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  1. Would you do reviews if shops supplied you or is this a (understandable) matter of principle Chris? Ed
  2. Do you think that the different greens are any more different than the prototypes could have been if painted at different works in different years, or subject to some years in use? Ed
  3. FWIW I think they look a lot better. Seriously thinking about trying them as I dabble in 0 Gauge, as I still can't cope with 3 links. Ed
  4. Only on a model railway forum! Ed
  5. If I go to the theatre or a football match and it's carp, or I don't like the content then I have wasted my money and time. If I go to a model railway show I can leave the exhibits I don't like and still enjoy most of the show. Ed
  6. edcayton

    bit late ..but

    Try KS Models 01438 746616 Ed
  7. Unfortunately I can't "do" Ally Pally any more for mobility reasons, so I'm not in a position to comment on this show specifically. A couple of points stand out: The inclusion of several USA/European models. No complaints from me BUT the main sponsoring mag is BRITISH Railway Modelling and AFAIK Pempoul is the only such layout to grace its pages for years now, so perhaps not unreasonable for readers/subscribers to expect more UK outline? To lose one layout (to not running) may be misfortune, to lose two looks like carelessness. This should not happen. I get cross when I hear people def
  8. Does anyone know if the Peco code100, code75 and (USA) code 83 share the same geometry, or if not, what the respective radii are please? Thanks Ed
  9. Be nice if they paint FS and the deltic in Virgin livery so the trains all match. Ed
  10. I always liked BMC "badge engineering". So much nicer to have a Wolseley than a GXL or whatever. Guess I'm just a snob. Ed
  11. I feel disappointed that I ordered Lionheart coaches and I'll be getting Dapol ones. At the same price too. Ed
  12. We are going to York soon to meet up with some rellies. Son's new car is too small for 3 of us and nobody trusts me to drive, so son's gf's Seat Ibiza is the weapon of choice. She said "the train only takes 2 hours". Some do, but most go to Leeds and a change is required, meaning the journey time is 2 1/2 hours. Add a good half hour each end to get to/from where we are/want to be (me with stick and all) and making sure we actually catch the train and we are over 3 hours. We can drive door to door in less than 3 hours. Cost? According to the VTEC site it's about £94 each. The car will use
  13. Alexandra Palace Ed Tell a lie, Streetview shows it's not shops any more. There is now a training centre of some sort next to a garage on the west side of the station and the main building is on the east side.
  14. Traditionally it gave the loyal subscribers the first bite of the cherry for the private classified adverts. (no eBay back then) Ed
  15. It completely slipped by me that this show was on this weekend. Bu66er. Ed
  16. In answer to the OP the Q is on the GC, and is on the front of the new Railway Mag looking superb on the mineral wagons. I have never seen this loco in steam or otherwise so I shall have to rectify that. Ed
  17. I don't know why seeing a little train moving is so exciting, but I do know that I get a real "buzz" every time I turn the control knob and it happens. Coming on nicely and good to see the video. Ed
  18. They keep saying it's abou the line re-opening after the landslip, but it isn't, is it? Ed
  19. Did it originally have traction tyres? At 30 years I would expect these to have perished, Replacing them would effectively do what Granddad did. What make is the loco? Ed
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