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  1. Excellent thread, some lovely models, love the Mk1 coach and good attention to detail.
  2. In addition the nose grilles were missing the dividing bar on some of the later rebuilds which tended to be 37/7s so you will need to look at photos of your chosen prototype. Also roofs were different depending on whether the donor loco was built before or after 37096. £80 is a good price but theissue you have is 37688 is a centre head code model and 37716 is an ex split box so nose and cab roof are both different, if you want to do 37716 your best bet is to start with an ex split box machine with the right details and get it repeated unfortunately.
  3. Thanks Rob, I have already moved on around £800 of stock from Peafore Yard to date but needed too as I have 2 O gauge locos already and 2 more on order.
  4. Really enjoyable morning with Andy Y today catching up and discussing the hobby while Andy captured some great pictures of the layout. I had forgotten an essential part of Andy's armoury is the famous rice bag... All being equal the layout should appear in BRM later this year, hopefully to co-incide with it's second exhibition outing in July. A loco which hasn't seen much use on the layout (in fact I don't think it has ever run on the layout) is 45132 which appears in the photo shoot and was also the star of one of my favourite phots Andy took of Peafore Yard. This loco is one of only 3 of the current stable to have seen use right at the start of my exhibition history with the first show of Pallet Lane, the others being 08949 (then numbered 08632) and 47105. The class 31 in the shot below is also one of my longer serving locos, arriving in time for the last show with Pallet Lane along with 47077. All of my other locos are either new for this layout or arrived while Peafore Yard was on the scene.
  5. Thanks Max, yes it was I bought them years ago as they have been used in all my 4mm layouts, I think they came from Ten Commandments if I remember correctly.
  6. Wow, how big is the layout Steve?
  7. All set for tomorrow, just indulged in some operating practice and I am actually starting to enjoy operating this layout...
  8. Looks great, where did you get the buffers from please? I bought a kit built one which had roller bearings already so am doing the same conversion.
  9. With Andy Y coming over on Tuesday I have set up the layout to finish some last bits. First off some rubbish has been added, photos of Malago Vale show rubbish all over the tracks presumably from cleaning of the carriages. As I had the layout up, I started working out how to operate it effectively. The photo below shows the layout as full as it can get with stock and still be able to operate.
  10. Nice job on that one, looks great.
  11. Will definitely follow your progress, I bought the same kit last week and it is my first Slaters kit
  12. The brake van has been subjected to some scrutiny on the level of detail on the chassis which despite at first glance looking like a brake van chassis was lacking in a number of details. To make something a bit different it is becoming an Air Pipe version for use with the class 08. I have added most of the missing detail with plastic card and brass wire, next to add are some missing rain strips and a new floor.
  13. Looking good Rob, looks a nice little project
  14. It is a strange business model to advertise something as being in stock, then saying they then need to order it in and then not being able to supply it. Great for their working capital as they have your money for the week or so while they are sat on your order.
  15. Not sure how you paid but suggest if it was via PayPal then request a refund through PayPal? In my experience the threat of PayPal suspending the vendors account tends to spur a refund very quickly....
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