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  1. Suggest you put a wanted post on here, the 1st and 2nd release Bachmann class 37 release came with those ploughs but many of the prototype weren't fitted with them (especially Blue and Green liveried locos) so there maybe a few people on here with them sat in the box doing nothing who would be willing to part with them.
  2. Sure, I will sort out sending them over later on tonight as I have the file on a different PC. Just to add they look quite effective if you are able to get some thin perspex to go over the top of them:
  3. Looking good. I made up my own 'OO' for my Heljan 37 in MS paint which came from a cropped photo I can PM you the file if it helps?
  4. Many a happy memory on a Lynx away from College Green up to Westbury to my grand parents on a 1, 2 or 3, I was also lucky (!) to sample the last year of the Leyland Nationals
  5. The TPO has turned out well Martyn, glad the transfers were of use.
  6. 3rd bus along is the infiltrator. Also last bus on the left hand row is not a VR but looks to be an earlier Fleetline. Have to say the price is excellent for the spec, the Fleetline is a great choice of vehicle to do.
  7. Looks good Al,nice project for the winter.
  8. It is a great track plan Alan, so simple yet great fun to operate. I like the way you have the buildings at the front that you have to look over/around, it really draws your eye into the layout, Gordon Gravett did the same on Arun Quay and it is very effective.
  9. Thanks, it is the same track plan as my 7mm layout hence was curious about the size (mine is 59inch by 17 inch), as your layout feels very spacious. Look forward to seeing this one develope.
  10. Very nice, what are the dimensions please?
  11. Looks a great project, and like the halt under the bridge which I had never seen before.
  12. I will have a look in my transfer stash, I have built a few southern pride TPO's and I think I have some spare late posting box transfers you can have.
  13. The TPO coach is looking great and neat idea re the window frames.
  14. More recent designs have the roof deliberately designed to shear off as has been the case here, it is much safer for the passengers. If you look at the Railtrack video filmed at the bridge in Swindon, it was hit by a 1970s Bristol VR. The roof crumpled and would have crushed the upper deck occupants.
  15. The extension is looking great Dave, the weedy ground is particularly effective.
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