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  1. Tony Wright has had a chance to run two decorated samples on Little Blytham. John Isherwood later takes issue with the chimney height and could well have a point, although this is surely easily checked against a drawing (less easy is the profile of the thing). I was surprised (shocked) to see a comment that traction tyres have been fitted. Is this a first on a Bachmann model? I am now reconsidering my pre-orders as rubber wheels are Satan's work. Alan
  2. Buhar

    Bachmann G2A

    Once superheated and when fitted with a Belpaire firebox there were no visual differences between the Gs so T-cut and transfers will do the job. However, do keep an eye on tender variations, LNW eight coupled locos ran with a huge range of tenders acquired from other classes, although this had settled down mostly by BR days. Someone on here has rounded the firebox and that, with a trim of the smokebox and attention to sandboxes can give you further alphabetical variations. Alan
  3. I thought it was Crownline who did the Limousine cab etches. Anyway, Mike does them now and they contribute to a very fine model. Alan
  4. I understood Up and Down originated with colliery wagonways, the colliery, the centre of operations, being uphill of the unloading point (the wagonways were usually gravity assisted). On the railways the line to the centre of operations, London for many concerns, Derby for the Midland, Glasgow for the Caledonian, Manchester for the L&Y, was designated the Up line. In an number of places the Up line became the Down line and some, I think, were changed during signalling rationalisation not that long ago. Alan
  5. The use of coarse/fine in model railway terminology is not engineering based and Andy has eloquently explained why. I think it derives principally from the look of the model, particularly the under-gubbins. Coarse (in 4mm-ish) normally seems to refer nowadays to Hornby Dublo, Trix-Twin, Tri-ang, and Triang-Hornby. Commercial models post Airfix GMR don't appear to have a designation but have got progressively finer to the extent that opening the wheels will sometimes do for EM, which normally considered among the finescale group. I think most modellers have a notion of what finescale means to them but I doubt if agreement on a definition could be reached. Alan
  6. That set off an interesting little trip. Clearly railway related too https://www.jameswalkergroup.com/history.html Alan
  7. Not the Souwest for that one. It was the work of a little local concern that got taken over by the joint committee. For a G&SW viaduct see Alan
  8. James, the revival of the Nu-cast range is well under way in conjunction with Branchlines as NuCast Partners. I don't think everything is going to re-appear, but there's quite a few already done. There is a thread at and the latest list is:- Alan
  9. I think you're mixing that up with Waltzing Matilda itself. The song Nearholmer referenced is from, IIRC, the early 1970s and has been covered by many artists. It's heart-rending. Many years ago I toured the military museum in Istanbul and seeing stuff about Gallipoli (or Gelibolu) from the perspective of the other lot was quite an eye-opener. The is one exhibit I recall; two bullets fused together, one piercing the other as they collided in mid-flight. That summarised for me the intensity of the fighting. Touring the battlefields is also poignant, at points the front-line trenches we only 10s of meters apart and the bays the ANZACs were directed to land at are coves below steep hills. Fish in a barrel. Terrible business. Alan
  10. Not apocryphal (although long after Eric's death) - 22nd July 2018 East Fife 4, Forfar 5 (Cup match - after penalties) You were close, Sunshine! Alan
  11. Wizard ship abroad at cost. I don't know at what point in the checkout process that resolves itself, but the initial postage cost appears to be a worst case placeholder. You will know what you're paying before you part with card details. Failing that an email to Andrew will clarify matters. Alan
  12. ,The delayed uncoupling feature is very useful, but you might decide you don't need it on all wagons, in which case leave off the latch. There is a dodge from someone on here where a wider loop of brass wire has be over-laid on and then replaces the original which helps with longer wheelbase stock. I do find them the work of the devil to assemble. Like ballasting the mood (and the music) has to be right. Alan
  13. If the boiler has been filled in a hard water area (and where the water has not been treated) getting the streaks of limescale after a washout was pretty much inevitable, even if it was wiped down, the area could appear clean, but the streaks would reappear as it dried. It does seem to be more common on eastern lines and even more common on models! It is a bit of a pet-hate of mine, the idea that every weathering job, regardless of the area of operation, has to feature lime streaks. I haven't got as far as shouting "Streak" at the sight, but I'm close. Alan
  14. 100% vegetable glycerine vape liquid (available without any nicotine) will produce a denser "smoke" but this stuff does tend to shorten the life of the heating element. Chimneys tended to produce a steady flow of smoke, it's getting it visible and maybe going off at an angle (this is Liverpool, there is wind) that may help it to be convincing.
  15. Here you go, Les. Courtesy of JCL of this parish. Note that the topic will refer to an older version of Blender. Alan
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