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  1. 700006 has just pulled out of the container terminal, and rumbles down the freight only line to join the mainline.
  2. 37409 was idling on the freight only line waiting to pick ups some pocket wagons.
  3. Limited services through Gloucester Road today as the Down Line and passing loop were used for weekend possessions. Looks like some reballasting is being done.
  4. NSEr service waiting at Gloucester Road station
  5. 66705 was then captured crossing the main road while running round its' spine wagons Then stabled for the night at the container terminal
  6. The room this is in has 2 doors, the layout stops at the doors. Two lift out section is a bit much. I do have my older layout on a door that currently has my US N scale stock on it.
  7. Went down to Crossland Station today to catch celerity loco 66705. Here it is passing through with some GBRF spine wagons. Fellow spotter appears to be looking elsewhere.
  8. I had heard that 37409 was going to be passing by, so i got the shot all set up and ready. 37409 came passing by. I like that last shot, has a weighty feel to it. However there is one issue that my eye gets drawn to.......... the front wheel of the bogie has dropped off the rail. it gives the bogie a downward angle. I didn't notice it until all the photo equipment was taken down and i was stacking images. oh well.
  9. Quiet day as First Northern 156 pauses briefly.
  10. Arriva trains service waits at Crossland station. My fictitious TOC of Network Southeast Railways is still going strong hence the NSE branding of the station.
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