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  1. For a newspaper, it beggars belief where did they learn the Queens English ? Here is what I saw after clicking the link...........The picture shows the culprit wrapping Horny carriages and engines in bubble wrap during the well-planned burglary. Bubble wrap is now the latest fetish then is it, what scale may I ask ? On a serious note, good to see on here that 'someone' was caught.
  2. Just part paid for an up and coming Prairie. As always, not only a brilliant service but it was nice to talk to Dan whom has a wealth of knowledge about DCC. Keep up the good work Derails, well done. andy
  3. You're quite correct John, I seem to recall reading that on here too. Did you manage to fix it ok SRman ?
  4. I have 4 of this USA tank locos and I found, like others that trying to put plate in the upright position is a bit of a pain. I did manage to get one plate in the vertical position and the other 3 horizontal. It is a fiddly job but it is doable with tweezers and I use a small amount of Pritstick. You can use tacky wax too.
  5. Were you wearing your colostomy bag or your incontinence pants Mr Stubby Sir ? I heartily concur with our sheep man, LSWR platform lamps Alan.
  6. What a great exhibition this was. My missus dropped me off and I had a great time. The Exmoor gang worked hard but I think their hard work paid off. Great exhibits and stands too. Heartiest congratulations on a great show Exmoor Coast Modellers, looking forward to next year's show. andy
  7. 3 Weetabix If you pop over to Hinkley Point Dave, you could end up glowing like the Ready Brek kid
  8. Thank you for that C6T, I shall make enquiries next weekend at the Exmoor railway exhibition at Minehead. Also, thank you for your information Johnster and Peter. I have purchased a Gaugemaster analogue controller and it has a 12v accessories socket for lights. I shall try just one or two street lights for starters, I don't want something that looks like Blackpool illumination's, just something simple first of all. Baseboards are constructed, track weathering is in progress etc. It will be interesting to see if there is a club somewhere around Exmoor because I will need help with wiring the layout. Gents, thank you all for your kind help and input. andy
  9. Thank you gents. I've sent an email to gaugemaster and I'm awaiting a reply from them. I have a nasty feeling that I've bitten off more than I can chew when it comes to electrical thing's lol. andy
  10. Thank you for that Tony, I'll look at the ampage tomorrow. I've got two spare mobile charger's in my store room. andy
  11. Gents, thank you very much for your replies. Yes, the 12 street lights do have resistors on them all. I would like to have the DCC separate from these lamps and so, am I to understand that I will need 12 mobile phone charger's for these lamps or could I wire up all 12 to light them up ? I'm sorry to ask these questions but hopefully someone might say you need to do X Y Z to make them work...... Thank you again gents. andy
  12. Good afternoon all. First off, I'm hopeless when it comes to electrical things so bear with me please. I have a DCC powercab only, sat waiting for my first ever layout to be built. Now, i purchased the other day some street lights, 00 scale LED ones but I haven't the foggiest idea what to buy to make them work ? They are 3v to 12v street lamps. Switches are one thing I need but what power unit would work them etc, I haven't a clue ? Does anyone know what I need please, or more to the point, what on earth I am on about ? Many thanks all that reply. andy
  13. This curry evening looks like that a good time was had by all. Good to see SWAGgers enjoying themselves. I see that our BlackRat has competition from BGman.............handbags at dawn, 20 paces over their shirts me thinks. I noted that Andy Y was not there, but, i think it was very sporting of Captain Kernow to have a toy version of our Andy Y at the table Well done all
  14. I shall make a note and pop along to this event. Looks rather interesting.
  15. Thank you BH. I'm just about to order 4 Bachmann 36-568 to fit in some of my panniers and usa tank loco's. cheers andy
  16. Good morning all. I'm sorry that the following might sound stupid but I'm thick as two short planks when it comes to DCC things. Does anyone know or has fitted the Bachmann 36-556ra decoder tol fit in a USA tank loco and a GWR 64xx please ? It's the new 90 degree angle decoder and i don't want to buy half a dozen of them only to find that they won't fit in the loco's. Thank you all for any replies andy
  17. Before painting mine, I asked Alan what was best to clean them with, ie; thinners etc and he replied that they were already cleaned and ready to paint. So, i didn't use primer, I just painted straight on and it was fine. I have ' crewed ' my USA tanks.......sorry if they are not clear flash might be too much ?........ (going to crew my pannier a couple of others loco's during the week,photos to follow)
  18. This is truly remarkable Phil. For such a small event, a great get together of modellers, it's wonderful that so much was raised for such a worthy cause. Well done all to all SWAG er's.
  19. You tart you Phil. Take a cold shower young man. And, she was born in Taunton. Perhaps we could invite her to our next years SWAG bash ? (though i can't see many layouts being admired if Jenny did come along, especially with Mr Copleston and others having cardiac arrests )
  20. Gents........... Thank you all for your replies. Once i can get a good photo or two, I shall post on here. andy
  21. These are not ready yet but i thought I would show you what I had done so far................(sorry if they are not very clear, I'll try to take some better photos tomorrow) They are not ready just yet but a couple of questions for anyone who knows................. Has anyone tried putting eyes on a 1/76 scale figure, if so, how please ? What uniform would a shunter with a pole's uniform been like please, the same black / charcoal colour as a guards back in the 50's / 60's ? Thanks folks andy
  22. I don't have a black USA tank (yet ) but i do have these two............ I just took three photos because I'm not sure if you could see the difference in green used. Hope it is of some use to you... andy
  23. How about a small platform signal box Rob ? Do you think that would work on it ? A Hornby R9814 for example.
  24. Thinking of a fictitious livery...... I'd like to see a class 74 in S & DJR blue livery. Nice thought but I know it will never happen. In the real world, I know of a class 74 engine that is being worked on to bring it back up and running soon to be used in a class 14. It was recovered from a ship that acquired it from BR in the 70's when the 74's were sadly scrapped.
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