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    Hailsham E-Sussex
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    computers, spitfires, reading, fast fords, oh and going out on ye olde bike every now and then :)

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as an I.T. techie i see alot of idiots yet somehow im still sane :O my main interests are music, reading, computers, cycling and general traveling - my interests as far as railways go are usually found in my memories of growing up in west essex in Rainham and Romford, being able to see many different types of motive power on its way to tilbury, purfleet, dagenham, stratford as well as all the passenger stock inbetween.

i also have a liking for BR lined black steam, having moved down to sussex a trip to the bluebell is hard to resist and ive found myself liking the 'kettles' even more smile.gif

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