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  1. Depot office/crew room completed. Then these arrived from Osborns, nice little models. Have had some loads and weathering added, the skip lorry needs a few bits added, and the digger needs some glazing.
  2. Bit of planning and mucking about for a Depot office/crew room.
  3. Workers came back and installed the fence. Then grass, weeds and other bits arrived.
  4. More work was done on Depot and surrounding area. Security camera grit/salt boxes barrels junction boxes fire alarm (?) ladder/steps inspection steps concrete supports for the security fence Looks like in their haste to get the fence posts in some railings were knocked, will need to get those looked at.
  5. The above mentioned yard is now going to be called Deep Cutting. It has two entry one of which is going to be hidden by a tunnel, and the other by a single road shed. Work has been progressing on said shed.
  6. 37409 was in charge of 4 ICAs, two were dropped off at the siding for Milford Sand and Cement. the remaining 2 were then pulled over the main road. and left in the yard for the return trip
  7. Quiet day at Crossland station, only the rumble of the class 101 disturbs the peace. Cropped version; not sure which i like better.
  8. Nice weather here in NH today, so set up outside. Came up with these snaps. More can be seen on my KIngs Arms diorama thread.
  9. 33114 then slowly rumbled into view. It is the newest arrival to NSEr and was seen over by Woodland Heath TMD and proceeded into the shed
  10. Nice day outside today so i set up TMD diorama out side. Under a bright blue sky, not a train in sight.
  11. nice sunset for some trainspotting on the canal
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