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  1. For me semaphore signals were part of the excitement. Moving to off meant something was coming. Now you can't tell, they're normally green, even on the busy WCML and even when there's an engineering possession. All you can say is that red means nothing's coming. If you were near a box you got the bells to add further, or the sound of rodding or wires or the signal itself. That said, I always look, if only a cursory grace, at any passing train. Alan
  2. If it's been assembled with 70 degree solder, which I would expect with so many glued bits elsewhere, a dunk in boiling water will separate the parts with no risk to the castings. Given the lead content, choose your pan wisely. Alan
  3. I've been wondering about casting in clear resin, but it would be an expensive route. Maybe overlay clear plastic strips or scribe some acetate.
  4. That analysis really demonstrates there is so much more to PO wagons than Chas Roberts and Gloucester, grateful as I am for the kits based on these manufacturers' products.
  5. I've done overnight in a sleeping bag on the floor back in the 80s (or maybe before then), it was a sports hall and I think there were three of us. Obviously no mobile phones but we took it in turns to sit in the office with the light on which was probably enough. In respect of these scroats, I think 240 hours Community Punishment, ie each gets a Finney kit (or if being really nasty, Jidenco) kit, lots of bends and folds, outside valve-gear, beading and compensation. They have to build it. Between sessions anything less than perfect gets unsoldered and presented back to them. They will at least end up with some understanding of what they did.
  6. I worked in the criminal justice arena for 30 years and never came across a comparable crime without a clear personal motive. I really feel for those whose life's work was destroyed.
  7. I think for most educational you'd struggle to beat some of the LNWR names, particularly those on Precursors.
  8. Why did you choose the pseudonym "Stephen Wildish", Jesse?
  9. A SPROG and a laptop is sufficient to change the CV without having to have a full DCC set-up. However that in itself is an expense that isn't warranted. I suspect many shops would do it for you when buying from them but the original configuration being DCC only is a poor idea.
  10. It was a discussion on GNR stock but I assumed it would be a standard engineering profile. I'd forgotten the LNWR scratch -built everything down to rolling their own steel.
  11. There was a discussion about bulb-iron solebars on Tony Wright's thread that produced some drawings. I can't work out how to quote from one thread in another, but the discussion is around page 436.
  12. It was very enlightened of the LNER to assist visually impaired spotters by providing the numbers in Braille.
  13. The LMS was a big user of vestibule (open) stock although why a full brake with gangways wouldn't have been suitable, I don't know.
  14. Not many people, only about one in ten.
  15. Thank you Andy, I do appreciate the fact that RMWeb (and BRM) is run by people who are responsive and engaged with the issues. I will sign up when I've worked out when my magazine subs fall due and when the process is online.
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