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  1. I finally ordered my track today, the sale of some 00 gauge locos has provided enough funds for the on order class 03 and the track for the layout so hope to make some progress on the layout properly after Xmas, In the meantime I have been cracking on with the Bedford TK. I had been dreading making the iron work for the hinges/retaining brackets on the dropside but noticed that Giles has made some nice ones from acrylic for his BMC FG tipper lorry so he kindly sold me some sets to do my dropsides. One of the things I am discovering/enjoying with O gauge is being able to add more detail like this and as per the prototype the sides are made from individual panels, with around 40 different parts being used to make the rear body of the lorry. First off I fitted some side rails from thin plastic strip and a headboard: Next I fitted the uprights which the drop sides clip onto. The sides themselves are individual slats made out of plasticard. Once the slats were complete I added the end hinges. There are 2 different types so the side could be removed when hinged down so the lorry can carry an overwidth load. I debated whether to add 1 or 2 central hinges for each side but having looked at a few photos went for 1 in the end. Test fit with some cars, both picked up cheaply of ebay with some damage on them, they will be further distressed. The body has been primed since the photo was taken and I can now crack on with the crane
  2. Hi Rich, the 25s have gone today, the 31s are required for this layout for a bit but will let you know when I decide to move them on, eventually all my 4mm stock will go.
  3. Now that the layout is nearly finished, the next stage of testing ready for Trainwest next April can commence. I recently finished the fiddle yard cassettes so with Dave and Alan coming over it seemed an ideal time to set up the layout and start working through an operating plan. With the layout set up and obscuring the TV my son showed an interest and gave D1023 a spin: A list was kept of things to do before the show, one of which is to install a light in the fiddle yard, I am hoping to get the same light as on the layout so I can link them together. The storage area underneath the deck seems to work well even if the pint storage area is better suited to a straight glass rather than a handle. Alan used 31401 and 08949 mostly to do some tests. The 31 needs some attention as it is too clean for a Bristol class 31 and the more urgent matter is it needs more weight in it as it lighter than when the loco started life as a Lima model and does not run as well as I would like. While my other class 31 uses the original Hornby crumbling centre section of the chassis which has some weight to it, this variant uses the Lima plastic chassis frame with some weight added but clearly not enough. One of the things I have never attempted on a layout is forced perspective as I have never been convinced I could get it right so for a laugh while my 0 gauge 08 was out for some more weathering for a bit of a laugh it ventured onto the layout... In readiness for the progression to O gauge when this layout moves on some of the stock not required has moved on to other homes, with all 3 class 37's being sold (first time in 30 years I have not owned a class 37) and many of the 4mm wagon fleet from Peafore Yard has gone as well. With the class 25's on their way out as well from a loco point of view I will be left with a more manageable fleet for this layout with a core fleet of: 2 x class 08 - (08949/950) 2 x class 31 - (31210/401) 1 x class 35 - (7017) 1 x Class 45 - (45132) 2 x class 47 - (47076/105) 1 x class 50 - (50031) 1 x class 52 - (D1023)
  4. Lovely little layout, look forward to seeing the new board.
  5. 37114

    Dapol 08

    Are you going 0 gauge Jo or is it a display case model?
  6. Thanks Jo, they were pretty bullet proof but the cab was very uncomfortable for anyone over 5'9" tall....
  7. I was sorely tempted by an FG but went for an IXO Bedford TK in the end, I still couldn't get one for less than £21 plus £10 postage but the way I saw it is it is 4 times bigger than an EFE 4mm version so on that basis only cost me the equivalent of £7 on a like for like basis which when you look at it that way is not so bad...
  8. Lots of great projects here, will be interested to see 37008 finished.
  9. I can assure you I sold a layout smaller than 8 x 2 for 10 x £100, quality layouts attract a good price. I have seen Earls Court and it is a lovely layout.
  10. Although not much progress on the layout itself, I have made some progress with the Bedford.: The first thing to face into was the fact the model was left hand drive which was something I hadn't picked up when buying the model as I think the artic version IXO make is right hand drive. To add to the hassle the Bedford has a dual passenger seat so the seats needed swapping over as well as the dashboard. The rather garish red paint had to go on the chassis and wheels, looking at photos of TK's, the cab wings also tended to be a different colour to the cab so those and the headlight panel were painted black. I sprayed the chassis as I had some black spray paint cans in stock albeit gloss, while I brush painted the mud guards. While I have been spraying the chassis I made a start on the crane which is being scratchbuilt,.I have made the legs and the base so far but need some cars before going too far as the arm of the crane will rest on top of the cars. The first victim has arrived but will need some work before being fixed to the lorry bed. I also need to make up some drop sides as well.
  11. Westbury was tiny, 3 roads of which one had 2 sheds of the similar style to Kings Lynn picture earlier.
  12. Thanks, I will try and get some at Bristol in January.
  13. Looks great. Which supplier did you use for the stone work on the harbour wall please?
  14. 3701 for me, will ease the pain of changing from 00 to 0 just before Accurascale announce a class 37..
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