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  1. Hi all, It’s been a long time since I made a post on this topic, but I have been active in making rolling stock using my 3D printer. I have started a YouTube channel with full tutorials on how I went about creating my latest item which is a Cowan Sheldon 30t crane. hope you like the videos and pictures Cheers Carl
  2. Hi all, here is an update on the 30t crane. To say I’m happy with the model is an understatement. Carl
  3. Hi Mick, Thats looking good. The more you get into the software the easier you will find it and also be able to add the detail that I know you will be after. Cheers Carl
  4. Hi all, Here is a photo of where I’m upto with the Cowan Sheldon crane. This picture is a little bit ahead of where the videos are. Cheers Carl
  5. Simon, There lies the problem, I don’t think there is any way to stop someone from sharing the CAD files with all their mates and anyone else on the internet. If there was a way to do that I would be very tempted to sell some of my files for others to print themselves. Cheers Carl
  6. Ian, Im glad to hear that you feel like your progressing and picking up how to use the software. Just remember if you get stuck im happy to help out. Cheers Carl
  7. Hi Ian, That’s great to hear that you were able to complete the video. I totally agree about the sense of achievement as you see project come to fruition. You will find in the videos I zoom in and out quite a bit to be able to select the smaller items like that. The mouse I use has a center roller wheel, which is set up for the zoom function. Cheers Carl
  8. Hi Ian, it looks like you have the line I have drawn an arrow to constrained to the mid point, if you look at lesson 2 i show how to fine the midpoint. If you have accidentally caught it it wont let you change all the dimensions properly. If you are trying to Dimension the line i have marked with the green arrow, it wont let you as you have already defined it top and bottom edges to the face. Cheers Carl
  9. Hi Tom, I have a video channel that shows you how to do models in Fusion 360. www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6U0E0fVTEm9RUQMRtKVKQ Generally I model in Solids, but some items require the needs of surface modelling. Cheers Carl
  10. Hi all, I have Scheduled a video on YouTube for tomorrow at 18:00 GMT I will be online in the chat feature to talk to anyone who has any questions about it. I have a large complex Item that I require for my Model Railway that isn't available at all in any RTR or Kit format. This project I believe will be massive for the N gauge community as a whole, but just because I'm drawing this in N gauge doesn't exclude any other gauges as you can easily scale the project in post processing . Many CAD designer's like to maintain control of the hard work that goes into producing
  11. Hi Ian, I'm more than happy to help. without seeing exactly what you have done it’s hard for me to give you a definitive answer. But what I suspect has happened is when you have placed the rectangle you have accidentily picked up a constraint from another part of the design. Possible a midpoint, did any dashed blue lines appear as you were placing them? Can you post a pic of the different constraints you are seeing? Regards Carl
  12. Hi all, I have uploaded a video recently that shows you how you can draw a 40' Shipping container. I hope you find it of interest. Thanks Carl
  13. Hi All, I have uploaded a video to show how to draw a basic freelance 009 passenger coach. Cheers Carl
  14. Hi JCL, Thanks for your comments. I have also done something similar to your test piece, I found that things like Temp, different bottles of resin even though it was the same Manufacturer and same colour, Angle of print, ETC. Make so much difference that some times you just need to test a part and if it doesn't work change it and try it again. I will make sure I follow along with your work in Blender. Thanks Carl
  15. Hi Andy, Thanks for your constructive feedback, I'm hoping that tutorials can take away some of people fear of CAD and enable to modelling community as a whole benefit from it as its a wonderful tool. I have had some feedback on other forums about not introducing some of the functions of Fusion early enough I.e the copy, pattern and mirror functions, especially on items like the Skip. I think the way i have done it is based on the skills i have learnt in my day job as a Driving instructor. We teach in a way that you build skills up in layers rather than through everything at someo
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