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  1. I finally cracked the issue of stock storage today. My original plan was to build a display board which doubled up as a storage box for the class 37 and 2 class 03s. While this has progressed, it ended up being a large box which would need to live in the garage and I didn't fancy that and I have a Dapol 121 on order which would need accommodation so plan B was required. For my wagon storage I had previously bought some Kaze storage boxes from B&Q and so looked for something similar but bigger. The 29L box looked to be the right dimensions and as they are a reasonable price I decided to buy one: I wanted some quite firm inserts as the locos are quite heavy so resorted to digging out some ply offcuts from behind my spare Land Rover engine. I used a 6mm plywood base and then made the divisions from some thinner 5mm ply braced with some off cuts I had to hand. As 37029 no longer fits in the Heljan foam inserts this was sacrificed to create wedges to hold the locosin, strategically placed to avoid damage. The spares were kept for when the 121 arrives later this year. The lid keeps the foam in place.
  2. Conjecture but it could be that they are gambling on the shipping costs coming down, $18k per 40' at the moment still.....
  3. Just had an email from Hattons to say that the 121 I have on order is now expected in October/November.
  4. First photo I have seen of DP2 back at Vulcan Foundry. It was definitely beyond repair even if it wasn't non standard. If they had built 50 x DP2s rather than class 50s, I would have been a big fan, the deltic bodyshell was a much nicer looking loco in my opinion.
  5. The Southern Pride Kit is a nice model and not the hardest to build, it is slightly tall though. I will be selling mine at some point as I have switched to 0 gauge.
  6. They need a gentle pull, I used a screwdriver but not much force.
  7. Hi Steve, pull the side frames off the bogies and you will see 4 screws, unscrew them and make sure the jumper cables are loose from the body and it should just pull off.
  8. I can't imagine that the SCA/ Egyptian authorities would have allowed that sort of activity to happen while still negotiating the release?
  9. That crane is excellent, liked the HM article too.
  10. Very nice, 2.25 diesel?. I fired mine up a few weeks ago for the first time post rebuild, and the first time in 6 years.
  11. Happy to share any photos you need, every single bolt on my 12inch to 1ft scale one has been in my hand....
  12. Ha ha, too new and wrong era for him so I think it is safe!.
  13. Was good fun Andy, good to give it a good test!
  14. I had a similar experience with my XP64 kit, there were a few extras I needed which he had and sold me for a good price.
  15. Indeed Chris, I have never tried it at shows, I did at one point end up with the van in front in front of 2 wagons I was trying to couple up and failed as I couldn't see behind the van, which created another level of challenge. I definitely need to practice using my 3 links more.
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