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  1. I was aware of that being the case but like you I wasn't taking up the offers. Until March last year I used to stay around Paddington 1or 2 nights a week and found some excellent hotels nearby along with some great pubs between the station and Hyde Park (The Cleveland Arms and The Mitre being top of my list) My experience was 2017, and was prior to getting an early Morning Eurostar. After the experience I had I decided to get the train the night before and stay in a hotel near Lille Station.
  2. Hope you have a decent Hotel Jim, my experience of hotels around KX was less than favourable..
  3. I knew I should have modelled the 90s! Joking apart that wouldn't surprise me if the baskets had been removed by then.
  4. Good luck with those Andy, I have just built one, they are not bad but don't rank as my favourite kit ever to build....
  5. Glad it wasn't just me who found the baskets a faff! Hopefully I will get some primer on it later this evening, it will be black under the grime...
  6. I agree, it would have had a bit of a class 60 look about it which I think is a much better looking loco than the 69 (or 56 for that matter), I suspect there is a reason why they have been installed vertically, possibly due to the layout of the cab framing?
  7. My latest wagon build is this Parkside Grampus, my first o gauge Parkside wagon. I have built many Parkside oo gauge wagons but a Grampus wasn't one of them so can't really compare how different this one is to it's smaller cousin but it was easy enough to build. It builds up to a nice looking wagon and has some nice detail on the doors. There are a few things that could be better, not least the suspension arrangement which seems quite loose but it ran OK over my track and I was loathed to build it rigid on a wagon of such a long wheelbase. The baskets underneath for the ends are a bit of a f
  8. Now that is a great idea, I have one of the base models in the cupboard and was thinking of making a Sunblest vans but I like that.
  9. Fingers crossed for June. I would be surprised if we see the 122 before September...
  10. Interesting concept. I can only think that the area around the turbo chargers would be without the 3 bodyside grilles by the engine room door but otherwise the rest are required. The class 40s are an SVT engine and they don't have those grilles.
  11. Indeed. On mine I did come to the conclusion that part of the problem was/could be there was so much grease that a foreign body/swarf had got trapped in between the gears..
  12. I really like this shot, it is not often you see good "going away" shots on models, nicely done.
  13. As a Bristol lad growing up in the mid 90's and going to school nearby to the brewery, I remember those wagons well.
  14. Ah, a name from the past, I remember them. The other big theatre movers you used to see a lot (and still going) were g.h.Lucking. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jbschofield/12778069563/in/photolist-kt9WUc-nAxtUn-x8bMQM
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