or the 1950s timeframe? I couldn't agree more! Best wishes for a good and healthy christmas and new year to you and your wife.
  2. Yes, it's a deeply engrained part of our culture. Good wine, candle light, violins, rose petals, facts about alpacas. What is 'flyerspeak'? I Googled it and ended up in a frequent flyer forum. They have long debates about mileage programs. There are 761 pages of threads just on the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan (no kidding). Complete nerds, would never happen on here.
  3. Captivating. I bet there's a hierarchy for who gets to sit in the comfy chair. Thank you for the information on alpacas. This will be valuable for future romantic dinners.
  4. Brilliant work, and what an interesting loco. Perhaps the only model in existence? Nice turntables too, by the way! I'm off to look for something heavy that I can drop on my metatarsals.
  5. The loco is pretty clean too! So much to enjoy in that one single shot.
  6. Mikkel

    Mayshill - GWR

    Congratulations on the 10 years Jules, glad you're still updating. It's strange to think how these threads persist over quite a long time, while all sorts of things happen in our lives. The internet is odd, on the one had it's very "now" and "in the moment", on the other hand it stores stuff forever!
  7. Mikkel


    Superb views, Ian. I studied the coaches in particular, the paintwork really is excellent. The small "GWR" lettering on the Siphon is a nice touch, and helps set the period.
  8. A great example of the "Why buy if you can build?" philosophy. Even in that small image, the porter looks like quite a character!
  9. Looks good in my view, and close to this contemporary example: https://www.flickr.com/photos/svr_enthusiast/40913881782
  10. Thanks Chris, I'm no health & safety enthusiast but I have to say that does look dangerous! Very interesting booklet. I like the dry, no nonsense style: "When the buffers come together he'll know it."! The livery on the wagon on page 16 is intriguing, given that the booklet is dated 1914. "Factory" and small "G.W".
  11. Yes, and also tells us that since it was found necessary to make this warning, some shunters were actually doing this in practice! I've just put it on my "things to be modelled" list
  12. In "GWR Goods Wagons", Atkinson et al point out that the Loco Coal wagons were 'designed for use in the company's coaling stages', so that may be another reason for having dedicated wagons (incidentally, 250 wagons were purpose built for the GWR steamships). That said, the GWR did also purchase and hire some wooden wagons for Loco Coal. These and the rebuilt Slater's kits look very good. The loco coal liveries suit them.
  13. I agree, pure time travel. The smit marks don't show up though, so how did they identify their sheep in those days?
  14. Yes, maybe it is one of those "how not to do it" photos. They can be deceptive. I thought this was a stunning photo... Getty Images. Embedding permitted. https://www.gettyimages.dk/detail/news-photo/worker-demonstrating-the-dangers-of-riding-on-a-wagon-this-news-photo/90773250?adppopup=true ...until I saw the next one: Getty Images. Embedding permitted. https://www.gettyimages.dk/detail/news-photo/worker-simulating-an-accident-at-the-great-western-railways-news-photo/90773248?adppopup=true Note the chalk markings by the way.
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