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  1. Hi Chris, Langley do them for the road tankers which might be an option? I think the one on my silo on Peafore Yard I cut out of picture and was based on an old photo from Barnstaple, I can check tonight if I still have the artwork on the home PC.
  2. Another vote for left handed drill bits, I have used them to remove sheared bolts on my land rover a couple of times and as has been said they bite in to the old screw and them unwind it.
  3. Hi, it is a longshot but there are a few O gauge 1970's modellers in the Cheltenham area (Steve Harrod, Trevor Hale amongst others) so the chances are the layout appeared in the Cheltenham show as well. There is a list of past layouts on the website here which might provide some suggestions (helpfully it says what scale they are to save you clicking on all the layouts to see the pictures): http://www.cheltmodrail.org.uk/alllayouts.php
  4. Go for it Stu, I have funded my move to O gauge pretty much from selling off some OO gauge stock, and for the same space where you have say 20 x 00 gauge locos you only need 4 or 5 O gauge ones so the cost per Sqft is not that different. You can get so much ready to run that you don't need to do loads of kits unless you want to and I am finding building some of the Slaters kits easy enough.
  5. Hi Chris, yes it was, it was a few years ago,just after I sold Peafore Yard so 2017. The model was 24081, I had weathered it but it was otherwise standard.
  6. I sold my class 24 and it went for £10 more than I paid for it new.
  7. Hi Chaps, Just checking (and hoping) based on the governments annoucement, is Larkrail 2021 a go-er please? Ta
  8. Deleted - covered earlier in thread
  9. Great scratch building, looks like you have quite a fleet of buses there.
  10. Similarly the Bristol O gauge shownis not able to use the venue previously used as that is also given over to being a Nightingale hospital. Shame as it was an excellent show
  11. Wow, having just digested the email I think they have definitely timed it right to confirm their announcement. I knew this was on their road map as the class 24 chassis has the detail for behind the engine room window but suspected they had canned it with both Bachmann and Heljan doing a 25/3.
  12. I think there are a number that can be set up by 1 person (both of mine included) however the challenge will be to keep the public 2m apart when most aisle widths are less than that.
  13. The container flats in the bullion train were also originally MK1 coaches as well.
  14. Pretty sure they never ran in trains, they were built on wagon chassis so wouldn't have had the max speed to support their use on the mainline Jack. They are a nice kit bash project from parkside chassis and bits of Bachmann MK1 coach
  15. Really hoping that based on the above Larkrail goes ahead in July 2021.
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