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  1. A few weeks before Christmas I tried to place an order but when I came to put in my address I couldn't put in Ireland because the UK was the only country available. I sent in an email inquiry to ask what I should do but didn't get an answer. A week later I sent another email but didn't get an answer to that either. Unfortunately I then had to go elsewhere.
  2. This looks a decent price at rails. https://railsofsheffield.com/products/37099/Dapol-4d-011-100-oo-gauge-streamlined-railcar-express-parcels-choc-cream-locomotive-no-17
  3. The easiest thing to use for wagon weights are the stick on alloy weights that are used for balancing alloy wheels. They come in a strip of weights ready to stick on. All you do is take off the backing paper & stick the weight on whether inside or under the wagon. You can buy them online or I'm sure your local tyre depot would give you some.
  4. I was on that a few years ago. Its very spectacular & well worth a visit.
  5. I'd say its not the address you are posting to but the address you are registered at which counts.
  6. I tried the discount code to an address in Northern Ireland but it said it couldn't be applied to my order ? I've tried this before with the same result. Never found out why ?
  7. Very sorry to hear of this closing. Ordered from them several times & always received top class service.
  8. If you can get them cheap then they are worth it but only if they're cheap.
  9. I tried that with a Northern Ireland address & it told me "This code can't be applied to your order" ? Maybe its just UK mainland ?
  10. I presume we're talking about the same seller so perhaps you were unlucky. I bought a couple of Deans Goods from him at about that price. The 2nd one a WD ran like a dog. The rear driving axle or wheels were out of true so I emailed him to tell him I could do nothing with it. He sent me another without any problem & didn't even want the first one back I presume because I don't live in the UK. At least you were able to sort yours out.
  11. That's the threat, drive or else
  12. Pitch & Putt is much simpler. You just pitch it up & put it in
  13. I've bought from him. Very good to deal with.
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