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    Real beer, rugby and running also feature when not playing trains, which frankly isn't very often!
  1. Looks excellent my friend, a big improvement on Christleton Mk1. Can't wait for my first chance to inspect and offer 'constructive criticism'.
  2. Very much so, thanks Dave! One of those jobs that you read about frequently but rarely see demonstrated so clearly. Thanks for sharing, Ben
  3. Trackwork looks awesome mate; just remember I'm really busy when you start ballasting. Maj.
  4. A thought occurred this morning about signals - what's the plan with those? Looks great seeing the boards down again, I expect the both of the railway inspectorate will be delighted too!
  5. Got to be worth an 'I told you so'... I have seen a route setting thing demonstrated at the Derby show, think it was a company called Megapoints using servos. Might be worth investigating before going past the point of no return with the solenoids? B
  6. Bearing in mind that the Major has a history degree as opposed to being an electrical engineer, I think the main function of his visit will be to drink said beer and use blurred vision to make the trackwork look kink-free... Reversing a 10 coach set at full speed is certainly too brave for my money, but the sppedlink wagons are the ones to be really concerned about. I reckon that as long as a train of them will traverse most of the layout you'll be looking good.
  7. The other option would be to distribute ipads to everyone following the thread... On a modeling note, is the electric stabling going to be part of the visible bit of the layout, or is it on the off-stage bit on the far side of the overall roof? Also, remember that curved shed roads will mean a curved shed
  8. Anyone else got a sore neck/broken computer screen?
  9. Progress looking bloomin' good, how's the wiring coming along? Going to be a bit of a sod with that many frog polarities to switch over, so I hope droppers have been installed during track laying. I don't suppose the Powercab will be in (with additional handset??) by early October will it? With over 200m of narrow gauge to learn I'm keen to get started. What on earth happened with ballastgate? You can't just refer to something that sounds like a "major" incident in passing and not enlighten us on the details. From my experience in building a selection of layouts (several in 00!) you'll want to paint the sides of the rails and weather the sleepers before moving to ballasting as it just gets in the way otherwise. Been a year since I did anything but if you want me to work for my liquid supper next time just say. Anyway, can't spend too much time on here, I've got medals to polish...
  10. I believe the phrase is "oosh", or something similar. Shout when it's tracklaying time. Glad to see the foam & copydex-a-like idea being used too; where did you go for more information to dissuade you from cork?
  11. Several of the better-composed shots were a little like our vision later in the evening. Blurred...
  12. Should be a bl**dy picture or two there You need to imagine that the Metcalfe station is a row of terraces, that the coaching inn is a corner shop and that the brick arch bridge is a girder. And that the road goes all the way to the backscene, and that there's a backscene. Gonna be 'the' shot of this layout when it's done though
  13. I recently inspected the work of Mr 61656, finding baseboards and planning for the scenic section to be at an advanced stage. Following the consumption of several pints of a liquid which bore no resemblance to the 'tea' I'd gone round for, we stopped the inspection and started playing with the scenics around the road overbridge under the station throat... Tantalising or what?
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