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  1. Brilliant Phil, for reasons that cannot be disclosed this is very useful. Thanks!
  2. Looks good Al, I like the levitating effect The Low Level station sounds like it's worth pursuing. I tried to picture it on the photo of the OO version, and can just about imagine how it would look.
  3. Break or not, that looks very good. To think that they day would come when someone could print a Queen class loco in their own home. Of course, there's bit more to it than that, but still. That 5" gauge model is magnificent!
  4. I'm not certain at all about black running gear, as you have summarized well there is no conclusive evidence either way. In fact it would almost be a shame if the debate was settled, it has given rise to many an interesting conversation! Policing is not my usual style, it's just I'm thinking is that with a little restraint no one will worry, whereas if we exaggerate they might. But who am I to talk, I am forever confused about these things. For example, I posted a postcard off ebay above, as I have been told that 1900s postcards aren't subject to copyright. Bu
  5. On the issue of tone and telling the difference, have a look at the images in the comments to Mike's blog here: James, with respect, is that not going over the top in terms of reproducing photos from a published volume?
  6. Now you've asked for it, a few here to mess with your mind Caption: "Drinnick Railway Sidings, Nanpean, 1900s" Caption: "Penzance 1909". Red Cordon! A theory: Colourisers had (i) a limited range of colours to play with, and also (ii) needed to consider that the cards were attractive. At the same time there had to be (iii) a degree of realism, since part of the wonder of a postcard was that it depicted real scenes in colour. So they drew on (iv) the popular notion of company colours ("Those lovely green GWR engines" and possibly (v) their
  7. An opportunity for more photos then I had missed your page on gwr.org.uk, good to see some of your models and insights brought together in one place: http://www.gwr.org.uk/broad-gauge1.html
  8. Tantalus has been painted?! Looking very good. That's a very useful line-up of 0-6-0s. So the Haycock firebox was soon done away with, and Gooch is the originator of the Collett Goods
  9. James, the article - and various other livery clippings - can be found in PDF files here: On the issue of running gear, one argument for all over red seems to be that it would be simpler and cost effective. There I think it’s useful to consider what other companies with red wagons did. I.e. the Barry, Caledonian, Highland and NSR. Modellers of those companies seem to go for black running gear, but it would be nice to hear the finer details from experts on those companies.
  10. A lovely rendering of a favourite loco. I used to think there was only one or two photos of it, but various have cropped up over the years, including these two: https://imagearchive.royalcornwallmuseum.org.uk/transport/railways/gwr-tank-number-34-pictured-men-st-ives-branch-12422464.html https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/135768-nether-madder-and-green-soudley-rly/&do=findComment&comment=3714264 Dave Perkins built a superb model from the Roxey kit, which I was fortunate to own for a while, seen here at Farthing.
  11. Beautiful. I'm literally purring with pleasure. The coaches make the loco look good too.
  12. Oh, sorry. I thought they were instanter couplings and hooks
  13. That's a vey neat design Jam! The hidden drawer is particularly clever I think, and convenient. I really should build something similar, thanks for the inspiration! (PS: can I borrow your dad and his woodworking skills? )
  14. Can't think of a more worthy way to spend your time. On behalf of the future, thanks Nick! And good luck with the op and recovery, I hear a wagon kit is good against gallbladder trouble
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