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  1. On the 4th April this year I returned a DR5000 command station, two DR4088LN modules and a Loconet Hub after a short circuit appeared to disable the Loconet communications across the system. I emailed them for an update through the Digikeijs website as a request on the original ticket last Friday and received an email this morning saying the units had been repaired and are on the way back. Alex Thomson
  2. I have been trying to download on an iPad but as Pedro32 said only first 6 pages appear. Just tried on iMac and it downloads fine.
  3. Keith as I understand your system each command station has a connection to its own bus. i.e. the Lenz connected to the track via J & K and the DR5000 to a separate accessory bus via the track outputs. In other words the DR5000 has no power connection to the tracks, is that correct? Thanks Alex
  4. Frederick yes the firmware is the latest 1.2.8. The release notes say that the RS bus update addresses the problem of polarity on the track output ports. Thanks Alex
  5. Yes tried both ways but same result. With the ON/OFF buttons closest to you the track output on the left I have settled on using as J as this seems to be the common on the connection diagrams in the DR5000 documents. The RS8s when connected to RS on DR5000 show up both in the RS Feedback and Loconet windows as being attached with relevant addresses added. However the first connection address always shows occupied whether it is or not. The second address sometimes works as normal but not always. The third address also sometimes shows occupied and it is not even connected. Both J&K terminals on RS8 connected to J K power. Presumably your Lenz and the Digikeijs have connections on the same power bus and it is working correctly? Alex
  6. I have an established layout controlled via Traincontroller Gold Ver8. DCC system is Lenz Ver3.6 (LZV100 +plus 1 additional booster for second power district) Occupancy is monitored via 14 LDT RS8s via the RS bus. This setup works very consistently and reliably. I purchased a Digikeijs DR5000 (Ver1.2.8) with DR5033 Booster, DR4018 Switch module and DR4088LN occupancy module. This system again on its own works consistantly and reliably. However I have been singularly unsuccessful at getting the LDT RS8(both Ver 2.2 and 3.2) to work with the DR5000 using the RS bus connections. I have opened a support ticket with Digikeijs but I have not received a response in the last week to this problem. As Traincontroller will allow multiple digital systems to operate the layout I set up a test Bus and connected the Lenz and Digikeijs systems to it (no other connections only the two command stations). As I turned the Lenz system on the DR5000 fired up even though the power USB connectors were not connected only the track connections on both command stations. Now some questions to those of you that have managed to successfully get the RS feedback modules working through the RS feedback bus and or those that have successfully connected two or more command stations physically even before running Traincontroller. To get the RS8s working reliably are there any parameters that need to be set in the RS bus properties eg First contact in feedback space? In the test system I have set up clearly the DR5000 is recieving power via the track output connections as that is the only connectors in use. Have I misunderstood how to connect the two command station on one bus? Or does each power station need to operate only its own power district? This seems very restrictive.Thanks for any help. Alex Thomson
  7. Thanks for that. The power supply I have is 12v DC and the LDT module specifies an AC one of between 14v to 18v, (I would rather not use the input from the DCC bus to power the module). Do you know if any of the others you mention will work with 12v DC as the power input? Alex
  8. I have a number of LED platform light strings which are fed by a 12v 3.5 amp power supply. Each string has an On/Off switch to allow them to be turned on or off independently. What I would like to do is control the On/Off switches via Traincontroller but keep the power from the 12v power supply. Is there an accessory module a simple circuit or other method available to allow this method of control via Traincontroller? Alex
  9. I am just preparing to begin modifying my APT and have two Eurostar power bogies to install into the power car. Has anyone actually installed these power bogies themselves and would be willing to give some advice or indeed post some photographs of the installation. AlexC
  10. The BY251 diodes arrived today. I bought some Veroboard and made up the unit as shown. Surprisingly it actually works. This is my first attempt at building a usable accessory. Thank you both (TTG and RFS) for your time and the solutions to the problem. Alex
  11. John, set up the Heljan TT this morning with the double switch setup as you suggested in your comprehensive post above and it works very well. Schedules run as expected including 180 degree rotations. Thank you for your instructions and help. It is a shame that the Heljan 89121 is not fully supported as a digital turntable in RR&Co it would make the control so much easier and more fun. Alex
  12. John Thanks for the comprehensive explanation it makes a lot of sense. I have been trying to get a single control or command to move the TT and the Mimic together(obvious;y unsuccessfully!!). Have some family celebrations tomorrow so will try again on Monday and let you know. Had a wonderful visit to Vancouver and Campbell River (on the island) in 1981. Had the best Chinese meal ever in a little restaurant in China Town. Regards Alex
  13. John/Kent I have recently installed a Heljan 89121 TT and have followed your progress and instructions to the point of being able to control the TT from Push Button switches on the Switchboard. I have set it up as a Generic TT, all tracks are assigned and represent the location on the layout. 3 active and 3 passive all digital addresses are set with the bridge in the specific location for each track. (6 locations). I can drive the TT from a New TT window and the movement is represented in the Switchboard TT symbol including the orientation of the engine in the TT block. If I am driving it from the Push Buttons on the switchboard the mimic does not work. Therefore the engine orientation is incorrect in the TT block. Can this be made to work with the push buttons? I have also been unsuccessful at setting the operations of the TT to allow access to automatic control via for example other operators or schedules. If you are able to I would appreciate some pointers as to how to how you set up the operations tab and switches for automatic control. (Post #29 and #30) Thanks Alex
  14. Thank you both for your help. I have wired up a group of points through the RS8 and the connected blocks do now indeed work as expected. I have ordered some BY251 diodes from the source in Germany via ebay and will install these as shown in your image RFS. Thanks again for your time and the solution. Alex
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