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  1. The easiest thing to use for wagon weights are the stick on alloy weights that are used for balancing alloy wheels. They come in a strip of weights ready to stick on. All you do is take off the backing paper & stick the weight on whether inside or under the wagon. You can buy them online or I'm sure your local tyre depot would give you some.
  2. I was on that a few years ago. Its very spectacular & well worth a visit.
  3. I'd say its not the address you are posting to but the address you are registered at which counts.
  4. I tried the discount code to an address in Northern Ireland but it said it couldn't be applied to my order ? I've tried this before with the same result. Never found out why ?
  5. Very sorry to hear of this closing. Ordered from them several times & always received top class service.
  6. If you can get them cheap then they are worth it but only if they're cheap.
  7. When I try to apply the code this is what I get. "This code can't be applied to your order." Same thing happened the other day. Being posted to Belfast.
  8. What's the code ? When I select an item I don't see a code for 20% off ?
  9. I've just had an online chat with an E Bay agent & they deny there ever was a discount code ? The agent tried to tell me the seller changed it but it had nothing to do with the seller as it was an E Bay discount. Then they said I must have been looking at another site This is the second time something like this has happened to me. It happened last year as well. Then they told me the code had expired between the time I clicked Buy now & the time I entered the code. They're as bad as Amazon now for the tricks they try to pull I was sending it to a UK address.
  10. I tried that with a Northern Ireland address & it told me "This code can't be applied to your order" ? Maybe its just UK mainland ?
  11. I presume we're talking about the same seller so perhaps you were unlucky. I bought a couple of Deans Goods from him at about that price. The 2nd one a WD ran like a dog. The rear driving axle or wheels were out of true so I emailed him to tell him I could do nothing with it. He sent me another without any problem & didn't even want the first one back I presume because I don't live in the UK. At least you were able to sort yours out.
  12. That's the threat, drive or else
  13. Pitch & Putt is much simpler. You just pitch it up & put it in
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