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  1. Must be about 20 years ago now I've never got around to changing the bogie. That really would help.
  2. I don't think so Stephen, although it's frightening to realize what we forget. A forum really reminds of you of that, doesn't it, when you come across your old posts about things that you didn't know you knew. Thanks for the tip about the Facebook group, just signed up. Yes we owe Jim Champ (who also inhabits this parish) much for putting it all together. Also recommended are his loco drawings website and associated book (I'm biased, as Jim has been very helpful over the years): https://www.devboats.co.uk/gwdrawings/
  3. Thanks for another informative post Al, the re-tapping bit was all new to me.
  4. Thanks gentlemen for clearing up the Google access thing. Regarding depot plates on some brake vans (including your Worcester plate Stephen), see: http://www.gwr.org.uk/liverieswagplate.html
  5. Does that have all the detail on wagons hired out etc though? I can't seem to find anything but an overall description on that page.
  6. While looking for clues related to another thread, I came across the following 1920s court case which contains some interesting details on the Gloucester Carriage & Wagon company. https://library.croneri.co.uk/cch_uk/btc/12-tc-720 Edit: Apparently this has to be accessed via Google for the full data to be viewable, otherwise you just get an overall case description. Stephen found it by searching Google for " gloucester railway carriage and wagon company ltd v cir". Also useful for insomniacs
  7. I recently ordered this, will look out for interesting wagons in the background.
  8. Yes, I'm struck by that too. The pages that precede the final summary show details of the accidents in individual departments (though the method by which the data was compiled isn't clear). I note 33 injuries by horses in a month, that's around 400 in a year.
  9. Many thanks Matt! I have seen parts of this before, but not the whole publication I think. Quite a resource, and as you say a great source of cameos if anyone is in need. The style is certainly more direct than today's H&S communication! A tad condescending perhaps, but also with a good deal of humor, eg: Yes that's a bit of an oddity, especially as the copyright for the publication is 1914, so nothing to do with the later small-sized scripts. Your logic makes good sense. Or perhaps hired to a private factory, maybe not even a GWR build? Then there were the china clay wagons, which right from the early days seem to have been a motley lot and with various non-standard lettering to be seen.
  10. Thanks for documenting the build Corbs, very useful. I think this is the most complete demonstration of 3D layer-smoothing I've seen so far. If I understand correctly, you're using: (i) scalpel (ii) filing and sanding (iii) primer filler (iv) putty (v) wet and dry (vi) (re-) scribing some outlines In other words, to say that 3D printing is cheating and doesn't involve modelling is not quite correct!
  11. Thanks for testing it out John, and what a bonus. Next time I come across my old 14xx I'll look at it with different eyes. Yes indeed. Maybe they never thought to check!
  12. I actually like the new design, but then I make extensive use of the Activity Streams and associated filters. If you browse in the conventional "hierarchy" style it may be different. You could bookmark your blog's home page? Or go in via "Profile" in the top right corner, and then "Blogs" (but that's 4 clicks). If you do use the Activity Streams, there's an option to set the controls so that they show "Content I've started" under "Ownership". That will list all yours and others' comments to the blogs and forum topics that you've started. These are my settings: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/discover/1536/. (edited to be more precise)
  13. Thanks for that walk through of the project John, very useful and well executed. I think you underestimate your own skills. Can it pull less now without the tyres? (Not that it could ever pull much!)
  14. Where is that turkey? It has not arrived!!!!!!!!



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      Interesting too that horseboxes were used for parcels at that time. Or something fishy was going on :-)

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      I'm surprised that Dickens was so forgiving to any railway after Staplehurst!  I suppose he must have been doing some extra nerve-steadying in the run up to Christmas....

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      In the crate at Little Muddle?

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