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  1. And the Ferret & Dartboard is the right way round. This looks stunning!!! Brandon.
  2. Im considering getting 727, but renaming it something completely different (It was the first 66 I saw new). Has anyone had any luck removing the nameplates? Will it damage the paintwork below if I take them off, or is it relatively easy? Thanks in Advance. Brandon.
  3. Lets hope Hornby get the 'Ferret & Dartboard' the right way round for the release on No.84.... Also confirmed is @Ruston's point about the side weights, this photo does have them distinctively lacking. Brandon.
  4. Hello, I am after the angled metal cab rail that sits on the nearside cab roof in black. It needs to be removed to remove the cab, but it fell out without me noticing and haven't found it since. If you want anymore info/pictures please PM me. Thanks in advance, Brandon.
  5. If I had seen this sooner I'd have took them off your hands! Brandon.
  6. Thanks! That's a really good idea. Brandon.
  7. Hello Andy, Just a query, there seems to be only Hornby coaches in the 00 guage coaching stock section. Also, the diesel loco selection is tick boxes, not select one. Brandon.
  8. Sorry to bump this thread up again, but Im considering purchasing the Midline 121 55033 from Hattons. From the information provided on the listing, it states: Can someone confirm to me if it is the case that the decals are not provided, and if so, where I could get some from? The photo on page 43, and photos here and here show a destination blind box either with a blind or rolled to white as in it's later period of operation, so if they do that would be grand. Thanks, Brandon.
  9. Hornby have suceeded expectations again this year after their dark period a couple of years back - recently purchased the Toad 'E' Brake Van and only just this week the LMS 20T Brake Van, and the detail on them is phenomenal. I'm really hoping in the 100th year will have some absolute crackers. Well done for getting this far. I would love to see some of their Pre-nationalisation coaching stock in Corporate Colours, but thats probably not high on Hornby's agenda, but a new Stanier BG in Blue wouldnt go amiss. I'd also love to see a GCR 9N/LNER A5 for the first in RTR; If their recent
  10. Second time I was at Barrow Hill, and had a really good time, I invested in a Kernow ECC Land Rover, unfortunately, no one seems to have BR Blue/Grey Mk1 RMBs! Really loved the GBRf 20, it looked very nice!! The only thing that did annoy me was that everything was squashed into one shed and made me miss any chance of getting many photos, or any time to watch the model trains. It would have been nice if the layouts were spaced around the site - Some of the engines could have been put outside, creating more space in the main shed, creating less agro and giving the paying public more to s
  11. Or is it just an excuse to go have a look around and not return till it's nearly time to end?
  12. Started reading this in 2004 (got the January 2004 issue with Tetley Mills on, in the old Derby WH Smiths!), and have been reading on and off, normally collecting issues from GCR's Emporium - I can't believe it's been 15 years! Good luck for the next 15, and hopefully even longer!
  13. Well, out of the blue thanks to Hornby I won some tickets to the event... Can't wait to go because it's been a while since I've been there - And, if anyone remembers me, the last time I was around this forum! Can't wait to have a look at some smashing layouts!!
  14. Wow, a Model Railway Facebook... ;)

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