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  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to say that the funeral was a lovely service and I think we saw Dad off well. I've attached the order of service for those that might be interested, otherwise this will be the last post from his account. Live well and thanks for your companionship for our Dad, it was appreciated. Ken & Sam OOS Roger Cayton 'Ed'Singles.pdf
  2. Hi Guys, firstly Sam and myself would like to say how touched we were to see how many people valued our Father's unique sense of humour. Thank you for the tributes. We've organised the funeral for the 28th of April and here are the details: 10:15 Funeral service at: Harwood Park Crematorium Watton Road Datchworth Stevenage Hertfordshire SG2 8XT 11:30 Wake at: The Willows 271 Broadwater Crescent Stevenage Hertfordshire SG2 8ET We've decided family flowers only, and will be asking for donations for the Cinnamon Trust as they've done so much to help with re-homing Alfie. Hope to see you there.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm pretty sure my Dad (edcayton) spent a fair amount of time on this forum. It saddens us deeply to let you know that he died this morning. We don't know much at the minute other than that it was peaceful. We'll put up the details of any funeral arrangements at a later date. Ken & Sam Cayton (His Sons)
  4. Would you do reviews if shops supplied you or is this a (understandable) matter of principle Chris? Ed
  5. Just to spoil the fun can I point out that HS1 and2, France and Japan are all NEW railways, designed for high line speeds. The ecml still has level crossings, sharp curves, junctions etc. And I certainly wouldn't be happy on St Evenage platforms with a train passing at 140mph. Ed
  6. When I was doing my own tax returns (UK), I was told all sorts about the HMRC. In fact they were incredibly helpful and made the job as easy as possible. Mind you, that was before Tax Credits came fully in to play. They have now closed the St Evenage office so I guess it's not as easy now. Ed
  7. Do you think that the different greens are any more different than the prototypes could have been if painted at different works in different years, or subject to some years in use? Ed
  8. They have the options of swimming or flying. Ed
  9. Both he and M-i-L died long before wifey became ex-wifey. I think S-i-L is still out to get me though. Ed
  10. FWIW I think they look a lot better. Seriously thinking about trying them as I dabble in 0 Gauge, as I still can't cope with 3 links. Ed
  11. I was with my Sicilian FiL in a travel agent in Palermo, trying to get a ticket for a ferry. It was like a zoo. I asked him where the end of the queue was. "Only stupid people queue" was his reply. "You have to know somebody". Ed
  12. Only on a model railway forum! Ed
  13. So, are you an optimist (incurable or otherwise) or a pessimist? Ed
  14. LHD. On most small cars the driving position is better because of the relationship between the wheel arch and the pedals. Dash boards are often arranged for LHD, and if you must have a touch screen then most people are right handed and will find it easier to operate with their right hand. #Ed
  15. If I go to the theatre or a football match and it's carp, or I don't like the content then I have wasted my money and time. If I go to a model railway show I can leave the exhibits I don't like and still enjoy most of the show. Ed
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