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  1. I wouldn't worry about it Chris, I haven't seen the letter but at the end of the day it is your layout to operate as you want. I am all for feedback as without it we will never improve what we achieve in life but that has to be balanced against does the giver have a clue about what they are saying.
  2. You absolutely need to know which ship it is on because you have a fixed amount of time to collect the container from the Dock when it lands before you are charged demurrage.
  3. It should be something you can sand up a bit, I had no issues sanding down some bits on my Leyland National bus. From behind it looks OK.
  4. I did wonder if you had bought an F88 or F89 as I know you were after an F86. I can't help with the 3d printing bit but if you get someone to do the work for you I would suggest getting them to do some work on that render or starting again as a few bits jumped out at me, the roof in particular looks a bit strange especially above the windscreen
  5. Great thread Mol, look forward to seeing what IXO motor you have bought. Love the description of how you have created the weeds, thanks for sharing.
  6. I have done 3 conversion to right hand drive (Leyland FG, Bedford TK and Bedford TJ) they are all relatively easy, the dashboard is the hardest part but is made of plastic so easy cut and shut job. The TJ had triangle head screws but I bought a set of appropriate heads for a screwdrive off ebay for a few quid
  7. I took the masking tape off tonight, a few bits to touch up on the bumpers but pleased how it has turned out. I need to redo the destination blind box as the green strips are too wide either side but that is relatively straightforward.
  8. It is the first time I have seen the loco from this side, the damage looks unreal and it is pretty amazing they repaired this loco when others like D322 had been scrapped
  9. Sounds a good project Wayne, have you tried the bristol-rail archive? Also @Rivercider maybe able to help?
  10. I haven't seen anything to suggest it is not Chris, the WAMRC Facebook page still shows it happening
  11. Very good post and one that matches my experience. I have exhibited at a Warners show (Peterborough) and was well looked after, put up in good accommodation, good food and the shows was well organised. A show of that size would represent a significant commercial risk to a club as one bad year/event would potentially wipe out all the reserves. I knew the show was contributing to a commercial entity but at the end of day I got paid my travel expenses and I had a good time. Smaller shows lend themselves to local clubs where the profit margin is better even if the overall level of profit is significantly less. I have mostly been well looked after, had all my expenses paid etc good food so the enjoyment was no less than a commercial show.
  12. Might be worth trying A Smith Auto Models, they do some Bedfords. I have previously produced my own reg plates via MS Paint and can send you over a sheet to print at home however I now prefer to include them in the artwork I send to Jo for the other transfers required for the project as they come out much sharper that way.
  13. Bus to Temple Meads, train to parkway, bus or shuttle bus from parkway. Such a shame in the 1950s Bristol chose to develope the "wrong" airport, Filton would be ideal for the show.
  14. Looking lovely and good idea to make them customised in the future Jo.
  15. Static is the plan.... Although you have got me thinking..
  16. I think you may have seen it but just in case; I have made a Sunblest FG, the transfers were made for me by Steadfast models, I am sure Jo still has them on file etc.
  17. Not too much progress recently, mostly paint detail. Before I fit the glazing I am going to do the transfers so they can be varnished, I am also a window frame short so have asked Steve to send me a replacement. One job I have done is to replace my original exhaust with a scratchbuilt fish tail exhaust that would have been fitted when new, this exited behind the rear wheel and as has been mentioned earlier was easily damaged so later moved to the rear bumper.
  18. Happy New Year everyone, looking forward to 2022 as fingers crossed I will finally get out to some shows again. I bought a few bits for the layout in the run up to Xmas including this Ford Tractor. I have found a couple of photos of Avon Street cement sidings where wagons were being shunted by a Ford Tractor modified with rudimentary buffer beams and thought it would make a nice addition to the extension. From recollection it is a universal hobbies model and is a close match to the prototype. I wasn't sure if the 3 point coupling was removed from the back but to save modifying the base model too much I left it in place so it can revert back to a standard Tractor if required in the future. As Tractors are not fitted with a chassis they required the bufferbeams to be mounted on a sub frame which would have been secured to the axles. Here is work so far;
  19. I had a look, the only one I could find was a kit but it is 1.50 scale.
  20. That is a good shout. It is a shame UWE are reconfiguring the space that used to be used for the O gauge show.
  21. If I recall, Westward Kits had a link with the owner of Westward Travel who were a local operator in the area North of Bristol hence the bus kits as well.
  22. That is great news, look forward to seeing it.
  23. There are some pictures in a local book just released, they have their own rail system down there which is shown in one photo, amazing place
  24. I am not sure they were, I think the renumbering was more to ring fence their use for that work, most were renumbered outside of works overhaul etc.
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