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  1. Hi all, A little update on how the layout is coming along. I have wired all dsubs to the tracks and created all the looms to go to the control panels. At the moment moment I am waiting for a mate to draw up the control panels for me. While he he is doing that I am making a start on other things. first on the list is to redo the C&W building as the layout is being turned and the back of the building which would have been up against the rear back scene is now at the front of the layout so I actually have to put in all the windows that I lazily left off. Either I can do it with the original building or I will have to completely redo the building. cheers Carl
  2. Hi all, Hither Green will be making another public appearance tomorrow, please come along and say Hi. St Nicholas Church Hall. Rectory Lane, Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 8AS LAYOUTS N gauge Hither Green PAD Lymebrook Yard Sutton St Annes OO Gauge Reading Signal Works Southgate DMU Depot C & W Yard/ Trodinnick Yard Cappenham Yard O Gauge Botterill Street Yard TRADERS Book Law Keiths Model Railways H & A S Kits DEMOs Dicky Dockerill Phil Eames Kevin Dickerson Paul Wade Phil Sutton Light refreshments will also be available. It all takes place at And we kick off at 10 am....
  3. Hither Green is all packed in the car ready for tomorrow. Carl
  4. Hi, im thinking about joining in on this. Can I ask what is available building wise for this scale, or is it all needing scratchbuilding? I assume 1:160 would look a bit odd. carl
  5. Hi all, its been a little while since I posted an update on how this project is progressing. All the Dsubs for the boards are wired to the track. This works out at about 500 connections. Today i have made 3 of the 15 looms to run from the boards to the control panels. plans are to have trains running by the by the end of the Summer, then have a nice long running session to make sure everything runs well before progressing the scenery. Cheers Carl
  6. Hi, Heres a photo of Hither Green, Thanks for the invite. cheers Carl
  7. Spent the last few hours working on a couple of N gauge Society kits. The first and most simple is a Warflat. The wagon I’m modelling was transferred to the Power Supply department at Horsham. I assume it was used as a brake force runner as I am unaware of any photos with it being loaded. The second kit is a Weltrol MC. I wanted a model of a Weltrol MV which has a deck 5’ shorter, so once the wagon was constructed I set to with a razor saw and have chopped out a section approx 10mm. For extra support I have glued a section of plasticard to the bottom of the well. This wagon was also based at Horsham and I have a photo of it loaded with a Transformer. I have purchased a 3D printed one from N brass, although the actual transformer is taller this model makes an excellent representation of it. Time now for prime and paint.
  8. Yes Paul that’s the plan. would you mind if I sent this image to Railtec to see if he will make the transfers for it? cheers Carl
  9. Hi all, Finally got round to knocking this wagon up from a Chivers BR Tube and a Parkside Pipe. Its a simple cut and shut job, just needing to make sure you keep the cuts square. Photo of the wagon has it placed next to a Standard BR Tube. Cheers Carl
  10. Hi All I had a really good time over the weekend and i would like to thank Andy and all the team from the Ivanhoe club for their efforts putting on the show. I had loads of nice feed back for my layout and some great conversations. Here are a few photos of Hither Green. Cheers Carl
  11. Hi all, I had a really good time over the weekend and i would like to thank Andy and all the team from the Ivanhoe club for their efforts putting on the show. I had loads of nice feed back for my layout and some great conversations. Here are a few photos of Hither Green. Cheers Carl
  12. Hi all, Hither Green is all packed up and ready to go in the car tomorrow. If your in the area please drop in and say hello. Cheers Carl
  13. carlw

    NGS Journal

    Mine hasn’t arrived yet. Who should I contact? carl
  14. Hi all, I have been working on some new wagons ready for the Mountsorrel Show on the 13-14th April. These are Tope wagons that have been 3D resin printed by Paul Churchill sitting on Dapol 21t chassis. I have filled them with some mud from the Garden that I have Baked in the oven then smashed up fine with a hammer and finally sieved. The idea for the load came from a Photo of a rake of them in Tonbridge West Yard that Paul Wade supplied me. They just need Transfers doing if I get time between now and the show. Cheers Carl
  15. Hi all, its been a little since i last posted on here. I have mainly been working on the wiring on ToNbridge West Yard. With Hither Green due out again to the Mountsorrel show 13-14th April I have been working on one or two bits of stock to debut. As a massive Queen fan and also a modeller I always wanted to make a model of the train Queen used when filming the video for the song Breakthru. Here is my attempt to recreate that train With thanks to Adam Warr from ElectraRail graphics who supplied all the vinyls for the paintwork on the bodies. Cheers Carl Here’s a link to the actual video for comparison.
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