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  1. Hello Everyone. Can anyone tell me roughly when was the last time Hornby used Ringfield motors in their locos ? The reason I ask is because I heard of someone buying a Thomas tender loco in the recent past & it has a Ringfield motor fitted ? Thank you. Tony.
  2. They seem to have made a lot of errors as all the prices have increased. I smell a rat here
  3. Could someone put up some video of one of these going through a serious workout please ?
  4. Thanks Merlin. Are you running DC or DCC ?
  5. Any chance of a bit of video of it in action ?
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing one of these in serious action.
  7. Happy Christmas John & good Luck for the New Year
  8. You're a brave man. Well done.
  9. I had that Hattons email as well. Considering what the last Heljan Garratt model was like I'll be waiting to see what turns up before ordering.
  10. Unfortunately we've never had them in Ireland
  11. Georgian Terrace Houses like those in the squares of London. 1920-30's rows of grimy 3 or 4 story Tenements. (Low relief & Full size).
  12. I suppose you could put it on YouTube or some other site & link it here.
  13. Hi Colin. Don't use frog juices myself but as a matter of interest how do you manage that ? Tony.
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