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  1. Having looked at the list again the Renault D20/Barrerios were also seen over here sold as Dodge (they were known as Spanish Dodge's) although they rusted quite quickly but suitable for a 1970s layout. Tyson H Burridge had a few including one they recabbed. The Pioneer mixer looks a good model although that model of cab wasn't seen in the UK the model could be recabbed with something else from the IXO range like the Bedford TK.
  2. The Pegaso Troner models are ripe for converting to the very similar British built Seddon Atkinson Strato, which were very widespread in the 1990s with fleet users including Royal Mail, BOC, Fina, Stobarts as well as a lot of General hauliers.
  3. A while ago I made a start on a small TMD display board which was also intended to originally double up as a carrying case for the class 37 and 2 class 03s. The latter part of the plan was abandoned as the display board took up a lot of space relative to the stock it would hold hence the plastic storage box approach shown earlier in the thread. I found on the emgauge70s site a couple of head on shots of a class 47 and class 31 at Finsbury Park which using PowerPoint I cut down to represent 2 locos inside the shed doors. The problem was I trimmed the photos down too much which meant the locos in the picture towered over the stock outside: not good.... I revisited the original image and edited out some text on the bottom so the locos appear further back in the shed and thus much smaller which works much better. The tracks don't quite line up buy there will be a loco in front of them most of the time. With that sorted, I decided to give the sand a wash of dilute Matt black and then had a think about the background to the side. I found this nice going away shot of a Deltic with some tracks in the foreground, a small wall will be put at the bottom to disguise the join.
  4. As 37703 in its current form as 37067 has only appeared on the B&KR and has never worked on BR metals in its current condition I would be surprised if there was demand for even 150 models never mind 504. 37521 and 37667 would be more viable as they are on the mainline and get about quite a bit.
  5. Pasties! Yum! I have never been able to make it before but looking forward to going next year, sounds a great event.
  6. That is a shame. Pacer's only had 1 toilet per 2 car set.
  7. 37114

    Heljan class 60

    Even though it is way out of my era, I am seriously tempted to get a triple grey one. My biggest concern is the level of damage seen on the first batch so hope Heljan fix the packaging...
  8. Excellent. I bought the similar 37114 (unsurprisingly), it was the only EWS liveried loco I ever owned. It does go to show the core reason that Lima went pop, that model was unmodified since the 1980s, could you imagine Ford trying to sell the 1991 Escort these days....
  9. I found the oldest Lima 37 I had was the best runner by far, I seem to recall they changed the armature material on later ones and they were much worse runners.
  10. It is generally accepted that was the case, yes. Vi Trains even released a replacement class37 chassis that was a direct fit for the Lima class 37.
  11. The Lima 31 for me still knocks the socks of the current Hornby one in terms of basic bodyshape. The loco below has had Hornby innards, Laserglaze and some etched brass roof grilles but the basis shell is unmodified Lima.
  12. The class 20s were awful runners from my recollection, I owned 2 at various times and both were sold very quickly, if they had fitted a flywheel they would have been fine but any slight interuption of power would stop the loco dead, all of the pick ups were on one bogie which was part of the problem.
  13. I remember it well but as others had said Lima's demise was less keenly felt than if say they hadn't recovered from their early 90's financial issues and carried on for another 10 years. In 1994 they were the major player in the diesel space so if they hadn't recovered it would have been a nightmare at the time, especially as the current day scene was getting interesting in the run up to privatisation. By 1997 I had something like 30 locos, most were Lima and included 17 class 37's. I think I bought my last Lima loco in 2001 but had already started to buy the Bachmann offerings such as the Warship and the class 25. Fast forward 3 years when Lima went, I like others had been selling off Lima stock for a while, prices were still good and I even got £140 for a Loadhaul class 60 which would be unimaginable now. Bachmann and Heljan had come in and picked off most of the core range and there was plenty of secondhand stock kicking around so it wasn't anyway near a big deal Lima finishing up. If Lima had put a decent motor in the locos and upgraded the details I think Bachmann/Heljan would have thought twice about going head to head with Lima. The class 31, 73 and 87 were very good models at the time and even today I still have 2 Lima class 31's on my layout (albeit remotored with Hornby drive trains) as the body shape is still the best available.
  14. No worries Jo, whenever you are ready, this is for a future layout/extension so no rush. I had exactly the same thoughts about how they sprayed the yellow although it must have been done before the body was put on the chassis as the stripe continues behind the cab.
  15. In which case assuming it is the side the driver approached from then they are potentially not at fault. If a bridge is not marked then clearance is assumed to be 16ft 6in or greater
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