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  1. Ashford 150 was pressed into Saturday service running between Gloucester Road and Crossland station.
  2. My fictional train company, the NSEr (Network southeast railways) is always on the lookout for NSE stock to add to its roster. Recently management heard that 33114 Ashford 150 was up for sale. Funds were acquired and permissions granted from the appropriate authorities for the acquisition. Today 33114 was trundled down from its storage location to the shed at Gloucester Road. She is looking a little worn, but NSEr corporate is happy to have her. Some shots or her along the canal taken by a local enthusiast.
  3. 66072 failed last night while leading a load of HAA wagon empties. the wagons were subsequently shunted down the freight only branch while the 66 was removed for maintenance. This particular Dapol model is an original spec, being purchased shortly after Dapol started production of them. So it has lasted very well. It started to click and I got very concerned as it sounded suspiciously like spilt gears; something that doesn't happen often in my Dapol locos. So some disassembly ensued with lots of cleaning of gears and motor, amazing how much dirt and grit was in there. Well after several hours work by the fitters she was back in traffic on the HHA wagons. There was ballast stuck in some of the gears that luckily was found before it caused more problems.
  4. PCAs in various states of weathering. Need to figure out how to fix decal on the last one as it set way out of place.
  5. 68002 arrived at the container terminal, propelling 3 pocket wagons.
  6. all was quiet when I walked past Woodland Heath TMD
  7. 37409 was seen shunting PCAs today, with newly applied decals and clean.
  8. Ive gone a bit cross-eyed. The decals arrived for the castle cement PCAs, at first I though you wouldn't notice them missing, but due to some down time...… I figured why not. So on went the magnifier glasses and off we went. Pre decals. There are helpful empty spots for the decals to fit in and using a picture helped. The sheet of decals Post decals Got to say they are noticeable. I also touched in the buffer arms with some silver/gunmetal colour can you spot the difference ? So one side took me an hour, hopefully it will go quicker as ive 5.5 more to do. They will then need a bit of weathering.
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